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Article by: Uzuegbunam Chidinma


It’s Christmas!

Just as it is celebrated in the Christendom, Christmas is a time to open our hearts to God and His gifts. It is a time to kindle the fire of hospitality in the hall and the genial flame of charity in the heart, a period depicted by activities of giving, with the expression and celebration of love. Just as happiness is said not to be ready-made but stems from one’s actions, Edmark Kano marked this jolly season by organizing an atmosphere of love and excitement for our distributors through the Distributors’ Year End Party which was back to back with a Car Presentation to one of the top leaders of the branch who merited that through dedication and hard work in passionately doing the business.
Beginning with a thanksgiving prayer to the Almighty for a successful year spent, the mood of the people in the hall was ignited with series of zestful dance energizers, extracting excitement from the audience who participated with much delight. Everyone was warmly welcomed to enjoy the activities of the day by DM Rukaiyya Sadiq. There were many fun games and entertainment to spice up the day as everyone was thrilled with the magical steps of the performance by the marketing team.The attendees were further inspired and motivated by the special message from T4/EM Taiwo Allen and other leaders whose striking testimonies erased doubts (if any) that still lingered in the hearts of the spectators.
To further prove the feasibility of this business, one of the top leaders of the branch, CM Jummai Alogba was awarded a brand new Toyota Highlander Jeep.Whispers flew among guests uttering, “This is getting interesting; could this be real?…” From the countenances of people gathered in the premises of Edmark Kano office to witness CM Jummai Alogba receive the keys to a brand new car as one of her achievements in the business, some could be heard saying, “Oh, what an amazing Christmas gift!” CM Jummai was not the only one who left the office with a present; the attendees at the party also had the opportunity to exchange gifts amongst themselves. We gradually drew the curtain of the event to a close as everyone was eager to have a snapshot with the car accompanied with refreshments and drinks. It was truly merriment all the way!
You can achieve anything you want if you help others get what they want. Know this; strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strength. When you go through hardship and decide not to surrender, that is strength. It is no wonder many of the great achievements of the world were accomplished by those who though tired and discouraged, kept on going. Patience and perseverance is the secret!


By Ass. Mktg In-charge Nancy

It’s the time of the year again, the celebration of Christmas,the sweetest remembrance of the year. It was a joyous and festive distributors gathering as we celebrated our End of the Year Party under the festive ambiance. The event of celebration and thanksgiving that displayed smiles on the faces of everyone, started with an opening prayer and dance energizer that boosted the energy of all present.


Slide4 Keeping up with the enthusiastic atmosphere, EM Emmanuel Ekeh warmly welcomed and appreciated everyone and encouraged all to sit back and relax as they will be entertained as well as educated. The presentation from entertainers, artists, musicians, and the evergreen marketing staff followed, as the crowd cheered in applause and laughter making the atmosphere livelier.The event was spiced up with lots of games, prizes and the exchange of gifts on top of the ‘Kids and Mummies Dance Competition’, ‘Stop Dance Contest’, ‘Fastest Apple Eater’ and ‘Longest Line’.The audience was overflowing in enthusiastic spirit so much so that it drew the attention of passersby.


The event witnessed a special message and testimony from EM Emmanuel Ekeh who shared his story on how he first joined the company with few basic necessities, but judiciously started and is still doing the business systematically. After having gone through the EES circle, he shared that his life is different now. He advised the audience and encouraged them to passionately follow the system to maximize their bonuses and achieve their financial freedom. Still on the move, the day was further spiced up with more-fun-filled games to the delight of the crowd.


The event came to an end with a closing prayer and the Edmark City song. The audience was thrilled and overjoyed happy with the fun and knowledge-driven event. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Momentous New Year!



Edmark Port Harcourt’s Graceful Year End Party

by: Progress Ezinwo

 Hurry, it’s party time!

The exciting Distributors’ Year End Party was held in Edmark Port Harcourt office on Friday, 19th of December 2014 at 1pm. As the saying goes, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. Edmarkers of Port Harcourt were not left out in unwinding from the hustle and bustle of their hard work in the past year, overflowing the office with a turnout of over 600 attendees.

The Distributors’ Year End Party started with an opening prayer by a Christian Brother giving thanks to the Almighty for His guidance and protection. A dynamic dance energizer was led by all the marketing eagles with the ever ready distributors and leaders dancing to the beat.EDITED - 23.1 Progress - YEAR END PPT

Welcome remarks were made by our BOI Mr. Rocky V. Dauz followed by a series of testimonies by SCM Mr. & Mrs. John Amadi, SCM Precious Agunbiade, CM Folashade and CM Tammy Gillowai respectively. SCM Mr. & Mrs. Innocent Emelle gave an inspiring and motivational speech to everyone. SCM Mrs. Gift Emelle urged everyone to be committed to their business and stick to a network that they will benefit from. She went on to throw more light on the kind of business we do in Edmark to the distributors, families, friends and well wishers that came for the party through sharing her experience in Dubai.


More cheers and laughter filled the air with a dance performance by the Marketing Eagles and a song performance from our guest artist, Mrs. Ngozi Osai and CO.


