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GMDRLeaders meeting


AUTHOR                       :           FRIDAY OMOZEMOJE FELIX


There is a saying “Good health is not just the absence of disease, but involves healthy lifestyle, healthy mental attitude and healthy way of relating to all living beings and nature.” Health is a relationship between you and your body.

EDMARK Kano held a GRAND MDR (membership drive rally) which began at 11am with opening prayers from Christian and Muslim to invite the presence of the Almighty God to oversee the success of the event. Dance energizer was led by the marketing eagles and some distributors to create a lively arena.Picture4

The eloquent speaker; an STP trainer Victor Jonathan was ushered to the podium. In his opening remarks, he said “There are many challenges which we are facing today, starting from being unhappy with your current job, lack of quality time with your family, persistent symptoms, thinking when to retire and looking for better opportunity.” He went further saying; “all of us are faced with modern day challenges ranging from poor quality of food, polluted air, drinking and smoking and water pollution which we can’t escape from. But the real question is what efforts are we making towards these? These challenges causes one to experience Heartburn, headache, indigestion, acid reflux, constipation, memory loss, weight gain, low energy and skin problems. 90% of all diseases start from having an unhealthy colon. The colon is the large part of the digestive system that extracts water and salt from solid wastes before they are eliminated from the body. What happens if you don’t discharge after 24 hours? The food in your stomach are been acted upon by bacteria, which is a sign of constipation which causes irritable bowel, abdominal pain, nausea and heavy stomach. Chronic constipation can lead to Colon cancer which is the No. 1 killer disease of the 21st century.Picture3 Unhealthy colon also causes obesity. Your present weight is determined by how many calories you burn, so if you burn fewer calories you gain weight.”

Can one overcome an unhealthy colon that leads to obesity, in turn leads to high body acidity and causes premature aging and death? Yes, the solution is the EDMARK Power 4 Steps Healthy and Slimming program.

Step 1 – Detoxify using Edmark Shake Off Phyto Fiber to remove toxins from the body, so your body can absorb essential nutrients. It’s a superior colon cleansing health drink, within 6-8 hours after drinking you will see the great result. It promotes weight loss and reduces bad cholesterols, contains organic ingredients with no side effects.

Step 2 – Burn fat through MRT (Meal Replacement Therapy), which replaces meals with minimum calories, maximum nutrients and vitamins. It burns and break up fats. It is also good for diabetic people and keeps the energy level while losing weight and balances nutrition.

Step 3- Balance the acid-alkaline count in your body by using Splina Liquid Chlorophyll, which cleanses your system with a rich supply of oxygen. Consuming 1 teaspoon of Splina is the same as taking in 1kg of vegetables. It promotes cell rejuvenation and boosts immune system, eliminates body odor and skin sores, great help for digestive problems, balances body acid-alkaline count, reduces wrinkles and delays aging process.

Step 4- Rejuvenate by drinking Edmark Café Ginseng Coffee and Red Yeast Coffee which has great health benefits. Edmark Café Ginseng Coffee sharpens the mind and memory, keeps you awake and increases level of energy and concentration while Red yeast coffee enhances digestion, raises the level of good cholesterols and offers anti-oxidants and anti-aging properties.

Miracles on Edmark products, SM Mrs. Ifeoma Ugwu spoke on how Splina and Red yeast helped and healed her mum who had long suffered from HBP(high blood pressure), saying the products work well if only you follow the instructions accordingly.

Being POOR means (Passing Over Opportunities repeatedly). He called on all to join the fastest growing networking business and enjoy the highest payout in the industry ever with 71% total payout by consuming and sharing the Edmark products. It’s the most proven and stable compensation plan, you get paid on all legs without balancing and matching and high profit sharing. DM Ikechukwu D. Nwachukwu spoke on income testimony, he said “ the beauty of a man lies in the pocket, so never relent on your present statue, some people work hard but never succeeds but to excel in the Edmark business you need to work smart and always accompany it with patience.”Picture2

The Edmark Company is recognized by International standards for manufacturing food supplements and beverages. Edmark is fully committed to help people succeed in health, wealth and total well being led by our chairman, founder and extraordinary visionary Sir SAM LOW, a lover of humanity, guided by its strong 4 pillars; The Gratitude, Abundance, Love and Compassion, helping people since 1999.Picture1 His vision is the Edmark city, the 1st of its kind is already under construction in Lagos, Nigeria with its branches in over 25 countries and 9 in Nigeria and still counting. It’s just easy to start and earn, we have the regular kit registration #15,000 and the highly suggested P4 healthy and slimming program #36,000. After signing up as a distributor, he explained the 4 steps to success; in 18 months; when you consume, invite, present and commit, duplicate it over again and again and you are on your way to financial freedom.

