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COUNTRY               : NIGERIA


EVENT DATE           : 16 JANUARY 2015

VENUE                    : EDMARK SEMINAR HALL

TITLE                       : OBESITY, A THREAT TO HUMANITY



EMAIL                     : danielaniekwe@gmail.com


It was indeed a dream come true for our outstanding P4 contestants who have challenged themselves and embarked on a weight loss journey for 90 days, aimed at achieving their ideal Body Mass Index (BMI). The life-changing event kicked off at 11:00am with an opening prayer, followed by a dance energizer led by all the P4 contestants and Marketing Eagles. Thereafter, a contestant who was the host of the day introduced DM Stella Osakwe for her welcome remarks.


She encouraged and inspired everyone to join hands together with Edmark to chase this epidemic called obesity out of the planet Earth. To further buttresses her view, the obesity video was showed, illustrating the hazardous effects of obesity in Africa and the world at large.

A special message was anchored by CM and T4 Master Eze Precious Ogbonnaya. The prolific speaker admonished everyone that in life, change is constant and a price has to be paid for every worthwhile success. The video of ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ was played. In addition, a fellow contestant, SM Odionyenfe Jane manned the P4 testimonials and outlined the P4 diet plan used to achieve desirable weight loss results.


The event would not be complete without the wonderfully entertaining production number led by all the P4 contestants. Finally, the moment everyone had been waiting for; the final weigh-in of all P4 contestants and their individual interviews. They were filled with joy and gratitude to the Almighty Creator for the gift of Edmark International as a mean to regain their health.

Slide3The highpoint of the event was the pronunciation of the winner, Mrs Maryanne Onwuatu who lost a whooping weight of 13.5kg, now weighing 70kg, achieving an excess weight loss percentage of 69.2% while the first runner-up, Miss Chiamaka Umeghalu lost a total of 6kg, now weighing 58kg, with an excess weight loss percentage of 63.2%. The second runner-up, Mrs Blessing Okolo lost a sum of 10kg, now weighing 65kg, achieving an excess weight loss percentage of 52.63%. ‘The Biggest Loser’ award went to Ms Anthonia Anunobi who lost a total of 14kg, now weighing 82kg, with an excess weight loss percentage of 35%.


This was immediately followed by the official weigh-in of Batch 3 contestants as they were filled with enthusiasm as Edmark has brought the means of weight loss right to their doorstep. The participants promised to faithfully follow the program as 27 energetic contestants enrolled. The mechanics for the contest was anchored by the P4 master.

The event finally came to a close at 3pm with a closing prayer with everyone overjoyed for these candid adventures brought by Edmark.



Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life alone. We find it with another. LOVE, one of the pillars of EDMARK was celebrated back-to-back with the Grand Membership Drive Rally on the 14th of February 2015 with the distributors and guest tripping in from every corner of the state. It all started at 11am with an opening prayer and dance energizer. Our Speaker, T4 Umma Sani Bello comprehensively explained the Power 4 products, Shake Off, MRT, Splina Liquid Chlorophyll, and the two coffees, Ginseng and Red Yeast Coffee that will play an important role in the lives of anyone who is desirous of good health.
To the delight of the guests, she unveiled the secret of financial freedom through Edmark’s unique marketing plan. In addition, a product and income testimony was done respectively to help buttress the once in a lifetime business opportunity.
The second part of the event, the Valentine’s Party saw more fun and excitement that sent the feeling of love around. They really appreciated the Chairman’s speech in a special video message and were grateful for his thoughtfulness in remembering and having their interest at heart. It was a successful and fun-filled day for everyone as prayers and the Edmark City song brought the event to an end.


By Ass. Mktg In-charge Nancy

It was indeed a great gathering of champions on our P4 Lose to Win 90th Day Weigh-in (Batch 2) on the 6th of February 2015 at Bridge Waters Hotel. The event started with an opening prayer which paved the way for ice breakers and the dance energizer.

The host, Emerald Manager Eke Emmanuel was introducedfor the special message. He emphasized on the obesity video that was played and used it to drive home his words. He said, “As long as there is life, Edmarkers will definitely have something to hold their body and soul together.” He emphasized that people around the world are getting obese daily. With the help of Edmark products, a distributor must and will always be in business as we are in the business of weight loss. Before he ended, he introduced CM Japheth Obiora who finalized his speech by saying,“If you are not yet an Edmark distributor, you are missing out on the opportunity to be financially free.”


