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COUNTRY                     :          NIGERIA

EVENT                         :            MLT/TNT

EVENT DATE                :        OCTOBER 31, 2014.

VENUE                         :           EDMARK BENIN CITY SEMINAR HALL, NIGERIA


AUTHOR                       :          RICHARD ONOME ONYENIKE


EMAIL                          :           ONYENIKE@edmarker.com

DATE SUBMITTED        :     OCTOBER 5, 2014

It was indeed a joyous moment and a remarkable day for every Edmarker’ here in Modern City of Benin as they enjoyed the privilege of being in the presence of our outstanding trainers. EM Emmanuel Ekeh and EM Mary Okoloba all the way from Enugu State and Abuja City respectively, including two of our locally fabricated T3 trainers from Benin City, handled all the modules of our Mentoring Leadership Training (MLT) and Train the Trainer (TNT).


EM Emmanuel Ndubisi took the floor first to discuss the first module of MLT, ‘Developing your Edmark Business Team’. He positively encouraged the participants on the possibility of success; even in the face of individualism amidst huddles of challenges that may want arise in their pursuit of the Edmark Business.


Slide3 This was followed by EM Mary Okoloba’s discussion of the second module, ‘Understanding the EES/Key Drivers to Success’. She explained every topic clearly in the way that was easily understood. She tackled the topic on ‘Increasing the number of distributors, increasing the number of average sale’ and ‘increasing the frequency of purchase’ and explained the utmost importance of these decisions.



This quickly snowballed into Module three where  EM Obi Chukwuebuka discussed “ the Mentor Support Program and Edmark Business “and lastly, EM Emmanuel Ekeh took the last module for the mlt  which is the tactical meeting,he made all to understand that without tactical meeting they will not be effective and efficient in their business .





Hand in hand, these fours powerful speakers conducted the whole seminar. It was fun-filled and enjoyable with the enthusiastic participation and interaction of every Edmarker present. The seminar came to a close with a final advice to all participants to reach out and offer a helping hand to others.




EVENT                             : MLT /TNT Seminar

EVENT DATE                : OCTOBER 24TH, 2014

VENUE                              : Legacy Hall G.R.A phase II Port Harcourt.

ARTICLE & PPT.           : Gift Daniel  &  Daniel Orukwo


The day started with the registration and a Christian opening prayer, followed by a dazzling dance energizer by the marketing team, trainers and attendees. The event was a fulfilling one as it was graced with the presence of 62 distributors.


T4 EM Bernard Opebiyi, ushered in the first module, ‘Developing your Edmark Business Team’ with overflowing liveliness.

T4 EM Benard Opebiyi

T3 RM Iyke Jiaponna handled the second module, ‘Understanding the EES/Key Drivers to your Success’, elaborating on numerous key success factors  

T3 RM Iyke Jiakponna

T4 CM Najite Ikpae energetically took the stage as she presented the third module, ‘The Mentoring Support Program and Edmark Team Leader’.

T4 CM Najite Ikpae

Wrapping up the first half of the seminar, CM Diamond Nwanna presented the final module titled, ‘The Weekly Tactical Meeting’.

CM Diamond Nwanna

Ensuing, a meal was served for everyone present.


The second part of the seminar, TNT, commenced after the lunch break with a spirited dance energizer. Reflective of their mastery, the passionate trainers handled the modules comprehensively as the attendees took down notes on their handouts. Distributors present participated enthusiastically in the training, eager to return to their team and promptly begin the coaching. With abundance of energy, enthusiasm and smiles, the hall was filled with positive vibes from start to finish.

Our assistant marketing-in-charge, Ms. Progress presented certificates to the trainers after the seminar as photographs were taken. Announcements were made as the day came to an end with a closing prayer and a final dance energizer.

To God be the glory for such a eventful training as first timers and persistent Edmarkers shared how happy and motivated they were, further testifying to the benefits of attending the training and expressing their gratitude to Edmark for such a knowledge-enhancing seminar.


It was a fruitful day for Edmark Lagos as 35 guests and 40 distributors gathered for our Grand Membership Drive Rally on the 7th day of November 2014. The event started at 11am with a Christian and Muslim prayer, followed by a dance energizer led by the energetic marketing eagles, uplifting the spirits of guests and distributors.

EDITED - 8.1 Harold - gmdr 110714The host welcomed the eloquent speaker for the seminar, Manager Jephtah Eyiyere who spoke extensively and convincingly about their need to detoxify using the Edmark Shake Off Phyto Fiber. He proceeded to speak about the Meal Replacement Therapy (MRT) used to burn fat followed by a product demonstration for the guests. The Body Mass Index (BMI) of some guests was measured. The speaker further enlightened the guests on the business prospect offered by Edmark; how they can make money while living a healthy life. Mr. Canice Anozie was called to present a live testimony as he shared the effectiveness of Edmark products with the audience. CM Justice Oyenma also came in to motivate the guests with his mind blowing income testimony. He encouraged them not to give up and strive in being a better person financially alongside maintaining a good health, of which can be achieved through the Edmark business. Finally, there was a huddle time for our guests to register and come onboard the global Edmark family. The event was brought to an end with a Christian and Muslim prayer.



