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COUNTRY                     :           NIGERIAN

EVENT                           :           SHAKE OFF & MRT NEW FLAVOURS LAUNCHING

EVENT DATE                :           FEBRUARY 18TH, 2015

VENUE                            :           EDMARK OFFICE WUSE II, ABUJA                   


AUTHOR                          :         RUTH OYIOKWU


EMAIL                              :         ruth@edmarker.com

DATE SUBMITTED        :        FEBRUARY 23nd, 2015



It was a great and a wonderful celebration among the distributors of Edmark Abuja as they unveil the newly SHAKE OFF and MRT Flavour in a grand style. The programmed beginnings at 11am with a prayer given thanks to our almighty for make us to see this day, and then followed by our dance energizer by marketing eagles.

pp 1

Miss RUTH OYIOKW was the host of the day, she welcome SCM ALICE HARRISON who handles the welcome remarks she encourages everyone to be serious in their business because Edmark has a lot of plan for u as a distributor. The intermission number was presented by the marketing eagles and also the followed by the product models that show case the beauty and excellence of our wonderful new flavours product (SHAKE OFF LEMON & MRT STRAWBERRY & VANILLA).pp2

The unveiling of the product was done by our top leaders and the product models, the audience were full with joy and excitement in their heart seeing the newly and beautiful flavours of SHAKE OFF lemon & MRT strawberry and vanilla. SCM NECODIMUS NWATU took the first part of the modules the SHAKE OFF phyto fiber he spoke out his best about the product, shake off flushes out toxins from the colon and leaving it clean and healthy She emphasized the need to detoxify,pp3 not necessarily when one is sick. after then the product tasting was taking by our guest who later give a short testimony of the sweet taste of the product, EM EGELE TESSY took the second part of the modules the MRT complex that smoothly burns accumulated fat in the body and also nourish the skin the Product demo was done and some of the guests were called out to have a taste of it. She went further to explain the twins coffee, ginseng coffee and red yeast coffee, pp4the Splina liquid chlorophyll is use for balancing the alkaline in the body.  She also talked about the wonderful compensation and marketing plan to the full understanding of our guests, starting with the 71% total payout and also the 9 great bonuses that await them once they join this business, Some guests sign up. The event ended with announcement & a closing prayer.


COUNTRY                  : NIGERIA

EVENT                        : ABUJA LOSE TO WIN 90 DAYS FINAL WEIGH IN

EVENT DATE             : 21st FEBRUARY 2015

VENUE                         : HOTEL DE HORIZON

TITLE                          : OBESITY, THE EVOLVING EPIDERMIC

AUTHOR                    :CHIKA IRENE


EMAIL                        : chika@edmarker.com

DATE SUBMITTED    :3rd march 2015


It was a glorious day with hearts full of excitement as we marked our P4 Lose to Win 90th Day Final Weigh-in on the 21st of February 2015. The event started at 11am with a Christian and Muslim prayer followed by the national anthem and an electrifying dance energizer led by the P4 contestants and the Marketing Eagles,

90days 1 getting everyone set for the occasion.We had over 150 attendees who came from near and far to grace the occasion. The event was formally opened by DM Lydia John, one of the P4 contestants as the host of the day, Ms. Princess Eke made her entry enthusiastically to present the welcome remarks. The obesity video was played as SCM Nwatu Nicodemus shared a special message,

90days 2

breaking down his explanation on how obesity is a threat to humanity on top of showing the precarious effects it has on the world at large. Ms. Princess Eke, a P4 contestantas well as a P4 winner promptly did a rundown on the P4 testimonies and further explicated on the diet plan in order to achieve their ideal Body Mass Index(BMI).

90days 3

To the delight of the audience, the P4 Ambassador who lost 14kg during her batch’s contest took the stage for an entertaining testimony followed by a production number by the P4 contestants that lifted smiles on the faces of the audience. The moment of truth finally arrived as the P4 contestants were called up for their final weigh-in and individual interviewson their journey thus far.

90days 4

Everyone was excited and glued to their seats as the results of the winners were tabulated. With enthusiasm and overflowing joy, Ms.Maame announced the winners of the contest. Ms. Patience Ogar emerged as the winner with a total weight loss of 7kg, now weighing 64kg and an excess weight loss percentage of 29.2%. In 2nd place, Ms. Sadia Abubakar, with a total weight loss of 8kg, now weighing 76kg and with an excess weight loss percentage of 25.4%.

