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COUNTRY                    :           NIGERIA

EVENT                           :           6TH WSS/TAB-OO

EVENT DATE               :           APRIL 24, 2015.

VENUE                           :           EDMARK BENIN CITY SEMINAR HALL, NIGERIA


AUTHOR                       :           ADESUWA IGBINOBARO

DESIGNATION            :           MARKETING STAFF

It was indeed colorful here as Edmark Benin City had her 6th WSS/TAB-00 in an atmosphere of love. The Opening Prayers were done by both Christian and Muslim attendees. The Dance Energizers took the event to bliss with all participating to the fullest.

The first Speaker of the day: EM Chime Odinata took the first part of the Module [Fundamental s of MLM]. The Distributors were never tired as they were all eager to hear more of the benefit of Edmark International as an outstanding MLM.

The 2nd Speaker of the day: DM Cynthia Kally who dealt with 2nd part of the WSS [Discoveries and the Road Ahead] revealed the secret of success. The time everyone had been waiting for came-the Lunch Time. The Distributors were treated specially with well prepared meal and some take-away.



After the Lunch Break, the TAB-00 seminar kicked off with verve and the Speakers handled marvelously well. Handling the first two parts of the event [‘Introduction’ and ‘what they will tell you’], was CM Japheth Obiora who incited and excited the audience with varieties of words to differentiate Edmark from other MLM. He urged them to keep what they already have in Edmark business. Concluding the last part [‘What They Will Not Tell You’ and ‘What The Professionals Will Tell You’]. He admonished all present, to keep deaf ears to rumors that are capable of truncating the true essence of Edmark Business. Appreciation was next. The voracious Speakers were accorded and rewarded with the Certificate of Appreciation.

The event came to an end with Closing Prayers and Edmark City Song after updating them on our upcoming events.




COUNTRY                               :               NIGERIA

EVENT                                     :               5TH WSS/TAB-OO

EVENT DATE                           :               JANUARY 30TH, 2015.

VENUE                                    :               EDMARK BENIN CITY SEMINAR HALL, NIGERIA


AUTHOR                 :               OBAMWONYI KENNETH

DESIGNATION                        :               MARKETING STAFF

The Difference between  Smart  work  and  hard  work  is not  the amount  of energy  inserted but  the direction the energy  is  focused.

Work hard for what you want it won’t come to you without a fight but work smart to get it without a fight. You have to be strong and courageous and know that you can do anything you put your mind into.
Our 5th WSS/TAB-OO Training is a day to remember in Edmark Benin City, because the knowledge obtained from the event was enough to illuminate distributors to a greater height. Registration for the training began at 10:30am and lasted for about 45minutes, at exactly 11:15am Opening Prayers were done both the Christian and Muslim. The Dance Energizers was something to behold, seeing the distributor dance with passion and Energy, This led to the introduction of the first Speaker; T3 trainer Obi Daniel who took the first part of the Module [Fundamentals of MLM]. He did it with so much passion and enthusiasm which kept the attendees alert and focused. The 2nd Speaker T3 Trainer- EM Emmanuel Ndubuisi dealt with part 2 of the WSS [Discoveries and The Road Ahead] and this revealed the secret to success. Then came the Lunch Time and Distributors were treated specially with a well prepared meal.NHJJJJJJ

After the Lunch Break, came the TAB-00 seminar which the Speakers T4 Master EM Mary Okoloba handled successfully she differentiated between Edmark  from other MLM, adding that Edmarkers should value what they have in the Edmark business, according to her one of the challenges in networking is everybody thinks it’s so difficult.

They say opportunity comes but once, but the truth about it is that  many  people  dnt  know when they see  one.

I leave  you with  this  to  ponder about, the most patient dog eats  the fattest  bone, then  who  ate  the flesh, I think  it’s the smart  dog.

Outstanding morning.




COUNTRY                     :           NIGERIA

EVENT                         :           EDMARK BENIN P4 LOSE TO WIN 90 DAYS CHALLENGE LAUNCHING.

EVENT DATE                :           FEBRUARY 20TH, 2015

VENUE                         :           MECHATRONIC PLAZA HALL, NIGERIA


AUTHOR                       :           OBAMWONYI KENNETH

DESIGNATION              :           P4 MASTER

DATE SUBMITTED        :           FEBRUARY 20TH, 2015


Low self-esteem is the lack of confidence in oneself due to several factors and Obesity indeed one of the indices of low self-esteem. it is in the spirit of building and remolding, under close supervision of our AMM; Mr. Aries held her P4 LOSE TO WIN 90 DAYS CHALLENGE LAUNCHING  graced by  Distributors who came in with their Guests in a large Number with  the mind of losing Weight without stress and in a more effective way as offered by our program.

The Event began with Christian and Muslim opening Prayers followed by a powerful Dance Energizer led by the Marketing Staff after which came the Welcome Remarks anchored by DM Cynthia Kelly Arimotu.


The necessary Videos such as Who Moved My Cheese and the Obesity video were respectively played in the course of the Special Message anchored by EM Emmanuel Ndubisi at different interval. With Much Conviction, Mktg Head from Onitsha Mr.  Samuel explicitly divulged the P4 Tesimonials, 4 Steps Presentation and the Diet Plan Modules while Mktg Eagle Kenneth took the Mechanics and the How To Get Started.

The performance by P4 Wellness Ambassador, Mrs. Esther Iyere and the P4 Production Number were not left out, as the presence of DCM Vicky Omaghae, the undisputed heavy weight Champion added colour to it. At the End we had 46 participants who have shown interest for the Program.

Closing Prayers followed by the Edmark City Song marked the end of the event.




