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EVENT                  43rd GRAND  MDR

EVENT DATE      15th August, 2014



AUTHOR                 OKPA NANCY


EMAIL                    Nancy@edmarker.com

DATE SUBMITTED    16th August, 2014

It was indeed an enthusiastic and heart touching event as Edmark Enugu conducted its Grand MDR as the guests and Distributors who knew the importance and benefits of living a healthy life, as distributors and guests rally to heed to the vital information and products that will help them live a healthy life, the event started with an opening prayers by one of our distributors with the powerful dance energizer that brought the audience at their peak followed by the best dancers awards, the hall was filled with 55 attendees consisting of distributors and guests.


The event properly began with the introduction of the first speaker, a t4 master trainer Uche Samuel  who made an impact to the audience, he made them understand the importance of health, he unveil to them some reasons why people die because of unknowing or late knowing of their illness, as he also explained the reasons to be on normal weight, the effect on being overweight, SHAKE OFF PHYTO FIBER and also the burn fat and nourish drink (MRT—MEAL Replacement Therapy)the both demo were done, he unveiled to the audience what it takes to be fortified with oxygen and to be rejuvenated the Splina Liquid Chlorophyll, GINSENG COFFEE And RED YEAST Coffee to  also lowers down bad cholesterol, the motivational speakers detailed the audience on how to live a healthier life with all of the healthy living products, he proceeded to the business aspect which he talked about the business opportunity he judiciously explain 4steps to success and encouraged the audience to consistently duplicate the method to boost their business and achieve financial freedom.


To spicy the event was the appreciation of new registered distributors and welcoming the guests, the seminar hall was filled with joyful atmosphere with enthusiastic audience.

The event came to an end with a closing prayer and Edmark city song.





EVENT DATE      1st August, 2014



AUTHOR                 OKPA NANCY


EMAIL                    Nancy@edmarker.com

DATE SUBMITTED    14th August, 2014


What could be measured with the astonished event full of enthusiastic atmosphere that was unfolded as the rally of 300 attendees were gathered to witness the celebration of Edmark Enugu anniversary and p4 loose to win launching, happiness and wealth can be achieved hence there is health, health is the aim of life, In the world today, the launching was to start a program that will run terminating obesity, the event properly began with the thanks giving mass by Rev. Emmanuel, followed with the powerful dance energizer that boosted the energy of the audience and kept them at their peak, DCM Rev. Camillus Mbaka  Rep. who took the welcome remarks, he thanked everyone and sharing a brief discussion with the audience based on the important of the gathering, the next was the introduction of an EM Emmanuel Ekeh who spread the special message, he words were full of inspiring and courageous, to stress more on presentation, a video was played, who moved my Cheese…that made the audience understand that in life, there must be changes, and in Edmark, our Cheese is OBESITY.

Slide1 The next was the unveiling of the p4 testimonies from different people from different branches was handled by ASS.MKTG INCHARGE Nancy, in her presentation she judiciously explained in details what it means being obese the benefit and natural way of losing weight and maintaining their desired weight, to stress more on her explanation, the p4 ambassador from Enugu Ekeh Lawrence was introduced, he came on the podium with his step on how he was obese but with enthusiasm, he testified on how he got rid of obesity and it passengers of sicknesses, after the p4 program, he can do things he was unable to do then, he encouraged the p4 contestants to follow the program systematically to get the system result. Slide2 To spicy the event more was the modeling and dancing presentation by the p4 models MR Joel who explained the p4 program mechanics the benefit attached, he encouraged them to passionately run the program, loose more weight and become the winner with the amount attached, after that was the measurement of the p4 contestants, Mr. Anthony was introduced who talked about how to get started and the procedures of the p4 program. Prior to the End attention was shifted to the anniversary aspect the hall was filled with enthusiastic atmosphere, the celebration brought together the leaders for cutting of the cake and wine tasting, with dance and enthusiasm the audience gathered for the photo oops’ Slide3 The event successfully ended with a closing prayer and Edmark city song, with joy everyone dismissed.


