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EDMARK LAGOS Calendar of Events for the MONTH of JULY

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16th Working Smart Seminar: Knowledge Is Light

Compilations: Nzeako Emmanuel

Photograph: Marketing Department.


Edmark Lagos branch held the 16th Working Smart Seminar (WSS)/The Truth about binaries (TAB-OO,) an Integral part of our Edmark Education System (EES) cycle. The event’s main focus was to orient and educate our distributors the importance of working smart, a prerequisite for successful network marketing.  The workshop attracted a turnout of 99 attendees, the seminar started with an opening prayer being led by a Christian distributor, followed by our dance energizers being anchored by the dynamic marketing eagles in order to help the audience maintain maximum peak energy.Slide1With a thunderous response and applaud from the audience, the host, Marketing eagle Ms. Stella Maris, ushered in the first speaker of the day T4 master trainer Crown Manager Ismail Abdulmodiu to handle the module 1 and 2; The fundamentals of MLM and the Road ahead as well as types of compensation plans in the MLM industries. He emphasized that any MLM organization that would stand the test of time must have a solid foundation and a compensation plan that caters for the interest and welfare of its distributors. The T4 master trainer further added that the Edmark industry type of marketing plan is primus inter paresSlide2

The host introduced another motivational speaker, T4 master trainer, Mr. Kennedy Ezurike to handle the 2nd segment of the event; module 3 and 4-(Discoveries and the road ahead), while the latter being (where to go and what to do).

During his energetic presentations, the Emerald manager stressed the need for Edmarkers to discover their purpose of being in this MLM industry and also told the audience to have a mental picture of Edmark as a wonderful platform for success. The year- end bonus qualifier added that determination is a driving force to every successful journey in life.Slide3T4 trainer CM Ismail Abdumodiu was up the podium to reveal the truth about binaries (TAB-OO), a type of marketing plan being practiced by some MLM industries. The Emerald manager having done so many network marketing told the audience that Edmark double bonus marketing plan is second to none when compared to any other MLM industries because of its unique compensation plan. The happy faces of the audience were a great testimony.

To draw the curtain, a closing prayer was rendered by a Christian distributor at about 5:00pm, followed by our Edmark city song.


Composed by: Mktg. Eagle Justina Simon

If we are creating ourselves all the time then it is never too late to begin creating the bodies we want instead of the ones we mistakenly assume we are stuck with.
                                                                                                                                                      -Deepak Chopra

On The 13th day of March, 2014, Edmark Kano held another seminar (GMDR). The said event Kicked off with an opening prayer by a Christian and a Muslim and was followed immediately with a dance energizer led by the powerful eagles and was participated by all. The host did not fail to acknowledge especially the presence of the new guests in the hall for taking out their time to be part of the seminar. In a similar way, He did the same to all the distributors in the hall.Picture1

The speaker T4 EM Dare Abiodun welcomed everybody, gave some motivational talk in order to put them in a normal state for the seminar. The speaker introduced the new MDR in a very simple and understanding way for everyone, he also did not fail to bring to the attention of the audience, the modern challenges we are facing, its effect on our health especially causes of colon cancer, constipation, to mention but a few, as these made all to be alerted  to hear the next step wherein he did not fail to introduce the four(4) healthy living products; Shake off phyto fiber, Meal Replacement Therapy, the Splina liquid Chlorophyll and the two tasty coffees (Ginseng and Red yeast).Picture5

Picture3He ensured to deliver and let them know the efficacy of the products and the benefit of taking them daily. The two product (Shake off and MRT) demo was done for the guest in the hall to have an idea of how they could be prepared. The products testimonies were also done by two of our outstanding leaders Mr. Abubakar and Mr. Nasir Ismail respectively.Picture2