COUNTRY                 NIGERIA

EVENT                       P4 LOSE TO WIN 90th DAY WEIGH-IN

EVENT DATE             31st OCTOBER 2014

VENUE                       BRIDGE WATERS HOTEL


AUTHOR                    OKPA NANCY


EMAIL                        NANCY@EDMARKER.COM



It was a splendid day as Edmark Enugu held the 90th day weigh-in; the event witnessed the huge number of people from different places with enthusiasm spirit gathered under the blissful atmosphere as they watch the event that displayed smiles on their faces, the event started by 10: am with an opening prayer by one of the distributors followed with the dazzling dance energizer that kept the audience at their peak.

The event began properly as the energetic host introduced SM. Uche Samuel, who took the welcome remarks; he welcomed and appreciated the audience as he encouraged all to sit and watch the wonderful program, followed by the introduction of the SCM. David Thomas who gave the special message, in his speech, he made the audience understand the important of P4 Lose to Win, which has done so good to the contestants, and lots of benefit to acquire joining the program, to highlight his explanation, the obesity video was played, he explained the risk of being obsessed and the natural way to terminate obesity which is the world’s life threatening disease; next was the display of the testimonies from p4 contestants from other branches handled by SM. P4 contestants  Nyia Edwin, he further educating the audience benefit of losing weight and the platform for meal, (The Diet Plan) next was the intermission number presented by the P4 Ambassador Egbo Solomon, entertainment continued  as the contestants showcased their modeling style followed by the production number they displayed.




ASS. Mktg Manager, Ms. Maame had a short interview with the contestants before their weigh-in, in they gave an emotive testimonies basically on how the P4 lose to win changed their way of life. From the tabulation, the final weigh-in was measured as the winners were called and appreciated.

Nyia Edwin who emerged as the 3RD, his initial weight was 92kg, recent weight is 80kg he lost 12kg which is 55.8% was given a p4 package + 20,000. Next was Ekeh Lawrence who emerged as the 2ND was weighing 94.5kg and after 78kg he lost 16.5kg in percentage 55.9% he was given 2 p4 package plus 35,000.  The winner was CM. Achi Chidimma who was weighing 66kg and after 58kg she lost 8kg in percentage 61.5% she was given 3 p4 packages and sum of 50,000Naira. The highest weight loser, Mr. Isaac Alozie who was weighing 120kg and now he weigh 96kg he lost 24kg in percentage 45.3% and was given a p4 package.


With enthusiasm spirit, the audience were happy to have seen the attractive solution of being obsessed, the natural way eliminating obesity through Edmark P4 Lose To Win program immediate registration start as the second batch of p4 lose to win enrolled, weighing of the batch 2 orientation and how to get started, they were encouraged to gather at the office for the program.


With great joy, the event splendidly ended with a closing prayer and edmark city song.

(Thank you to all leaders, distributors and guests who attended the said program. God Bless Us All)








Edmark Amnesty Bonanza 01



Article By Mktg Eagle:Benjamin Ilonze

Picture & Powerpoint By Mktg Eagle: Precious Ohaegbulam

In relation to the above postulations by WHO, Edmark International which is a producer and supplier of health and slimming products being resolved and committed to her mission statement, came out with a wonderful health initiative tagged: P4 LOSE TO WIN; a 90 Days challenge characterized by rigorous trainings annexed with the systematic use of our Edmark P4 Products to tackle the problem of Obesity, overweight and its related causes.It was an exciting and memorable moment at its highest peak being the 22ND Day of October, 2014, in the family of Edmark Owerri as we held our Final Weigh- in / Our 2ND Year anniversary; a synergetic event pulling a huge turnout of 418 People in attendance who actually converged from far and near to witness the grand event, awarding o f products and cash prizes the most outstanding P4 contestants, celebrate and above all, to receive vital information on how to fight Obesity with our outstanding products.
In line with the order of programme, the event commenced with the registration of our guests and distributors at the designated registration stand as they queue up to write their names and subsequently collect their whistles. At about 11:00AM, the event officially took underway with an invocation by a Christian distributor followed by special electrifying dance energizer masterminded by the P4 contestants to initiate a zestful atmosphere of mental and physical alertness. With a thunderous applaud from the audience the Host of the event, Mrs. Uche Amah, a Double Crown Manager was introduced to take the lead.


With great delight, the audience watched the short video clip of the P4 contestants being characterized by the Journey So Far; an audio visual display of how the contestants endured the training process. Thereafter, the host ushered in Mrs. Stella Onyeagbako, an Emerald Manager cum T4 Trainer for her special message. On stage, the vibrant speaker added that a lot of people are obese because of incessant intake of high calorie foods without taking time to burn it through series of physical activities and some according to the Year-end bonus recipient, risk their health in pursuit of wealth. She reiterated that through the P4 lose to win platform, lives has being touched and also stressed the need to leverage on this wonderful initiative courtesy of Edmark International. It was immediately followed by the airing of Obesity Video; an eye-opener on the high rate of Obesity around the world most especially in the African continent.


