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EVENT : Emerald Recognition & STP, T3 & T4  graduation
VENUE : Nondon Hotel And Suits
TITLE : Emerald Recognition & STP, T3 & T4  graduation
AUTHOR: : Nancy & Austin
EMAIL : edmarkaustin@gmail.com

Success they say  is not an event it is just a gradual achievement of the approximated result of our endeavors . The event left an ever green memory  in the minds of everyone present as the wonderful participants of the double barrel event walked into the event hall with agog. No one has ever witnessed such a fascinating and fantastic event as the one held on the 20th of March here in Edmark Enugu. The event was superbly complemented with an extravaganza cooling system and an opulent view of the stage. The decorations gave the place a sense of decorum and beauty enhanced with the fastidious arrangement of seats and the dress code of the Emerald Managers and graduates alike.

The event was also graced by people of high educational and economical cadre including the Asst. Operations Manager, Sir Reymond and our darling Asst. AMM Sir Aries Mosaso including the top Edmark leaders from all over the country; DCM Emeka Romanus, DCM Monica Nwokike, SCM Felix Nwatu and Mrs. Nwatu alongside everyone who loves good things, giving a whole new meaning to attending Edmark events.

The event started at 11:00am as the blessed morning saw the footsteps of about 300 people in attendance. The stage moderator of the event, Mr. Austin kicked off the event with overflowing vibrancy as cheers could be heard distances away from the event ground. The entry of the newly promoted Emerald Managers was with a sense of decorum as the event properly took flight with an opening prayer, the national anthem, and a powerful dance energizer which boosted everyone to their peak states. The host of the event was later introduced to the podium in the person of a vibrant T4 Master Trainer Mr. Vincent Ogbodo.


The dynamic host introduced the event with verve, further proceeding with the recognition of the Emerald Managers and their decorations. The ‘Most Outstanding Emerald Manager’ was awarded to EM Chiawa Maureen while another special award was given to the ‘Highest Year End Bonus Earner’ among the Emerald Managers. The award went to EM Chiawa Maureen. The later part of the event consisted of testimonials from the Emerald Managers who confessed the goodness of the Edmark business.


The second half of the event was the graduations of STP Batch 1-7, T3 and T4 Trainers. This part of the event was superb as their processional entry ensued with the wonderfully dressed graduates marching to their seats enthusiastically amidst cheers from the crowd. The commencement message came from DCM Monica Nwokike while the conferment of graduates was done by DCM Emeka Romanus who made a special speech in accordance to the conferment.Slide3

During the presentation of certificates, representatives of the Management and top leaders of Edmark Enugu were present as the batches were called upon one after the other for their certificates. The later part of the event saw the airing of their graduation song, ‘I BELIEVE I CAN FLY’. We also had an intermission number from one of the graduates and musician respectively. On top of that, the event was graced with a special number from the graduates themselves. Our capable Asst. Operation Manger gave a heartwarming closing remark and brought everyone to their feet at the final part of the event.


EVENT : EDMARK ABUJA p4 lose to win 30days
EMAIL : lilygirl@edmarker.com
DATE SUBMITTED : 23/3/2015

Edmark Abuja held its P4 Lose to Win 30th Day Weigh-in on the 20th of March 2015. The event started with a Christian and Muslim opening prayer after which the Marketing Eagles and P4 contestants mounted up the stage for a dance energizer to charge up the energy of the audience.


Mr Alex Narciso took the welcome remarks as he welcomed everyone present at the event. He further explained the aim of our gathering; to help people in their fight against obesity. Edmark has put together this great programme to help obese people around the world and also to promote healthy living. He urged everyone to sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of the program. SCM NWATU NICODEMUS was introduced on stage by the Marketing Eagles to handle the special message.

