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ARTICLE BY: Eagle Friday Felix
PHOTOS BY: Eugene Tanjueco


“I’m not losing weight; I’m getting rid of it because I have no intention of finding it again. In weight loss program; you don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be GREAT.”

B2 60th day

Full of love; Edmark Kano held its 60th day weigh in of P4 Lose to win batch 2; a 90 days challenge meant to help determined Edmarkers on living a healthy lifestyle. The event began with registration and opening prayers, followed shortly by powerful dance energizers. The outstanding moderator JUSTINA SIMON introduced DM JAMILA SALISU who delivered the welcome remarks. STP Trainer VICTOR JONATHAN gave a special message as he created awareness using the Obesity video, on why we need to look healthy and be in good shape. P4 testimonials and why lose to win was done by FRIDAY FELIX; while EUGENE TANJUECO explained the mechanics of the contest. It was then followed by the official weigh in of the determined 15 contestants and short interviews of their journey so far. Next came awarding of tokens, which  was awarded by marketing in charge Ms. CHIDINMA UZUEGBUNAM to 2 contestants (ABUBAKAR ADAMU ALFA AND SALAMATU DAUDA) who lost 35.0% and 33.3% respectively. T3/SM ABDULRAHMAN ISYAKU did justice to the GRAND MDR slides as he opened the eyes of most guests present on why they need to practice healthy living through Edmark P4 healthy and slimming program and make more money for themselves through the Edmark compensation plan. Next was the announcement of the host on the next big events, and the event came to a colorful end with closing prayers and Edmark city song.

B2 60th day 2

                                                           FEEL GOOD NOW!!!


by: Daniel Orukwo

You don’t have to make yourself measurable to be successful, it’s natural to look back and mythologize the long nights and manic moments of genus, but success isn’t about working hard it’s about working smart. That’s why Edmark Port Harcourt distributors and guest gathered inside the hall of love as we had an eye opening and knowledge enhancing working smart seminar together with the TABOO on 31st march 2015, with the seminar room filled beyond its capacity, presence of top personalities and perfect combination of energetic trainers.

Registration began at 10am, followed with an opening prayer by a Christian guest. Energy circulated the atmosphere as everyone moved to the sounds of our dance energizers led by the Marketing Eagles and Trainers.


The host, Mr. Daniel Orukwo did well to sustain the energy level on his way to calling up the T4 Master Trainer, DM Pst Bode Omisade all the way from Edmark Lagos who was the first speaker, impacted knowledge on the attendees as he took the first and second modules which are: 1 (FUNDAMENTALS OF MLM AND THE ROAD AHEAD, and 2 TYPES OF COMPENSATION PLAN).

Next on the list was a woman who had so much from her experience of MLMs and an ultimate Edmarker, a Senior Crown Manager and a T4  Master Trainer, the EES trainer of the year 2014, Mrs. Emelle Gift who gave justice to the third and fourth module: 3 (DISCOVERIES AND THE ROAD AHEAD; and 4 WHERE TO GO AND WHAT TO DO).

This was followed by a quick break, where foods was served for all.


Furthermore the seminar progressed as SCM T4 Master Trainer Mrs. Emelle Gift stumped the podium and continued to open the eyes of some distributors as she took the 1st and 2nd Chapters on TAB-OO, 1( INTRODUCTION and 2:WHAT THEY WILL TELL YOU). She urged the attendees to work smart as she said, “Smart work is the concept that says, if you work more productively, you can complete a task in 2 hours, that would need 10 hours.”


More so, our guest speaker T4. DM Pst. Bode Omisade took the 3rd and 4th Chapters (WHAT THEY WILL NOT TELL YOU, and WHAT THE PROFESSIONALS WILL TELL YOU.


As the seminar ended with a song (one love by Bob marley) done with every one holding hands showing that Edmark is surrounded by love.

The Marketing-in-Charge Ms. Anabelle Legaspi did appreciation for the Trainers and adressed her closing remarks.


Finally the seminar came to an end with a closing prayer and Edmark Dance. And our gratitude goes to God Almighty for making the seminar a huge success and every attendees understood that working smart is a good key to ultimate success.
















“Team work makes it easier, hard work makes it more progressive but smart work makes it successful. If the richest people in the world are the hardest workers they should have been the barrow pushers but life needs the smart people to lead them to success; the aim of life is to achieve happiness which can be possessed based on how healthy and wealthy you are. It lies in the ability to achieve in the thrill of creative effort. The event started with Christian and Muslim opening prayer. It was then followed by a roof shaking dance energizer.