COUNTRY                     :           NIGERIA
EVENT                         :           1ST DIAMOND RECONGNITION

EVENT DATE                :           DECEMBER 12TH, 2015.

VENUE                         :           YWCA HALL, NIGERIA


AUTHOR                       :           OBAMWONYI KENNETH

DESIGNATION              :           MARKETING STAFF

DATE SUBMITTED        :           DECEMBER 12TH 2015


Recognition is bedrock of motivation, which spurs an individual to do more. This was the case here in Edmark Benin City as we honourably held our 1st Diamond Manager’s Recognition under the umbrella of peace and Love. Guest and Distributors tripped, in their numbers to have a first-hand knowledge of this great event. The colourfully dressed audience made melodious sounds to cheer up the diamonds mangers.

The Welcome Remarks was taken by EM Temitope after the Laudable Dance Energizer, which quickly metamorphosed into different artists thrilling the audience. It was time for the celebration proper, the newly diamond mangers took their turns to give their special messages and the journey so far.


The Achievers in their elegant Diamond attire were decorated by our DCM Mr. and Mrs. Jane and John Kekeocha after showcasing their short AVP to the Audience.

Lots of fun and celebrations heralded the events and was indeed a source of Motivation for all that graced the event .The Testimonial coming from each of the Recognized DM was also another source of inspirations to all.

Closing prayers by both Christian and Muslim and then the Edmark City Song marked the end of the event.



Health is wealth

By: Daniel Orukwo

     Edmark Port Harcourt’s distributors and guests gathered to witness the P4 Lose to Win 30th Day Weigh-in (Batch 4) at Edmark Port Harcourt’s Hall of Love. The event was collaborated with a Grand Membership Drive Rally.

The first part of the event started with the registration and a Christian opening prayer, followed by a dazzling P4 dance energizer that was led by the P4 contestants and marketing team. The event was a fulfilling one as it was graced with the presence of over 170 attendees. CM Mr. Clement Okparaku did the welcome remarks, as he welcomed everyone to the event. The special message was given by CM Mr. Ozuzu as he went on to facilitate the obesity video.


      Ms. Gift, a Marketing Eagle took the stage to present the various P4 testimonies, showing people from different countries who were obese and have actually lost weight to achieve their ideal and healthy weight. She went on to explain ‘Why Lose to Win’ as well as the diet plan.

As the event proceeded, a production number was performed by the P4 contestants, the models, and the marketing staff. This gave way to the official weigh-in which was the main business of the day. The contestants were called and measured one after another. They all showed positive results in weight loss but only four were presented with tokens as they reached their targeted percentage of excess weight loss. A contestant was given MRT, while another was given SPLINA and three were given a box of SHAKE OFF each by our Marketing-in-charge, Miss. Anabelle Legaspi.


      As the weigh-in came to an end, the Grand Membership Drive Rally begun as the speaker made the audience understand that colon cancer is the number one disease, going on to introduce our P4 Healthy Slimming Program as a way to take good care of our system in preventing colon cancer and other diseases. A product demo and Body Mass Index (BMI) measurement was conducted as some guests tested our Shake Off and MRT. Mrs. Henry Fortunate who is Port Harcourt’s P4 Ambassador gave the product testimony as she told the attendees how Edmark’s P4 products made her lose all her excess weight (15kg), in total, losing 17kg in three months. She rounded up by encouraging the P4 contestants to be serious while doing the program and also encouraged anyone obese to join the P4 program.


     The speaker, Mr. Jiakponna continued by introducing the opportunity of a lifetime as he explained the 71% total payout, urging the non-distributors to join Edmark.

mr. Iyke

Finally, SCM Mrs. Chioma Amadi shared an income testimony after which a huddle time was given as distributors gathered to talk to their guests. We give God all our thanks for making the event a success as it was fun throughout without a dull moment as the event came to an end at 4.30 pm with a closing prayer and a final dance energizer.

Feel Good Now

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COUNTRY                   : NIGERIA

EVENT                         : GRAND MDR & EID EL-FITR CELEBRATION

EVENT DATE             : 21ST JULY 2015

VENUE                         : EDMARK OSOGBO SEMINAR HALL


AUTHOR                     : FIDELIS ANTHONY JOEL


EMAIL                          : edmarkerjoel2002@gmail.com


It is generally said that each moment of the year has its own beauty, similar to a picture which was never seen before and which shall never be seen again. It was on this significant note that Edmark Osogbo, on the 21st of July 2015 in extending love and oneness, celebrated the Eid el-Fitr with 160 beloved Muslim brothers and sisters in tandem with a Grand Membership Drive Rally (GMDR) amidst other Christian Distributors who came in mass with their invited Guests.

The event started with deep and consecrated opening prayers offered respectively by a Muslim and a Christian followed by the dance energizer. T3-EM Fakomiti Olutoba took the powerful vision-cast welcome remark.


The first part of the program was the GMDR which was anchored by speaker, T3RM Lateef Wakeel. As an eloquent speaker, he minced no words in explaining to the audience the efficacy of Edmark Power 4 products, Shake Off, MRT Complex, Splina Liquid Chlorophyll, the Ginseng Coffee, and Red Yeast Coffee. He went on to elaborate on the marketing plan and the four steps to success in Edmark.

The Peak of the event came during the Eid el-Fitr celebration in which many games were conducted to spice up the event.With each attendee holding his or her celebration flower, they added colour to the whole atmosphere and reminded each individual on the importance and significance of the special time of the year. Lots of motivation came from the top leaders who stepped up the positive mindset of every individual towards doing the Edmark business more effectively.

Once again, Edmark Osogbo rejoices with all and wishes all our Muslim brothers and sisters a happy Eid el-Fitr celebration in arrears.

The closing prayers marked the end of the celebration followed by the Edmark City song.

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