Videos on obesity were played for everyone to see the rate of obesity around the world as Marketing Eagle RUTH OYIOKWU presented the P4 testimonies to show the audience the life-changing work of our products while Marketing Eagle IRENE CHIKA explained ‘Why Lose to Win?’ and the diet plan. She explained what one achieves when he or she loses weight and the way to follow the program. The mechanics of the contest was handled by Marketing Eagle WISDOM KOKO.


The official weigh-in of contestants took place, with the awarding of tokens promptly taking place after tabulations. Tokens were given out to the contestants who achieved the required weight loss percentage to appreciate them for their effort to shed their excess weight. Brief interviews were done with all contestants as the event came to an end with the closing prayers and announcements.


Article by Friday O. Felix

“The goals you set must be challenging, at the same time, realistic and attainable, not impossible to reach. It should be challenging enough to make you stretch, but not so far that you break. The victory of success is half won when one gains the habit of setting and achieving goals.” – Og Mandino
“Without goals and plans to reach them, you are like a sailing ship that has set sail without any destination.” – Fitzhugh Dodson

With that, Edmark Kano held the 7TH GOAL SETTING SEMINAR, a life-changing event that began with registration of participants, opening prayers and groundbreaking dance energizers led by the vibrant Marketing Eagles and top leaders to create an atmosphere of energy and love. During the welcome remarks, EMERALD MANAGER SOLOMON KANCHOK told everyone present that they are definitely taking a step towards the right direction and urged all to leverage this wonderful opportunity Edmark had presented by paying rapt attention to all trainers
With great enthusiasm, DCM MONICA NWOKIKE, Edmarker of the Year 2012 handled Module 1,‘Edmark University of Success’. The T4, Car and House fund recipient comprehensively explained the benefits of playing an active part in the Edmark Education System that is designed to create quality leaders who are self-reliant while the conventional universities teaches one to look for job. If you want to be assured of your freedom and time, why not join Edmark today and be a part of this university?
With that, the energetic host JOSEPHINE ADOLI introduced T4/EM TAIWO M. ALLEN to anchor Module 2, ‘How to become a highly effective and Strong Individual’. He explained this module using the four quadrants as he urged all to make their Edmark business their number one priority. He summarized the module by showing the BIG ROCKS, a video documentary on how to set priorities in life. To keep the ship sailing, SCM NICODEMUS NWATU did justice to Module 3, ‘Knowing your Quadrant 2 Goals (BIG ROCKS) in your Edmark business’. The young T4 Master Trainer, Car and House Fund qualifier inspired the audience to be more focused and to put the first things first as far as Edmark business is concerned. He tasked all to see the Edmark business as important and urgent, giving no room for distraction and discouragement because they are worse than the devil in this business. Having completed the first half of the event, attendees were served lunch and were all set for the second half of the event that commenced with a dance energizer to keep the attendees alert.
DCM MONICA NWOKIKE took the stage once again to present Module 4, ‘How to get what you really want’. She threw a question to the attendees, asking them what they really want in life and told them that no matter want they want in life, they can achieve them all by doing the Edmark business, using her as a testimony to this fact. CM JUMMAI ALOGBA kept the flag flying high as she took Module 5, ‘The Importance of Tools’. The T4 Master Trainer and Edmark Kano’s first ever Car Recipient said, “For one to succeed in the Edmark business, it is very essential to leverage on our tools for sale because it contains vital information about our products and marketing plans.” She also stressed that tools are necessary for prospecting, especially the new MDR filing system. This paved the way for CM RUFUS P. EMAKUNU who spoke on ‘The Importance of Seminars and Functions’. The Car Fund Qualifier and energetic T4 Master Trainer said all achievers rose to the top as a result of attending seminars and functions, urging all to consistently attend functions with their team as it is the bedrock to a successful height in Edmark business. Module 7, ‘Self-talk Autosuggestion’ was presented by SCM NICODEMUS NWATU wherein attendees were motivated and inspired as they uttered prophetic words to themselves (using the GSS handout) that would spring them into a successful Edmark business. T4/EM TAIWO M. ALLEN gave the event a finishing touch as he handled the final module, ‘The Power of Dream Building’. He said that every dream has a picture attached to it. To be successful in the Edmark business, one must learn to keep his or her dreams alive and never let people discourage them. With all hands joined together, an inspiring song titled, ‘I HAVE A DREAM’ was sung together.
Testimonies from guests and distributors were a moment of joy to behold as they were filled with excitement for what they have learned so far. Unleashing the four pillars of Edmark, DM SANI BELLO presented Certificates of Appreciation to the superb trainers courtesy of Edmark International. It was indeed a huge and great success as over 100 participants graced the event that came to a colorful end with closing prayers and the Edmark City song.