Testimonials from around the world were presented by Eke Lawrence, one of the contenders, followed by ‘Why Lose to win’ and the Diet Plan by Miss Nancy. This led us to the entertaining part of the event, the production number performed by our P4 contenders, accompanied bytwo boxers fully energized and enthusiastic throughout the dance. Our attendees were notified of our upcoming events during the announcements, followed by brief interviews of the contenders by Miss Nancy and the official weigh-in of contenders. First, it was the introduction of the contenders on stage for the presentation of their certificates by CM Japheth Obiora.


The BOI was called upon alongside CM Japheth and EM Eke Emmanuelfor the presentation of awards to the winners. Ms Christabel, who took the 3rd place lost a total number of 9kg, amounting to 40.90% excess weight loss and was awardeda P4 package with 20,000 Naira. Ekeh Lawrence emerged in 2nd place for having lost a total of 9.5kg, amounting to 59.37% excess weight loss and was awarded two P4 packages with 35,000 Naira. Ms. Mary emerged the winner who lost a total of 11.5kg, amounting to 71.87%excess weight loss and was crowned The Biggest Loser as well. She was awarded with four P4 packages and a sum of 50,000 Naira cash and a trophy. The audience cheered and applauded as the winners were awarded.


Next, the official weigh-in of the P4 Lose to Win(Batch 3) followed, explaining how to get started with appointments booked in the office.

With overflowing joy,the event came to an end with closing remarks, prayer and a dance energizer.

Feel Good Now!


by Marketing Eagle, Eugene

We are fully committed to help people succeed in Health, Wealth and Total Well-Being’’. If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. On that note, Edmark International introduces the P4 LOSE TO WIN 90 Days Challenge to help fight obesity. Edmark Kano held its 90th Day Final Weigh-in that began with opening prayers, followed by a heart pumping dance energizer led by the Marketing Eagles. The dynamic PAUL PETERS was introduced as the host of the event. He introduced DM SANI BELLO who gave the welcome remarks as he welcomed the contestants, their families, guests and fellow distributors. A special message was delivered by EM JAMILA S.ABDULLAHI as she talked about obesity and how losing weight can benefit their health. It is only with physical health that wealth is possible through the Edmark business.
Edmark Kano P4 Ambassador Mrs. UJU V. EZEUKWU described the program as challenging, but commendable and fun. She went on to encourage all contestants to be disciplined as they followed the program to fully reap its benefits.Mr. FRIDAY FELIX presented ‘WHY LOSE TO WIN’ and the DIET PLAN. To the delight of everyone, a production number was presented by the P4 models, led by the marketing staffs.
Finally, the most anticipated moment, the official weigh-in and presentation of certificates to the contestants by Marketing-in-charge,Ms. CHICHI. The 3rd prize went to Mrs. RUKAIYYA SADIQ while the 2nd prize went to Mrs. HALIMA SALEH SADAU. The 1st prize winner was revealed as HAJ. UWA YAKASSAI. The Biggest Loser award was given to Mrs. HALIMA SALEH SADAU for achieving the highest amount of weight loss. The contestants thanked the Management for the opportunity of a lifetime in giving people a chance to make a healthy change in their lifestyle. The second batch of contestants started to sign up as the Marketing staffs measured their height and weight. There were 16 applicants who wished to begin their journey of eradicating obesity from their lives. Mr. EUGENE TANJUECO presented the mechanics of the contest and advised the participants on how to get started.
Over 60 attendees graced the event which came to a colorful end with closing prayers and the Edmark City song.





by Marketing Eagle- Noren Lugtu.