The party that kicked off with lots dance and games was truly an enjoyable one. The children who came were filled with happiness as they jovially joined in the games as candies and biscuits were given to them. The kids played games like ‘Balloon Race’ and ‘Eat My Candies’. The adults were not left out as games were organized for the grown-ups, the ‘Banana Eating’ and ‘Sac Race’. Lots of other fun-filled games were played by the children and adults as joy filled the hearts and minds of our attendees.  The children were really excited as they had the chance to pick candies, biscuits and Edmark Bubble C.  Age is just a number as the adults joined in to play along and win the consolation prizes.


A Christmas party is never without the exchange of gifts. The attendees could not sit still on their seats anymore as the excitement grew to see who ends up winning the mysteriously wrapped gifts. In Edmark, joy, laughter and love are abundant and endless.

The Year End Party is potentially the best and most captivating period in everyone’s lives, especially in the festive season, a time of giving and receiving gratitude, abundance, love and compassion.

All the same, we express our sincerest thanks to the God Almighty for a successful and fruitful year.

It was the best Year End Party ever!

Happy New Year in advance and see you in 2015, the Year of Momentum!

Feel Good Now!

Edmark Port Harcourt Back2back Event P4 LTW 60th Day Weigh-in and GMDR

by: Annabelle A. Legaspi

It is commonly said that rewards are not as great without the struggles. For two months now, our P4 contenders here in Edmark Port Harcourt were eager and determined to reap the fruit of their labor. Last December 16, 2014, Edmark distributors and guests gathered to witness the P4 Lose to Win 60th Day Weigh-in back to back with the Grand Membership Drive Rally held at Edmark Port Harcourt’s Hall of Love.

The first part of the event started with the registration and an opening prayer, followed by an electrifying dance energizer led by the P4 contestants and Marketing Eagles. The event was abundantly graced with the presence of more than 80 attendees. The host, Mr. Ebere Ihejirika introduced CM Mrs. Nkechi Ozuzu, who welcomed everyone to the event. A special message was shared by CM Mr. Ibe Okwor who facilitated the obesity video.

Mr. Ibeh

In addition, Mrs. Ruth Ekeke, a P4 contestant showcased the P4 testimonies as the images were displayed on screen showing different participants from various countries who were previously obese and how they have transformed in their weight loss journey. She continued with ‘Why Lose to Win’ and the Diet Plan. The mechanics of the contest was explained by one of the marketing staff, Mr. Obinna Okere.  Slide1

To the delight of the audience, a production number was presented by the P4 contestants, models and marketing staffs. Finally, the 60th day weigh-in took place. The contestants were called up and weighed one after another. After the tabulations, four contestants were presented with tokens as they reached the percentage required. The details are as follows:

Akububike Favour Ogechi 72kg 62kg 10kg 52.60%
Shake Off/Splina
Ogechi Okorie 75kg 68kg 7kg  46.7%
Ruth Ekeke 82kg 73kg 9kg 38.30%
Chioma Obiageri 86kg 77kg 9kg 31.00%


The second part of the event followed, the Grand Membership Drive Rally handled by T4 Trainer and CM Mr. Alfred Ozuzu. In a comprehensively dynamic way, he informed the audience of colon cancer as the number one disease and introduced our P4 Healthy and Slimming Program as a way of taking good care of our system to prevent colon cancer and other diseases. Mrs. Chioma Obiageri, one of the P4 contestants gave the product testimony as she told the attendees how Edmark P4 products have made her lost so much excess weight, proving it with the Biggest Loser Award from the first batch of the P4 Lose to Win after having lost 19kg in 90 days. She ended her speech by encouraging anyone who are overweight to join the P4 Lose to Win challenge.

The speaker, Mr. Ozuzu took the stage again to introduce the opportunity of a lifetime as he explained the 71% total payout. He urged the non-distributors to join Edmark.

Mr. Ozuzu


Finally, we give thanks to God Almighty for making the event a success as it was fun-filled and highly informational. There was never a dull moment as the event came to an end with a closing prayer and the Edmark City dance.


COUNTRY                            : NIGERIA

EVENT                                   : GRAND MEMBERSHIP DRIVE RALLY & END OF YEAR PARTY

DATE                                     : DECEMBER 17, 2014.

VENUE                                  : EDMARK SEMINAR HALL ONITSHA.


AUTHOR                              : ANEKWE, CHUKWUDI DANIEL


EMAIL                                   : danielaniekwe@gmail.com

DATE SUBMITTED            : DECEMBER 24, 2014.

It was a remarkable day for Edmarkers in the ever-busy commercial city of Onitsha as they besiege the venue with hearts full of joy and gratitude to the Almighty creator for the gift of life and protection all year round. The event began at 10:00am with an opening prayer thereafter a dance energizer was led by the marketing eagles to prepare the minds of the audience to assimilate all the vital information that would be unveiled to them. A short thanksgiving service was observed, led by CM Eze Precious. In his exhortation, he charged the participants to count their blessings one by one as a sign of loyalty and absolute submission to God for his sustenance and protections, using psalm 103 as a case in point.