The event came to an end with Christian and Muslim prayers along with the Edmark city song.                                              


                                                        FEEL GOOD NOW!!!                 







By: Ms. Maame Afful


It was incredibly fantastic as Edmark Nigeria celebrated its 4th international convention in Lagos at the skypower house. Edmark as the name goes is one of the fast growing multi-level marketing companies in the world which has captured the African sector with its efficient product and its undeniable compensation plan.
With almost seven thousand guest and distributors who gathered at the venue, it made the event so unorthodox and memorable with their energy and enthusiasm. It was so intriguing and heart pumping when the dance energizer started , it was nothing but the true depiction of the gathering of champions.


The opening prayers by the Muslim and the Christian representatives were said to invite the presence of the highest God to be at the centre of the program. Edmarkers who came from all over the world, like Cameroon, Congo, Benin, South Africa, Philippines and Malaysia joined the host nation Nigeria in this exceptional celebration.


This event was made more prestigious with the presence of our very special guest such as, the Philippine ambassador to Nigeria, His Excellency Alex Lamadrid who congratulated the Edmark company for its good work of helping people even succeed in health and total well-being not only in Africa but also in the Philippines and other parts of the world. For the good relationship Edmark and the Philippines has, there will be open doors even for the children of Edmarkers who wanted to study in the Philippines said the Ambassador.

Mr. Muda Yusuf, the Director General (Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry) one of the guest speakers also appreciated Edmark so much for being a company that is drastically reducing unemployment rate especially in Nigeria. He said other Network companies come and within a short time thy are nowhere to be found, but for Edmark it has indeed come to stay due to the efficacy of the company’s product and its marketing plan that is really changing lives of which was the massive turn out for the international convention.
The Chief Executive Officer of Edmark, Eng. RicCamaligan shared some of the visions of the company which included the building of the Edmark world class City Malls, Hotels, schools and hospitals. Of which the first ground breaking has already been done in Logos and the subsequent are to follow in the different states of Nigeria and other African countries.
The amiable Chairman of the Company was there to appreciate God for all the good things he is doing, and also motivated the distributors to determine to help humanity through the usage of their Edmark product and also eradicate poverty through business opportunity plan.
As part of the program for our international convention, the company always celebrates and recognizes it undying distributors who are so keen to help people succeed in health, wealth and total wellbeing.


Among those who were recognized were managers, sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Crowns, Senior Crowns and the double Crown managers who are the highest ranking in all. Distributors who have also achieved their cars and houses within these five years of working with the company were also recognized of which some got their houses and cars just within six months of joining the company.
Edmark which also belief in the phenomenal trainings, of which they have their own university of success recognized the Edmark Education System trainer of the year, in the person of Senior Crown manager Gift Emelle, Her Joy really over flowed as she was announced the EES trainer of the year. She thanked the management for the great honor done her and also said it is much blessing to be a blessing.
The most prestigious award which is the Edmarker of the year went to the double crown mangers Mr. Vincent and Catherine Uche Amah who are two times car achievers and a house achiever. They were indeed over excited and as they shared their success story saying, with determination in life nothing is impossible, to them Edmark has just began.


The event was really remarkable, the congregants could not hide their joy as new product, the Edmark café 73, Edmark Tooth paste and Edmark soap was officially launched by our Chief Operations Officer Mr. Yap Wai Yen. Just like it was a coincidence, Edmark Lagos happens to celebrate its 5th year anniversary on the same celebration day of the 4th international convention.
Year 2014 and the 4th International convention was no doubt a quadruple joy to our distributors and guest
Edmark has just began and for its distributors it is always a feel good now mood!!





By Mktg Eagle : Ohaegbulam Precious.















By Mktg Eagle: Ohaegbulam Precious





Prosperity is defined as a state of flourishing, thriving, success and good fortune. It encompasses wealth, and also happiness and health – ANNONYMOUSI