The training properly began with the introduction of the first speaker DCM, Monica Nwokike who explained that the seminar they were into will enable them to work smart. She started by discussing the fundamentals of MLM; the myths surrounding it, the compensation plan, the discoveries and the road ahead. In her words “one of the biggest failures we have in the industries today is the inability or failures to understand the fundamentals, which is the

She discussed that MLM in the western world is a profession of its own, an industry that has huge amount of money, which individuals interested in dabbling into must understand the concept to achieve success. She discussed the difference of MLM and pyramid schemes. She showed the audience famous personalities and their frivolous activities. In an extensive manner, she discussed the other differences between the two parties.

The second part of the event, “Discoveries and Road Ahead”, was handled by CM JAPHET OBIORAH. He discussed extensively on the marketing plan as well how to maximize one’s bonuses in all ramifications of the business. He taught the audience that MLM industry of which Edmark represents is worth living for. The seminar served as an eye opener to some distributors who never knew the nitty-gritty of Edmark Marketing plan, to become conversant with the business and succeed as well. The last segment of the seminar paved way for announcements and a quick break.

The next inspiring aspect of the training which revealed the truth about binary (TAB 00) was discussed by DM. Ugwu Michael who judiciously explained to the audience the lies being spread as truth in other to cage the people in illegal pyramid scheme. He warned everyone not to fall as a victims. With enthusiasm, the audience were filled with joy and knowledge because of the incisive information driven from the trainers.


The event successfully ended with a closing prayer followed by the Edmark Dance.

Edmark Jos 1st ever Working Smart Seminar/TAB-00

Edmark Jos had an outstanding Working Smart Seminar / Truth About Binaries last March 26, 2015 at Korinjoh Hall (beside Edmark Office). It was attended by over 200 distributors and leaders of Jos. As the name implies, it is a seminar that creates awareness as well as equips an individual to working smart and not just working hard. The event was a sight to behold as distributors not wanting to miss this first ever WSS turned out to a spectacular event. It started at 9:30am with the registration of distributors. The event started at exactly 11:00am with an opening prayer by a Christian and a Muslim brother/sister present in the house followed by enthusiastic dance energizer headed by the STP graduates. Everyone in the hall followed and danced with energy. All the leaders and distributors starting from Double Crown manager to Distributors were welcomed by the master of ceremony Mrs. Sarah Nanpon Pennap and gave them an Edmark International Clap.Slide1


The Working Smart Seminar (WSS) module 1 was presented by an outstanding speaker, Crown Manager Adeyemi Fakomiti. With his powerful voice and energy, he was able to catch everyone’s attention that made them listen very well and understood the said module. The second module handled with intense precision, leaving the distributors wishing for more, was done by no other person than the motivational role model Mrs. Mary Yakubu Daniyan.



Immediately after lunch, the next speaker, an Emerald Manager in the person of Pastor Ayo Theophilus entertained all present with his dancing moves as he embraceed the stage. He kept everyone thrilled as he beautifully explained chapters 1 Introduction and 2 What They Will Tell You of “Truth about Binaries”.  Chapters 3 What They Will Not Tell You and 4 What Professional Will Tell You of same “Truth about Binaries” was given by a mentor, Crown Manager Ikechukwu Edwin Ikechukwu who analyzed the chapters to the understanding of everyone seated. He ended his inspiring presentation with a great song “One Love” by Bob Marley which kept everyone on their feet.

This was followed by the awarding of certificates to the wonderful speakers by the marketing-in-charge, Mr. Noren Lugtu. Good news announcement were made and the remarkable event was then concluded with a closing prayer and the Edmark dance.



As the saying goes, knowledge is power and education is the key to success. Edmark Port Harcourt had a shout out on the 24th of March 2015 as all road led to Emerald Hotel to witness an explosive two in one event, which were the Social Day Recognition and SPT, T3 and T4 Graduation.

The event commenced at about 1pm with registration of more than 500 attendees. Followed by processional as all the candidates for graduation marched to take their seats, after which an opening prayer was led by a distributor, the Nigerian National Anthem was taken. For the event to start fully, our energetic dance energizers was led by all the Graduates, Crowns and Marketing Eagles that  kept the atmosphere  set for  a welcome remarks that was given by CM Moses Akpan  as he welcomed both guests and distributors for finding time to grace with the occasion.