Article by Friday O. Felix
“Motivation is what gets you started; habit is what keeps you going.” – Jim Rohn
“Put all excuses aside and remember this: YOU are capable.” – Zig Ziglar

It was a lovely day here in Edmark Kano as we held our P4 Lose to Win 30th Day Weigh-in that began with registration and opening prayers, followed promptly by the dance energizer led by the P4 contestants and other models. The outstanding host FRIDAY FELIX ushered in EM ZULAI USMAN who welcomed all to the lovely event and urged everyone, especially those with excess weight, to join this wonderful P4 Lose to Win program.T3/SM SUNDAY ALEMIKA gave a warm, special message as he enlightened the audience on why they need to stay in good shape and keep healthy. Edmark Kano’s P4 Ambassador UJU V. EZEUKWU shared a P4 testimony and explained ‘Why Lose to Win’ and the Diet Plan after which Ms. CHIDINMA UZUEGBUNAM explained the mechanics of the contest.

The production number came next, followed by the official weigh-in of the 15 determined contestants and brief interviews of their journey so far. Announcements by the host on the next big event brought the day to a successful end with closing prayers and the Edmark City song.


Article by FRIDAY O. FELIX

“No coffee can be good in the mouth that does not first send a sweet offering of odor to the nostrils.” Henry Ward Beecher
Once you wake up and smell the coffee, it is hard to go back to sleep.
Slide1 It was indeed a lovely day in Kano as our branch outstandingly unveiled the newest member of Edmark products,EDMARK CAPPUCCINO. The program began at 11am with prayers followed by dance energizers led by the Marketing Eagles. The energetic host,FRIDAY FELIX introduced DM DONATUS IK. NWACHUKWU who took the stage for the welcome remarks, urging all to take their Edmark business to the next level using the new product that was being launched.
Slide2 Next on the program was the product modeling of the Edmark Cappuccino by the gorgeous Eaglesand the unveiling of the all-new EDMARK CAPPUCCINO by Edmark Kano top leaders and trainers. T4/DM SANI BELLO educated the audience on the new product as he imparted first-hand knowledge to all present. He started by stating that coffee is no longer just a drink, but now a healthy and profitable business. He added that coffee is second only to water, being the most consumed beverage in the world and second only to oil as the most traded commodity in the world. He assured the audience that they are getting a coffee that will change their lives forever with the new EDMARK CAPPUCCINO containing Ganoderma extract. The new product is a sugar-free coffee thatlowers blood sugar levels, especially those with diabetes. It also boosts the immune system on top of its delicious taste. A product demo was done by the Marketing Eagles illustrating how easy it is to prepare the Edmark Cappuccino; pour the sachet into a cup, fill it with 150ml of hot water, stir well and it is all set. A free tasting of the product was done, accompanied by a Question and Answers session on the EDMARK CAPPUCCINO. The event came to an end with prayers and dance energizers as everyone proceeded to the free tasting and the feedback booth.



By Ass. Mktg In-charge Nancy

Edmark Enugu is once again, made a successful event on giving awareness about Obesity…

The P4 Lose to Win 30th Day Weigh In of Batch 3 was held last Tuesday, March 10, 2015 at Edmark Enugu Hall of Success in which it was attended by more than 100 people, of combined guests and distributors. Also the appearances of our supportive Top Leaders were there… The program started with an opening prayer, both Muslim and Christian followed by the bombastically bombastic, energetically energetic dance energizer headed by the P4 Contestants.