Slide1The speaker of the day, T4 trainer and RM Celestine Okonkwo mounted the podium with overflowing energy and enthusiasm as he welcomed everyone officially, wishing them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. He began by asking everyone what brought them here, with the knowledge that among humanity’s worst problems are poverty and sickness. In his prowess speech, he elucidated the practical ways to live a healthy life by using Edmark’s Power Four products ranging from Shake-Off Phyto Fibre, MRT Complex, Splina Liquid Chlorophyll and the coffee series of Red Yeast and Ginseng coffee. Thereafter, a free products tasting and BMI check of a few selected guests were taken and the results were astonishing with many who realized how overweight and obese they are. The prolific speaker also testified how he was able to shed 20kg in a month from 120kg to 100kg using Edmark products.

Slide3The game sessions were entertaining as the audience chinked their jaw in laughter and happiness. Without wasting any time, the speaker delved into the last module, ‘Opportunity of the Lifetime’ that embedded the 9 Great Bonuses of the Edmark marketing plan as he admonished the guests to seize the opportunity, especially since an opportunity lost cannot be regained. The income testimony was manned by EM Nkechi Nwokedi and CM Cyril Ikechukwu respectively with electrifying, encouraging, incising and laudable testimonies. Lastly, a goodwill message was anchored by DCM Monica Nwokike as she encouraged Edmarkers to be steadfast, focused and determined in doing their Edmark business. The high points of the seminar were the presentation of awards to the early bird winners and the exchange of gifts by amiable distributors on top of the feeling of love that engulfed the atmosphere throughout the day.

Slide2 Finally the event came to a close by 2:oopm with a  closing prayer and edmark city song taken, immediately the distributors were served a mouth-watering delicacies to bind the mind and spirit in one piece and is was fun, fun and fun.



COUNTRY                            : NIGERIA

EVENT                                   : YEAR END PARTY

EVENT DATE                       : DECEMBER  18,  2014

VENUE                                  : KFC HALL OWERRI, IMO STATE


AUTHOR                               : AMADI AUSTIN


EMAIL                                  : austin@edmarker.com

DATE SUBMITTED           : DECEMBER  24TH  2014


“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” – Henry Ford

History will never forget the 18th day of December 2014, as Edmark Owerri celebrated its Distributors’ End of the Year Party back to back with the Car Awarding, a remarkable dual-event that made an indelible mark on the sand of time. The event which took place at the enormous hall of KFC started with the registration of guests and distributors.


At 2:00pm, the invocation was rendered by a Reverend distributor as the massive audience stood in reverence to the Almighty creator followed by a dance energizer masterminded by the Marketing Eagles in collaboration with some of our distinguished leaders.

With great zest, the host introduced Mr. Chigozie Okonkwo for the welcome remarks. In his brief speech, the Senior Crown Manager expressed his profound gratitude to the God Almighty and equally thanked the audience for gracing the occasion. With outburst of joy, the house and car fund qualifier added that success in life begins with a vision and specially thanked the founder and chairman, Mr. Sam Low whom God had used to wipe away tears from the eyes of millions all over the world. He urged the audience to do the Edmark business with passion and zealousness so as to experience the life of abundance and health.Slide4

The audio-visual display (AVP) of the car celebrants were aired as the audience eagerly watched the journey of the car celebrants before and ever since they began their Edmark business. It was a moment of inspiration for the participants as they were able to learn lessons of perseverance in life as well as in Edmark business from the video clip being displayed to them. Few games were organized to keep the environment lively and entertaining, among them, ‘How Best Do You Know Your Spouse’.At this juncture, the three car recipients were given the opportunity to share their individual testimonies. Mr. Obinna Nnolum, proud owner of a Lexus RX 330 Jeep testified how Edmark transformed him from a nobody to somebody. The Crown Manager lamented that before the light of Edmark shone on him, he was in a serious debt. Having joined Edmark, he was able to off-set those debts and freed himself financially. The next car recipient in the person of Mrs. Chibuzor Martha Oparaeke, a proud owner of a Lexus RX 350 Jeep shared to the amusement of the audience how Edmark business gave her a financial lift. The T4 trainer briefly narrated the ordeal she went through before joining Edmark and equally encouraged the audience to stay with Edmark so as to experience the life of financial freedom. In addition, Mrs. Lilian Enyinnia a proud owner of a Lexus RX 300 Jeep said in her brief testimony that Edmark is God sent to the world. The Crown Manager explained how Edmark business changed her life and that of her entire household.



During the time of decoration and the subsequent awarding of the car recipients with a symbolic car key, the host of the event introduced on stage, some of our leaders to grace and anchor the moment. With cheers of joy and incessant applause from the massive audience, the car celebrants were duly honored followed by snapshots with their business partners and associates. Announcements of our upcoming events were belted out as car blessing and ribbon-cutting where held, during which the excited audience made their way to the designated place.Slide3

The Reverend distributor rendered a brief prayer as well as the ribbon-cutting as excitement overwhelmed the massive audience. The event was the talk of the town as it witnessed 446 participants who converged from far and near.

“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative efforts.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt


Edmark… Feel Good Now!