Early bird was given to SCM Precious Agunbiade as she was the first person to come for the event. As the event progressed, acknowledgement of newly promoted senior distributors to assistant managers was made.


T4 Trainer and Crown Manager Mrs. Najite Ikpae was called on stage by our energetic hosts T3/RM Iyke Jakponna and Mrs. Ngozi Akaonye to take the Roles and Benefits of a Ruby Manager. She emphasized that;


The Zero to Hero Recognition was done as the newly promoted Managers, Sapphire Managers and Ruby Managers were called on stage. Mr. Progress Igwe was given the Most Outstanding Manager, Mrs. Gloria Naths Okeke Most Outstanding Sapphire Manager, and Mrs. Nkechinyere Madu as the Most Outstanding Ruby Manager.


After the recognition was the presentation of candidates for graduation followed by their confirmation and acknowledgement. A powerful inspirational message was given by SCM Daniel Ozoemena and AVP of the STP, T3 and T4 was played respectively. Distribution of certificates was done by T4 Master Trainers SCM Gift Emelle and CM Najite Ikpae. Special awards was given to Mr. Joseph Onuegbu as the overall most outstanding speaker, T3 SCM Chioma Amadi as most outstanding T3, and T4 CM Alfred Ozuzu as most outstanding T4 Master Trainer.


Furthermore, SCM T4 Mrs. Gift Emelle led the pledge of commitment that was recited by all the graduates. Also the graduation song “I HAVE A DREAM” was played and followed by everyone.


To wrap it up, CM Carine Okwonkwo gave her closing remarks thanking everyone who graced and took time to attend the said occasion. Finally, the event came to an end with a closing prayer led by one distributor and Edmark City Dance. Everybody enjoyed the refreshments that was served to them.


We give all glory and thanks to our God Almighty for a huge success!




Article by: Obinna Okere

Photos by: Daniel Orukwo

Eat to live, don’t live to eat, because you are what you eat. Always remember that it is health that is the real wealth and not pieces of silver or gold.

The 11th day of March 2015 was yet another memorable day in Edmark Port Harcourt as distributors and guests trooped in masses, filled with excitement and eagerness to witness a two-in-one event which started first with the P4 Lose to Win 30th Day Weigh-in followed by the launching of our outstanding and newest product, Edmark Cappuccino.  The event was graced by more than 200 attendees with the presence of our top leaders, distributors and guests.


The said event started with an opening prayer which was immediately followed by an energetic dance energizer led by the P4 contestants and Marketing Eagles. This was followed by welcome remarks by our outstanding CM Afolashade Oduwole, after which the distributors watched the AVP of the P4 contestants’ journey so far. The special message was taken by our very own T4 Trainer EM Ebere Ihejirika where he introduced the Obesity Video and made everyone understand the goal in Edmark – to overcome the epidemic of obesity. The P4 testimonial and ‘Why Lose to Win’ was taken by Asst. Marketing in-Charge Ms. Progress, in which she shed more light on the Diet Plan. The program was a true eye opener for our distributors and guests on the epidemic of obesity, a fast-growing disease that is geared towards destroying human health.


A special production number was performed by the P4 contestants and staffs, complete with a male boxer. Finally, the long-anticipated 30th Day Weigh-in of P4 Contenders took place. Following the tabulations, awards were presented. One of the contestants won a P4 package while several others went home with boxes of Meal Replacement Therapy (MRT), Shake Off and Splina Liquid Chlorophyll for their weight loss respectively.

The next part of the program was the much awaited unveiling of the newest product, Edmark Cappuccino. Product modeling was performed by models showcasing the beauty and excellence of our wonderful new product.


The unveiling of the product was done by our top leaders present and also the models. The attendees were excited, filled with eagerness to have a taste of the brand new product. T4 Trainer SCM Gift Emelle did the presentation in which she outlined the benefits and efficacies of this outstanding product and she was able to convince the audience on why this outstanding product will move fast in the market. The Edmark Cappuccino product demo was conducted with some tasting and testifying to the product.


All distributors and guests were privileged to have a taste of the product at the end of the event. They also filled up the feedback form of the new product while the product tasting was ongoing. It was a truly successful day. Kudos to the committees and our ever supportive leaders of Port Harcourt, making the event another day to remember.



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