The crowd was full of joy and happiness because of the outstanding performance of the contestants…  SCM Felix Nwatu officially welcomed all the guests, distributors, participants and leaders. He let them stand up and recognize and also gave an appreciation by giving them thunderous Edmark Clap SM Mr. Uche Samuel gave also his special message right after the welcome remarks. He spread the bad news about people experiencing Obesity but he also spread the Good News about it, that Edmark can change the world of people suffering from this problem. Then we played the Global Obesity Video for additional awareness…

Then another way of giving awareness to the audience is by the presentation of global testimonials of Edmark Products presented by Nancy, She let people believe that Edmark is really the company that fights obesity. She includes also the technique how to slim down, by the help of our Diet Plan… We can see the excitement on the faces of the audience as the P4 Lose to Win Contestants will again showcase their talent in modelling and dancing on their production number! People keep on shouting and clapping while the contestants were dancing…


After the production number of the contestants, we proceed immediately on the one on one interview and the most awaited part, the moment of truth, the official Weigh In…The audience cheered their favourite contestant as they were weighing in.  All of them lose weight, and 75% of them won with an equivalent product depending on the equivalent percentage of kg they lose… Here are the names of the winners: Ms. Aneke Rosemary – Lost 7kg of 17kg excess – 41.20% = 1 P4 Package Ms.Onuh Jennifer – Lost 7.5kg of 44.5kg excess – 16.50% = 1 Box Shake Off Ms.Okafor Ezinne – Lost 11.5kg of 51kg excess – 22.50% = 1 Box Shake Off Ms.Onovo Blessing – Lost 9kg of 57kg excess – 15.80% = 1 Box Splina Ms.Odeugo Chinyere Comfort – Lost 8kg of 35kg – 22.90% = 1 Box Splina Umunna Susan Oluchi – Lost 6.5kg of 33kg excess – 19.70% = 1 Box Splina Ms.Ojukwu Ijeoma – Lost 5.5kg of 33kg excess – 16.70% = 1 Box Splina All of us are again excited to see their transformation on the upcoming 60th Day Weigh In of P4 Lose to Win Batch 3…



To all Edmark Enugu Leaders, distributors and newly registered distributors and those guests who participated, a Million Thanks to all of you for supporting our events…See you all at the top!


COUNTRY               : NIGERIA

EVENT                     : EMERALD RECOGNITION

EVENT DATE          : 14TH MARCH 2015

VENUE                    : EDMARK HALL

TITLE                       : THE BEGINNING OF SUCCESS

AUTHOR:               :RUTH OYIOKWU


EMAIL                     : ruth@edmark.com

DATE SUBMITTED: 20th march 2015.


“Kindness is more important than wisdom, and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom.”– Theodore Isaac Rubin. 

Edmark Abuja held the Emerald Recognition on the 14thof March 2015 as distributors and guests flocked at Hotel De Horizon. It was a profound recognition on the part of all Edmarker’ of Abuja as they celebrate the newest Emerald Managers.em 1 The event started with a Muslim and Christian opening prayer followed by the Nigerian national anthem. The Emerald Managers paraded into the hall, paving the way for a powerful dance energizer led by the Marketing Eagles. The welcome remarks were givenby SCM ALICE HARRISON who welcomed everyone and thanked them for gracing this occasion. em2She encouraged them to educate themselves in the business as there are many opportunities for themhere in Edmark. The Marketing Eagles presented a captivating traditional dance to celebrate the achievers after which CM IKECHWU IKECHWU presented the roles and benefits of an Emerald Manager. He emphasized that Emerald Managers serve as an intermediary between the company and their distributors,em3 further motivating all distributors to aspire in moving up to the next level of success. An AVP of the Emerald Managers was played after which they ascended to the stage in the midst of cheers and applause from the audience.After the recognition of the Emerald Managers and the presentation of their pins respectively, the award forem4 ‘The Most Outstanding Emerald Manager’ was presented to EM KINGLES ONYEOZIRILE who was once the governor of STP Batch 14 during his time. As the awarding took place, the highly spirited audiencecheered as they expressed their excitement and joy upon the recognition of the newest Emerald Managers. The event closed with announcements and overflowing gratitude to God.