COMPOSED BY:  Justina Simon.


Being in control of your life and dealing with the challenges are the keys to stress management, which is perhaps the most important ingredient to living a happy, healthy and rewarding life.

On the 17th of July 2014 is an unforgettable day in Kano Nigeria as another inspiring Grand MDR was held in the office right inside the function hall. The seminar which saw a good and encouraging number of attendees who are eager to learn and know about the company; started at exactly 11:00am with the invitation of the Almighty creator and was immediately followed by some series of dance energizer. Picture4The vibrant and teachable speaker Mr. Victor Jonathan took over the ground welcomed everybody for taking out their time more especially the guest for attending the seminar. He in a very simple and self explanatory way taught to the understanding of the audience on healthy living and showed to all the modern days challenges we are facing, symptoms of unhealthy lifestyle which we engage ourselves in and as such leads to unhealthy colon which almost all diseases comes from, and if nothing is been done about, can even cost us our lives. He also unveil the dangers of being overweight while letting them know why they need to loss and maintain their ideal weight. Picture1With these he introduced the Edmark shakeoff phyto fiber and the Meal replacement therapy which will help us in cleaning our colon in order to be free from all these deadly diseases and live a healthy live and likewise to burn excess fat in order to maintain a normal weight. The Splina liquid chlorophyll which will help purify the blood and balance our body alkalinity and it’s really good for everybody was also discussed. Finally on the products, the two brilliant coffees(Ginseng and Red yeast) for rejuvenation and help in lowering down bad cholesterol from the body. Picture2The business opportunity was treated also in a very special way where he unveiled the 71% total payout bonuses that the company is giving out to its distributors which makes it like no other MLM. As such, he urged them all to take this opportunity serious, commit themselves, teach and duplicate the system for 18months and they are assured of financial freedom.Picture3

Other highlights of the event were the products demo, products and income testimonies respectively which help in showing the efficacy of Edmark’s product and help in convincing more especially the  guests in the hall. It was indeed an event filled with enthusiasm as everybody was grateful and left happily. NOW THAT THAT YOU KNOW WHICH WAY TO GO…STAY WITH EDMARK, FEEL GOOD NOW.




Event: Crown Recognition

Date: 26th July 2014

Mkgt: Ruth Oyiokwu.


Success is not measured by the position that one had already reached in life but by the obstacles which he has overcome.

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success, if u desire to be successful in life all universe will compare to make u so,

 It was an exciting moment at its highest peak last Saturday On the 26th of July 2014 as ‘Edmark Abuja recognizes their newly promoted crown managers. The event was held at Denis hotel with over 4500 participants that came to Graced this occasion, the event started at exactly 11am with registration and invocation by Muslim & Christians, followed by the parade of the newest crown managers with the traditional dancers, series of hot dance energizer was led by the marketing staff and the leaders. Then the Nigeria national anthem was taking by everyone and Welcome remark was handled by DCM Joan Onojafe. She welcomed everyone honoring today’s occasion,c r pw 1

she went further to say you will be successful in Edmark business if you are ready and willing to put in your best effort, because your success is determined by the effort you put in.

DCM Prince Okoye who step up to expound the role and benefits of a crown manager, and then we now proceed to the next phase of our program, The cultural troop came up no stage with a powerful dance presentation which sweep everyone off their feet, it was time for the award and recognition of the newest crown managers.c r pw 2

The Audio visual presentations (AVP) of the newly promoted Crown Managers were played which added more colour to the occasion. The Crown Managers were called out on stage for the proper recognition and speeches coming from them were to exalt the company. Not left out was the recognition of our Car and House Fund Achievers with the symbolic car keys and symbolic house which they are very grateful & happy to have. c r pw 3

The Most Outstanding Crown Manager was given to CM Mr. Nicodemus Nwatu.

There circle of love in the air were the newly recognized crown Managers came with their down lines flooded the stage for celebrations and group photographs as a commemoration and remembrance of the joy, excitement and enthusiasm. And it was

c r pw 4

really a wonderful time, up lines sharing happy moments with their down lines. Everyone was really having a good and happy time. Closing remarks was done by Miss April .T. Carpi. It was truly an inspiring event and hopefully we could crown many more successful crown managers in Edmark Abuja soon.