Every object persists in its state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed on it. This isNewton’s first law of motion. The same thing applies with people. There needs to be an external force applied for them to move and take action. This led Edmark Jos to have a powertalk by Double Crown Manager Ajay Katoch last 8th of February 2015. It was attended by over 150 guests, distributors and leaders from various states of Nigeria. The event started with an opening prayer led by a Christian and a Muslim brother present that day, followed by a groundbreaking dance energizer which was headed by the Marketing Eagles and some leaders. Everyone danced to the beat of the music with overflowing enthusiasm and energy. Finally, the outstanding speaker was called in the person of DCM AjayKatoch, one of the top leaders from Saudi Arabia. He shared his story with all attendees, from when he started in Edmark to where he is today. He also went on to share his achievements in the Edmark business, among them, his two Car Funds, one House Fund and a Travelling fund amounting to 5 million Naira. Everyone was wowed and amazed with what he said.



“When you plant a seed, you have to be patient, because the time will come when the plant will grow more than you can imagine,” a powerful message shared by DCM Ajay Katoch.He further reminded everyone that whenever they join the Edmark business, do not expect that they will receive big amounts abruptly. They have to work hard first and wait, the time will pass and they will realize that they are harvesting many fruits of their hardships and patience.DCM AjayKatoch shared a lot of knowledge, techniques, and secrets in doing Edmark business. Everyone trusted in him as he is a living testimony of the Edmark business. He also took questions which were answered comprehensively.


Minds were opened, inspired, and encouraged that day to join the Edmark business. We kept the momentum going by having a Grand Membership Drive Rally seminar right after the powertalk to give them the knowledge about Edmark’s products and marketing plan. It was presented by SM Matthew Mtan who was able to garner the attention and participation from everyone. He discussed the P4 products step-by-step, from its ingredients to the beneficial effects and went on to demonstrate how they are prepared. We gave samples of Shake Off and MRT to guests to taste and testify to its taste. Everyone had outstanding responses, proving that Edmark products are not just healthy but also tasty. This was followed by a comprehensive discussion of the compensation plan. The event came to an end with a closing prayer and the Edmark City dance participated by everyone.


By Ass. Mktg In-charge

It was a wonderful day as distributors and guests gathered together, filled with enthusiastic spirit rallying together to witness our Social Day Recognition. The event started with an opening prayer followed by a powerful dance energizer to boost the energy of the audience, spiced up with ‘The Best Dancer’ award. The host proceeded to introduce Assistant Marketing Manager, Mr. Aries who presented the welcome remarks and a special message as he welcomed and appreciated all who were present. He also went on to update everyone on the new products as he encouraged all distributors to be passionate about their business and follow the system to achieve their aim.


The powerful host proceeded with the recognition of the SD, SPV and AM followed by a motivational song presentation by one of the leaders. Next, the recognition of Managers, Sapphire and Ruby Managers took place as they were introduced on stage individually, decorated by our SCM Nwatu Felix and Mr Aries.
The event witnessed fun-filled and enjoyable games, entertainment that displaced smiles on the faces of our distributors and guests accompanied by inspiring songs messages. The event came to an end with a closing prayer and Edmark City song.



By Mktg Eagle, Emmanuel!



It was a great day in Edmark Jos, as we held an outstanding back-to-back Grand MDR. The speaker of the first GMDR, SM Chukwuka Vincent comprehensively discussed the 4-step healthy slimming program and Edmark Compensation Plan.



He made it clear that health is wealth and he advised distributors and guests to endeavor in living a healthy life with the help of Edmark’s P4 products. He went on to state that Edmark’s Marketing Plan is one of the best in the industry today.

EDITED - 3.7 Emmanuel - New Microsoft Office PowerPoint Presentation


During the second Grand MDR of the day, the speaker, T3 Aniefior Umoh highlighted that most people are losing their lives out of ignorance, iterating that the World Health Organization (WHO) has already made it clear that colon cancer is the number one killer disease of the 21st century, yet many have not taken necessary precautions in taking care of their colon.Slide2

He went on to discuss the P4 Healthy and Slimming products and the Edmark Compensation Plan. During the event, new guests were given the opportunity to taste our Shake Off and MRT. They were also given the avenue to check their weight in other to know their Body Mass Index (BMI). In his Income Testimonial, CM Ikechukwu Edwin Ikechukwu advised the guests and new distributors to keep focused in doing their Edmark business. He advised and encouraged them that if they could only use 18 months to build a pipe-line, they will be able to enjoy financial freedom. The events both came to peaceful closures with the Christian and Muslim prayers.




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