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become.” – Buddha



COUNTRY                            :  NIGERIA

EVENT                                   :  SIR SAM’S POWERTALK AT EDMARK ONITSHA

EVENT DATE                       :  31 JANUARY 2015

VENUE                                  :  EDMARK ONITSHA SEMINAR HALL


AUTHOR                              :  SAMUEL OGBONNA


EMAIL                                   :  SAMUEL@EDMARKER.COM

DATE SUBMITTED            :  26 FEBRUARY 2015

It was a memorable day in the history of Edmark Onitsha as the branch played host to our beloved Chairman, Sir Sam Low during his new year tour of Edmark branches to appreciate all distributors for their patronage the past year as well as to encourage them to achieve more in this ‘Year Of Momentum’.


The day began with a Special Crown Council Meeting where the Chairman eulogized them for being an example of good leaders which has translated to the branch being among the best. He raptly listened to their challenges and appropriately responded. Sir Sam also apologized for the product unavailability which happened towards the end of the year and promised that measures have been taken to ensure that it does not happen again.

The meeting shifted to the Seminar Hall where a mass of distributors and their guests where eagerly waiting to see and hear from our dear Chairman. Opening prayers and dance energizers set the ball rolling for a memorable day.

A testimonial was shared by a LTBC Dubai participant, SCM David Thomas. He told of the wonderful experiences they had at the event, right from the hotel accommodation to the tours of different places for sightseeing. He told all to make sure that they attended the next LTBC because it is an experience worth having, both for business and pleasure.


Sir Bien Wapanio, Senior Operations Manager was introduced to take the floor. He took the time to appreciate all distributors from the branch for their commitment and urged them to increase the momentum in this new year as there are many good news waiting to be unveiled, making the business as exciting as ever.

Sir Sam was introduced to the delight of all as they cheered in glee. He joyfully welcomed them to the new year and thanked them for their patronage in the past year. He told all that in the chain of relationships, the distributors remains the number one and for this reason, priority will always be given to their welfare. He urged all not to be deterred by other MLM companies as, “A rolling stone gathers no moist”. With the aid of a video, Sir Sam was able to showcase to the audience, the ongoing expansion of Edmark Industries in Malaysia to accommodate the production of personal care products, the soon to be launched products. He later introduced his son, Yee Ming, a holder of three Guinness world records. Yee Ming appreciated the distributors for believing and partnering with his father in getting Edmark International to the height it is at today. He later demonstrated his ball juggling skills which have seen him enter the Guinness book of records.


The distributors honored the chairman with a plaque for his untiring effort towards leaving humanity better than when he first met them. In turn, he appreciated them for this gesture and promised to do more. Photo ops followed as every member of the audience wanted to have a photograph with our Chairman.

Announcements, a closing prayer and the Edmark City song brought the days’ event to a happy ending.