Event:Grand MDR

Date:August 1st 2014

Mktg:Ruth Oyiokwu


On the 1st of August 2014 Edmark Abuja held a special Grand MDR. The event started with a Christian and Muslim prayers, followed by a powerful dance energizer, after the massive dance energizer by our marketing eagles, the module was presented by EM EgeleTessy.

gr 1


She explain the effectiveness of our SHAKE OFF and MRT COMPLEX She makes a clearly advice to the distributor to be the product of the product, children experience constipation at an early age because of

gr 2


intake of junks food, they need to detoxify to prevent such disease in their system ,she emphasized that people should be checking their BMI ranges, she also stated that EDMARK product is not drugs but food supplement. Shealso emphasized on the outstanding double bonus marketing plan and she clearly explained the 9 great bonuses

gr 3

At the end of the event there was a complete transformation in the heart of everyone, our guest were not left out, they were charge up to sign into the business now.


by: Mktg Eagles Daniel Orukwo & Obinna Okere

Edmark Port Harcourt successfully made potential great leaders out all its distributors in attendance at the Legacy Hall Event Centre here in Port Harcourt on the 31st of July, 2014. The training was attended by 96 distributors in attendance. The event kick off with opening prayer and then some atmosphere electrifying dance energizing routines led by the Marketing Eagles and speakers present.



The host who congratulated everyone for taking time to be with the training introduced the Trainer and there came a great lady of prestige in the person of, T4 Trainer SCM Gift Emelle to take on the first module from the MLT seminar which is on Developing your Edmark Business Team and she did not fail to deliver splendidly. The second module was handled by a T4 Trainer CM Ozuzu Alfred on Understanding the Edmark Education System and Key Drivers to your success. The Mentoring Support Program and Edmark Team Leader which is the Module 3 were taken by a beautiful lady with a unique speaking prowess, T4 Trainer CM Ikpae Najite and the final module for the first session of the MLT seminar which is The Weekly Tactical Meeting module 4 were handled by our energetic Emerald Manager Levi Johnson.


For more energy and refreshment lunch break was observed and few minutes later the Marketing Eagles got the attendees back on their seats for the start of the TNT module and the first module which is Understanding the Network Marketing was handled by CM Diamond Nwanna. TNT module 2 which is “SELLING” was taken by an energetic gentleman, Mr. Levi Johnson. Mastering Motivation was the Module 3 handled by our very own EES Trainer of the Year SCM Gift Emelle. Finally, saving the best for last, a learned professor and dynamic vibrator, CM Alfred Ozuzu handled the last module for the day which is on Mastering Mentoring. Announcements for upcoming events were given, followed by the appreciation to all the unique trainers for the day. Indeed, MLT/TNT was a huge success and everyone in attendance felt better equipped to lead their various teams on to greatness.




by: Mktg. Eagles Gift Daniel and Progress Ezinwo

Edmark Port Harcourt had a memorable grand Launching of our P4 Lose to Win last 21st of July 2014. The program started with an opening prayer, followed by an energetic dance energizer by the Marketing Eagles and top leaders, no one was left out in the excitement as the launching which was graced by over 370 attendees was indeed a fun filled one. CM Clement Okparakwu who with so much energy welcomed everyone present on the occasion. Among the jollification was the presentation from SCM Gift Emelle, emphasizing on the need of CHANGE and the great roles change plays in our being successful. She stresses more on her point with a short video title; WHO MOVED MY CHEESE, also with the Obesity video that made everyone see and understood what our cheese is… The OBESITY.