During the intermission number, the Edmark Owerri P4 Ambassador, Mrs. Chibuzor Obua thrilled the audience with her impressive dance performance creating an exhilarating scene to behold by the  audience. She briefly narrated her journey to obesity and how she was able to lose 14kg through the careful and systematic usage of our P4 Products as stated in our Diet Plan during the P4 training sessions, followed suit was the production number exclusively performed by the P4 contestants along side with the Marketing staff. The announcements of our upcoming events were belted out.At this juncture, the host introduced The Marketing Officer In charge of Edmark Francophone countries, Miss Maame Afful to take the lead. The amiable host anchored the interview of P4 contestants as their catwalk their ways to the stage.  The audience was equally motivated during the testimonials by the P4 contestants and subsequently, their final weight measurements were calculated as they mount the BMI Scale

The leaders anchored the presentation of certificates to the P4 contestants and the awarding of Grand winners were handled by our Assistant Operations Officer, Mr. Reymond Epacta, Miss Jean Lizares (The Edmark Owerri branch In charge)and Mr. Aries Mosaso ( Marketing Officer) comprising of the management. The awarding of the grand winners were as follows: The winner, Mrs. Atumonyego Victoria who lost 19Kg received Three (3) P4 Packages plus a cash sum of #50, 000, the first runner- up, Miss Livina Obinna who lost 5.0kg of her BMI parted home with Two (2) P4 Packages plus a cash sum of #35,000 and the second runner- up, Mrs. Joyce Okorocha who actually lost 12.5kg of her own BMI, smiled home with Two (2) P4 Packages and a cash sum of #20,000. The award for the biggest loser went to Mrs. Atumonyego Victoria, who received an additional One (1) P4 Package.Slide5

Initiating the 2nd Year anniversary proper, the AVP of Edmark Owerri was displayed to the audience as they happily watched the journey so far of our outstanding branch which consists of all the big events, functions and recognitions that we’ve had from the inception to date. The cutting of the anniversary cake was anchored by the leaders and some of the top management present as they passionately held hands together to cut the cake. The audience was deeply touched and inspired during the testimony of one of our great achiever, Mr. Ifeanyi Ukwezi. The Edmark Owerri newest Double Crown Manager briefly expressed how Edmark turned his story from poverty to abundance. The Car and House fund achiever urged the audience to leverage on the lifetime opportunity available in Edmark followed suit was photo ops. The audience equally had their refreshments. In drawing the curtain, Edmark city song was belted out followed by a closing prayer at about 5:30PM


Thanks and God bless,


Feel Good Now!!!


Recognition is the best motivator; this was the underlying purpose of Edmark Lagos’ grand Emerald Recognition last October 30, 2014 at Muchies 2nd floor hall. The event was attended by over 150 guests, distributors and leaders who came to be a part of the celebration for the newly promoted Emerald Managers. The program started at 1pm with a Christian and Muslim prayer, followed by the Nigerian national anthem. The hall was submerged in silence when music surprisingly surrounded the hall, signaling the parade of the newly promoted Emerald Managers. This was followed by a zestful dance energizer led by the marketing eagles that brought everyone on their feet dancing along. The event was hosted by the energetic SM Kingsley Anozie as CM Jessica Ezeani was introduced for a welcome remark. She acknowledged all the leaders in the area and everyone present, thanking them for their time in attending the event. This was followed by CM Ismail Abdulmodiu’s presentation of the roles and benefits of an Emerald Manager. His presentation served as a motivational tool as he discussed all the bonuses of that position, stunning everyone with the benefits. Slide1


Finally, the recognition ceremony commenced. All the names of the newly promoted Emerald Managers from the months of March 2013 to September 2014 were mentioned as they were flashed on screen; EM Mathew Abidemi Jimeto, EM Ngozi Blessing Anuonye, EM Goodness Mathew Adefioye, EM Millerson Samson Emmanuel, EM Nnodi Judith Ogoke, EM Aloysius Ndudi Uwannah and EM Egesimba Veronica. Each of them were called on stage one by one with their spouses to be presented with a bouquet of flowers, a certificate and an Emerald Manager’s pin. Their AVP was played, consisting of their pictures before and after joining Edmark. The happiness was visible on their faces as they were being recognized. Though they have yet to achieve the highest position in Edmark, all the hard work they have committed is reflective of their success, having achieved the position of Emerald Manager. This is a stepping stone to higher positions in future, as well as a milestone in their lives. The most Outstanding Emerald Manager was EM Janet Fajana. In her absence, her upline CM Mary Daniyan received the award on her behalf.



Before the event came to an end, CM Mary Yakubu Daniyan shared a Special Message to motivate all the attendees by encouraging them to persist in their journey towards attaining their goals. The day was called with a closing prayer led by an attendee. A goal cannot be achieved without action. Everything has a right time. All that is needed is hard work and patience.

Edmark Lagos P4 Lose To Win Final Weigh-In Media Coverage


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