EMAIL : lilygirl@edmarker.com
With the dynamism of Edmark International and the promise made to its distributors to always give them the best; Edmark brought forth another wonderful product, the Edmark Cappuccino. It was indeed a memorable and blissful day in Edmark Abuja as its environment was filled with enthusiastic guests and distributors who graced the event with their presence. Slide1The atmosphere was filled with joy and excitement as we started the event at 11am with the opening prayer and a blazing dance energizer from the Marketing Eagles that spurred up the audience. To formally open the event, the host called upon SCM Alice Harrison who welcomed everyone and called on all to join and appreciate this company for being continuously innovative over the years, enthusiastically telling everyone that there is more to expect. Furthermore, she said that the new product, Edmark Cappuccino will give Edmarkers an edge in the global market today.Slide2
The Marketing Eagles gave an awesome intermission number that delighted the audience with joy and excitement. Product models ushered in the brand new Edmark Cappuccino with elegant smiles as they came forward. The Edmark Cappuccino was then unveiled by the Assistant Operations Manager and the Crown Council for all to see. Slide3This gave way for the functions and benefits of Edmark Cappuccino to be discussed by our speaker for the day, SCM Nwatu Nicodemus. He also spoke on how enriching and healthy the product is as it helps promote longevity. At the end of his segment, he then gave the floor for a question and answer session.Slide4 It was a day to remember as free samples of the new product was given out to guests and distributors. We conducted a short interview to find out how they like the taste. The event came to an end with a closing prayer and the Edmark City song.

Dream Big and Work Hard!

by: Mktg. Eagle Daniel Orukwo

Every morning you have two choices, to continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and start chasing your dream. The choice is yours. Remember that the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

To the excitement of the Edmark Port Harcourt distributors, the branch held an educational Goal Setting Seminar (GSS) and Emerald Recognition last month. The elation continued the following week as Edmark the branch hosted another 2-in-1 event which started with a Grand MDR, followed by a CAR PRESENTATION. The seminar took place on the 6th of March 2015 at the HALL OF LOVE, Edmark Port Harcourt with over 150 attendees.

An opening prayer was led by a distributor followed by a powerful dance energizer by the Marketing Eagles and speakers present.


The dance energizer prepared and kept the attendees alert as the speaker of the day was introduced by the host in the person of T4 Trainer EM Ebere Ihejirika who took the podium by a storm, overflowing with energy and enthusiasm. He started by appreciating all guests for coming while asking them to thank the distributors who brought them to the seminar. He kicked off the seminar by imparting the knowledge to all guests and some new distributors in understanding the need of taking care of their health with our wonderful Power 4 products. Beginning with Step 1 – Detoxification with Shake Off, Step 2 – Burn fat with MRT Complex, Step 3 – Balancing with Splina Liquid Chlorophyll, Step 4 – Rejuvenate with our Edmark Ginseng Coffee and Red Yeast Coffee. Product tasting was carried out with some guests having a taste of our Shake Off and MRT as they testified to its great taste. Also, a Body Mass Index (BMI) measurement was conducted as our guests checked their ideal weights.


In addition, the speaker revealed the opportunity to achieve financial freedom with the Edmark business.


Senior Crown Manager Daniel Ozoemenna who is a house fund qualifier and a car fund recipient mounted the podium energetically to further testify to what the speaker had uttered. He shared the miracles and wonders Edmark has brought to his home and encouraged the audience to consistently do their Edmark business. He reminded everyone that for him who had faced so many challenges and overcame them by doing the Edmark business, anyone can overcome theirs.

Finally, it was time for the highlight of the day, the car presentation to SCM Daniel Ozoemenna.  Everybody gathered downstairs in Edmark Port Harcourt’s compound eagerly waiting for the unveiling of the vehicle. It was indeed a dream come true for SCM Daniel Ozoemenna as the car key was handed to him by the Branch-in-charge, Ms. Jean Lizares and Marketing-in-charge Ms. Annabelle Legaspi.


The atmosphere of joy and laughter ensued as the celebration progressed.  In addition, we held an International Convention Rally facilitated by SCM Gift Emelle for our 5th International Convention. A huddle time commenced where distributors were given time to talk to their prospects and sign them up.

We give all thanks to God Almighty who made the seminar educational and enjoyable, lifting wide smiles the faces of everyone. It was a memorable day for everyone present as they shared light refreshments organized by Mr. Daniel Ozoemena.