Live testimonial was shared by our P4 Ambassadress EM T4 Erefaa Sekibo. The 4 steps presentation and the Diet plan was presented by Ms. Maame which she did enthusiastically and with so much excitement Mr. Joel discussed the mechanics of the contest. The program was an eye opener for our distributors and guest towards Obesity which happens to be a fast growing ailment towards human health. Our distributors were happy to know that the program runs with an easy exercise and prizes are attached to be won. Follow suit was special production number by the staff followed by the weigh in of the contenders, and a total of 95 distributors enlisted on the program as our P4 Lose to Win Contenders. The program came to an end with a closing prayer and an invigorative dance energizer. We thanks to God Almighty for making this occasion a successful and a memorable one.



Article By Mktg Eagle: Clara.
Photos By Mktg Eagle: Mat

                                                                                                          OUR WORLD IS GREEN

Ignorance is no excuse

It was indeed a remarkable day as the Edmark hall was filled to its brim with distributors and guests ready and prepared for our Grand Membership Drive Rally. The event began with an opening prayer led by one of our distributors present.  This was immediately followed by the powerful dance energizer that boosted the energy of the audience led by our ever dynamic marketing eagles.


The speaker for the day was our outstanding T4 Trainer DM Bode Omisade who opened the minds of our audience to the killer disease of our time which is Colon Cancer. He emphasized that ignorance is not an excuse and an early prevention is better than a late cure. He enlightened the audience telling them the natural way to prevent colon cancer and to eliminate obesity. In the course of the event, the SHAKE OFF and MRT products were demonstrated to the attendeesfor them to have a taste of the products. They were also enlightened on the compensation plan of Edmark and how it can be used as a double edged sword, to be healthy and wealthy.Slide1

Like the proverb which says “seeing is believing” , we had the Product Testimony which was done by RM Millerson Emmanuel who emphasized to the audience the wonderful effects of our Edmark Products. He further encouraged the audience who haven’t enrolled into the business to do so, without delay because it is a lifetime opportunity that comes just once and benefits in all ramification.

With this, the guests present, having being motivated and filled with enthusiasm signed up in their mass  to join our system of helping people succeed in Wealth, Health and Total well being.





Slide1 Slide2 Slide3 Slide4 Slide6



By Mktg Eagle Richard and Kenneth

It is often said that, technology is nothing; what’s important is that you have  faith in people,that they are basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they will do wonderful things with them, this was what transpired in Edmark Benin city, when the third working smart seminar/truth about binary took place in a grand and spectacular style, seeing the enthusiastic distributors rushing to their sit, because they don’t want to be left behind, the event was done under a conducive atmosphere, as the speaker were ready to Educate the distributor with energy and passion, because it is often said that a smart man makes a mistakes, learn from it, and never make  that mistake again, but a wise man finds a smart man and learns, from him how to avoid the mistake altogether.

The event started exactly 11:00 am with Opening Prayers of both Muslim and Christian, and this was closely followed by superb Dance Energizer, to the extent that the melodious sound filtered and littered the air apparently depicting preparedness for the event. It will be an academic fraud and intellectual poverty if I fail to mention that the decoration of the hall was something to behold, as the red, white, green color fabrics accompanying with the balloons filled the hall, one can see it in the faces of the distributors nodding their head to the beauty of the hall.Slide1


Respectively on the WSS Modules, RM Celestine Okonkwo took the Module 1-Fundamentals of MLM. Without wasting time he divulged to the distributors the importance and secret of the fundamentals of MLM. When he was through, one can conveniently see in the face of the distributors that, they can now differentiate between a real pyramid from an illegal pyramid scheme. DM Michael Ugwu took the center stage with  Module 2- Discoveries and the road ahead, he make them to know that the reason why they are in this Seminar is to acquired KNOWLEDGE, and with knowledge they can do great things, and he educated them to be beware of MLM pre-launch. The Attendees were equally thrilled with games that made them laugh with so much fun and excitements.



The second part of the event been the TAB-OO began as the first speaker RM Celestine Okonkwo once again mounted the podium to take on chapter 1& 2- introduction and what they will tell you in binary while, DM Michael Ugwu talk on chapter 3&4- what they will not tell you and what the professionals will tell you.

The event came to an end with both Christian and Muslim prayers and expectations were very high,  that  indeed the Edmark Business was second none.