Article  By Mktg  Eagle : Ohaegbulam Precious

Picture And PowerPoint By mktg Eagle: Precious Ohaegbulam

In line with our mission statement, Edmarkers from the beautiful city of Owerri successfully held her Grand MDR / Promo on the 20th of June, 2014 at Edmark Owerri hall. An integral part of Edmark Education System (EES), designed to educate the general public, especially our guests and distributors on the effectiveness of our P4 Healthy and Slimming products comprising of Shake off phyto fibre, MRT Complex, Splina liquid chlorophyll, and Edmark café (Red yeast and Ginseng coffee) as well as the lifetime opportunity through Edmark business.Our seminar hall was in perfect order being decorated and adorned with decorations materials to herald the wonderful event. The sound system set to deliver and the projector situated at the centre to ensure a wider and clearer view. Some of our leaders and trainers were equally present to ensure a successfully event.The environment being conducive for learning, witnessed a total turnout of 95 attendees( 70 distributors and 25 guests), a summation of young and the old from far and near to learn the secret of health and wealth.In a grand and sequential order of procession, the event commenced by 10:00am with a brief prayer by led by a Christian distributor in solemn appreciation of the Almighty creator followed by our dance energizer being masterminded by the marketing eagles to create an atmosphere of maximum concentration in which assimilation is paramount.With a thunderous excitement from the audience, the host introduced the speaker, CM Mrs. Keke Victoria to anchor the first segment; the introduction / functions of our P4 products. On the stage, the Crown manager/ T3 trainer, dished out vital information on the four steps to healthy living with our P4 products starting with detoxification with our Shake off, burn fat and nourish with MRT Complex, cleansing and balancing with our Splina liquid chlorophyll and rejuvenation with our twin coffee series ( Ginseng and Red yeast). 


During the segment, some of our guests took part in our free product taste to experience the wonderful taste of our products as well as estimation of their body mass index (BMI) to ascertain their weight status.


The product testimonial was being anchored by Mrs. Mmirioma, who testified to the efficacy of our products in his life and that of his business partners through a wonderful display of drama to entertain our audience. The income testimony was masterminded by SM Good news.


Without much ado, Mrs. Victoria keke, a car fund qualifier spoke intensively on the lifetime opportunity through Edmark business using the 9 great bonuses to buttress her point. The Crown Manager stressed that the religious duplication of our four steps to success as enshrined in our how to get started seminar would guarantee a financial freedom within 18 months. The total number of 5 guests took the bold step to register as distributors during the signing up session.    The event came to an end by 4:00pm with a brief prayer followed by our Edmark city song.


Edmark… Feel Good Now!!!



Health is the greatest gift. Contentment is the greatest wealth, and faithfulness is the best relationshipBuddha.


Article By Mktg Eagle: Benjamin Ilonze

Picture And PowerPoint By Mktg Eagle:Precious Ohaegbulam

In this 21st century, it is sad to note that so many people are in dire need to amass wealth to the detriment of their health without knowing it is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.In line with the mission statement of this reputable company Edmark which is people helping people succeed in health, wealth and total well-being, Edmark Owerri branch held her 42nd Grand MDR; A seminar from the stable of Edmark Education System aimed at educating the general public especially our guests and distributors on how to maintain a healthy living and to experience real success as it witnessed a total number of 105 attendees (80 distributors and 20 guests). The event started at exactly 10:00am with an opening prayer being led by a Christian distributor followed by our routine dance energizer  masterminded by the marketing eagles and the leaders to help the audience maintain a maximum peak state during the event.With a thunderous applaud from the audience; the host introduced the speaker of the day, Mrs. Divine Iwuajoku to the stage who anchored the first segment of the module. On the stage, the energetic speaker explained that Obesity is a life- threatening disease and according to WHO, in the year 2030 over 2.16 people will be overweight. She assured the audience that through the systematic usage of our P4 Healthy and Slimming products ranging from Shake off phyto fiber, MRT Complex, Splina liquid chlorophyll, and Edmark café (Ginseng and Red yeast coffee); they would experience a greater transformation in their health.

Slide1Some of our guests were opportune to have a free taste of our products during the product demonstration as well as the estimation of their Body Mass Index (BMI), to ascertain their weight status.


It was indeed a moment of motivation as Mrs. Keke Victoria, a Crown Manager, gave her product testimony. With joy unspeakable, the T3 trainer added that she used to experience all sorts of pains but today all were history courtesy of Edmark’s products.



The audience listened with rapt-attention as the speaker dished out vital on how to experience a financial freedom through the opportunity of a lifetime that Edmark business offers. She buttressed her point using our ladder of success which consists of 71 total payout bonuses in our unique double bonus marketing plan. The income testimony was anchored by SCM Ifeanyi Ukwezi who testified of how Edmark transformed him from nobody to somebody. The car fund achiever attested that Edmark International is a life- transforming vehicle and urged the guests to leverage on this wonderful opportunity by registering.The IC Rally was handled by our amiable DCM Uche Amah during which she explained in details the importance of attending the international convention. The house fund achiever stressed that she is a product of Edmark’s meetings and functions. The event witnessed a total number of 6 fresh registrations as it came to an end with a brief prayer followed by our Edmark city song.Love is the greatest weapon to defend and to fight the evil from the face of the earth. If one has everything in life and has no love, truly the person has nothing.


Edmark… Feel Good Now!!!