The speaker presented the business opportunity and unveiled to the audience what the company is giving out to its distributors, he also made them see reasons why Edmark is quite different from other MLM companies and encouraged them all to be very serious with their business in order to enjoy 71% total payout bonuses from the company, he went on to tell all the guests to be grateful to those that invited them to the seminar and advised them to not hesitate in signing up with the company. The income testimonies also were done by Mrs. Zulai Usman Sani and Ms. Habiba Abdulrasheed and this made the guest to be more convinced. Other highlights of the event were games that made it more fun for all who attended the seminar and they were glad they came and all went home happily.Picture4



27th GMDR

28th GMDR

P4 Batch 6

29th GMDR

30th GMDR



HGSHausa MDRleadersMDRSocial dayMLT


by: Cletus Osuagwu

It was an awesome event, as Edmark Port Harcourt held its Social Day Recognition on the 28th day of March 2014 at Legacy Hall G.R.A Phase 3, Port Harcourt. The gathering of Champions where all Senior Distributors to Assistant Mangers, Newly Promoted Managers, Sapphire Managers and Ruby Managers from the month of June 2013 to February  2014 were recognized respectively.

The event started by 1 pm with a good number of registrations of over 300 attendees for both Guests and Distributors. The event formally starts with an opening prayer by a distributor. After the Invocation, the Nigerian National Anthem followed suit. Next is the powerful and trilling Dance Energizer that was led by the outstanding Marketing Eagles, Leaders, and was harmonized by all distributors and guests present.   These wonderful dances spiced up the atmosphere gave way for opening remarks by a SCM Mr. Daniel Ozoemena. In his speech he enjoyed the attendees to stay put and see how Champions are being recognized. The occasion was graced by side attractions like Early Bird Award and Ice breaker with the winners given lots of awesome prizes to take home with.


Spices were added to the event with Intermission Number by the P4 Contestants. The P4 Contestants danced colorfully and entertained the audience this was a mouth watering condiment in the event.

After all the entertainment and side attraction it was time for the recognition proper. The recognition started from the Acknowledgement of the Senior Distributors to Assistant Managers. The newly promoted Senior Distributors to Assistant Managers danced happily round the stage.

Then after our T4 Trainer and Crown Manager, Mr. Alfred Ozuzu took a message captioned the Role and Benefits of a Ruby Manager. In His speech he told the audience the roles of a Ruby Manager and what the Ruby managers stands to benefits, he of course did not fail to tell the audience of all the bonuses the ruby manager

 will get starting from Retail Profit, Performance Bonus, Managers Bonus, Leadership Bonus, Achievement Bonus and Traveling Fund. He also encouraged the Newly Promoted Ruby Managers to strive more to get the remaining bonuses which were the Year End Bonus, Car Fund and House Fund.



After his message ZERO TO HERO RECOGNITION was made where all the Newly Promoted Managers from the month of June 2013 to February 2014 were recognized. The Managers were decorated with pins by the newest Port Harcourt Branch-in-Charge Mr. Rolando Palahorin  and  CM Mr. & Mrs. Okonkwo.  The Most Outstanding Manager among them was recognized and he is no other person but Mr. Ben Prince.  He also gave a short and inspiring speech.


The ball move to the next stage which is the Recognition of the Newly Promoted Sapphire Managers from the month of June 2013 to February 2014. The Promoted Sapphire Managers were decorated with pins by our new BOI Mr. Rolando Palahorin and  CM Mr. Alfred Ozuzu respectively, most outstanding amongst them was recognized   and she is no other person but Miss Mercy Johnson, although she was not present she was warmly represented by SCM Mrs. Chioma Amadi.

Finally the newly Promoted Ruby Managers from the Month of June 2013 to February 2013. The Ruby Managers was also decorated in a grand style with pins by BOI Mr. Roland Palahorin and CM Mrs. Ozoemana Okwor. And the Most Outstanding Ruby Manager is Mr. Daniel Udoffong. He as well gave a short speech and thanked everybody for the award.


Furthermore, Awarding of P4 winners was done as the audience first of all watched their AVP, and also watched the contestants as they modeled to the stage one after another. The audience was so excited watching the P4 contestants parading themselves like they were in the contest for the Miss World.  The winners were announced respectively starting from the second runner up to the winner. The 2nd Runner Up is Mrs. Ruth Ekeke lost 7kg in (4)weeks and, while the first runner up SCM Mrs. Jovita Daniels lost 8kg in 4weeks. And the P4 Grand Winner Mrs. Iduate Kenneth who lost 9kg in 4weeks.


With joy and positive energy all over the venue, the carnival of champions came to an end with a closing prayer an Edmark Dance.










Since the membership drive rally took a new shape people has curiously been wandering the difference between the two,
The Good news has been spread about the wonderful effect of the training and every time the modules,always proved effective in making people believe.

This grand event was the 31st of its kind and after each event good testimonies of the event are told but this one is spectacular .the event kicked off by exactly  11:00am that very morning the speaker for the day was our powerful  CM Chibuzor Opareke, A T3 tainer.
An opening prayer was made by one  distributors and then our routine dance energizer ensued, after that we had a dance master competition.


our speaker for the day CM Opareke  Chibuzor , In her  opening speech, she made it known to everyone that the event was made to uplift the minds and way of life of our guest and also make them partner with us.
The event was brief but very educative as the wonderful speaker did not fail in teaching us the four steps to healthy living, starting with Shakeoff  Phyto Fiber  to MRT with the two demos not being missed out, we also carried a BMI test to check the obesity how obesity rate of people.

The later part of the event saw games and a then the business opportunity and an income testimonial by our powerful Dm Benedithe Owunna
The event closed by 2:00pm that day and we were happy to be there
announcement was passed across concering  upcoming events…..



The No1 killer disease of all centuries is poverty and this disease has reigned for a long time that it has lingered for several generations and can even be hereditary, notwithstanding any projection and proven research the truth remains that living a healthy life is expensive and poverty is really what kills and not really the disease.  How can one  live when he  cannot afford a healthy one.
“ Money answereth  all things” according to the Bible.
Welcome to the world of Edmark……..
Where nothing is requested of you but your burning desire to succeed.
The Senior Crown recognition was held in the real sense of a coronation, starting from the previous days before the event the aroma of a great event could be sensed with series of preparations and gossips of the forth coming event.

The place was beautiful, a Paradise on earth.  The craftiness employed in beautifying the place was stunning, with gracious flowers and indeed an opulent decoration.


The event kicked off by exactly 12:00pm that very morning with the grand entrance of our Senior Crown manager with the traditional dancers in front holding a very beautiful royal umbrella over the head of the senior crown managers.
The dancers were marvelous, no one usually comment on the traditional Igbo dance but this day made a difference, the every handsome and pretty senior crown danced through the audience as they were being celebrated.
An opening prayer was made followed by the Nigerian National anthem , as everyone stood up, we proceeded with Our usual dance energizer  and it was used to enliven the audience, followed suit was the welcome remarks led by our crown manager Cm, Opareke Chibuzor.

The event also saw a special song presentation by the marketing staffs of Owerri then the roles and benefits of a Senior Crown Manager which was presented by our powerful T4 master trainer: Kennedy Ezurike.
The Traditional dancers played a great role in making the event more fun filled, with their wonderful dancing steps which they called the Interpretative dance.
The senior crown AVP was also played, with awe everybody watched the pictures as it showed a tremendous change in the state of the senior crowns living.


 Our honorable DCM VIcent and Uche Amah gave an inspirational message and a life testimony as they were called up to the do the awarding and certificate of recognition awarding to the newly recognized senior crown managers.

The over joyous Senior crowns gave their own heart touching testimonies and as well prayed for their downlines to also succeed.
the event also witness photo oops as everyone present at the event wanted to get a picture of the wonderful celebrants.
The grand event came to an end and announcement was passed across to everyone as they all went down for the Car Awarding,.
Happy  morning .