90days 5

Finally, 3rdplace went to Ms. Princess Eke who lost 6.5kg, now weighing 81.5kg with an excess weight loss percentage of 25%. In addition to the top three winners, the award for ‘The Biggest Loser’was given to Ms. SadiaAbubakar for having lost the most amount of weight among the contestants. We immediately continued the program with the official weigh-in of Batch 3 contestants with 22 participants who enrolled for the next batch.




COUNTRY                     :           NIGERIAN

EVENT                         :           GRAND MDR

EVENT DATE                :           19 FEBRUARY 2015

VENUE                         :           EDMARK OFFICE WUSE II, ABUJA                   



AUTHOR                       :           RUTH OYIOKWU                                                                                  


EMAIL                          :           ruth@edmarker.com

DATE SUBMITTED        :         23 FEBRUARY 2015


“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” – World Health Organization (WHO)

On 19thof February 2015, we held another successful Grand MDRstarting with a Christian and Muslim opening prayer,immediately followed by a dance energizer led by the Marketing Eagles. The host welcomed the attendees and gave a brief preamble of the seminar before introducing the speaker of the day, DCM Ajay Katoch.

gr 1He started by encouraging every distributor to work hard and told the guests that whatever problems they may be facing, there is solution. He alsostated some factors that modern challenges bring to humanity. Following that, he went on introduce to the Shake Off Phyto Fiber for detoxification andboldly testified on the efficacy of our next product, MRT Complex which is a meal replacement therapy that breaks down the build up of fat in the body.

gr 2Splina Liquid Chlorophyll on the other hand is consumed for balancing the alkalinity of the body.Edmark coffees, Ginseng and Red Yeast is consumed for rejuvenation as itaccelerates visual sight and boost energy levels. The speaker iterated that everyone can live healthily and wealthily with numerous business opportunities when they join the Edmark business.

gr 3He added that Edmark has the most outstanding marketing plan with acompensation plan of 71% total payout and the 9 Great Bonuses. He also mapped out plans that will help one achieve success in the business; duplicating Edmark’s four steps to success and achieve financial freedom. In his words, “If you want money or you need money, then walk through with it”.


by: Ms. Annabelle Legaspi

It was a great atmosphere here in Edmark Port Harcourt last 20th of February 2015 when a total of 230 distributors gathered at Legacy Hall for the actualization of their goals. The first ever Goal Setting Seminar (GSS) held by the branch saw great trainers from beyond Port Harcourt handling some modules.


It started with an opening prayer followed by an energetic dance energizer led by the trainers, speakers, Crown Council and Marketing Eagles. The vibrant host, Mr. Iyk Jiakponna introduced the speakers simultaneously. The first module presentation was handled by our very own Port Harcourt’s pride, a car and house recipient, T4 Trainer and Senior Crown Manager Mrs. Gift Emelle in which she discussed the Edmark University of Success, encouraging every distributor to enrol for the next STP.


This was followed by the presentation of Module 2 by an outstanding T4 Trainer all the way from Abuja, Crown Manager Mrs. Priscilla Orji where she spoke on ‘How to Become a Highly Effective and Strong Individual’.



Module 3 was handled by a power and motivational speaker, a two-time car and house recipient, the first Edmarker of the Year in Nigeria, T4 Master Trainer who came all the way from Lagos,  Double Crown Manager Mr. Emeka Ononiwu Romanus, speaking on ‘Knowing What is Your Quadrant to Goals (Big Rocks) in your Edmark Business’.  A smarter concept of goal setting, Module 4 on ‘How to get what you want’ was handled by our T4 Master Trainer Crown Manager Mr.  Alfred Ozuzu. A lunch break commenced after Module 4.


The second half of the event started at 3pm with an energetic dance energizer which was also led by the four trainers, speakers present at the seminar and the Marketing Eagles. Immediately after that, CM Alfred Ozuzu continued with Module 5, ‘The Importance of Tools’ where he told everyone that it is very essential to this business, kicking off the selling of tools by the Marketing Eagles.


CM Priscilla Orji took on Module 6, ‘The Importance of Seminars and Functions’ while DCM Emeka Romanus set the ball rolling on the topic ‘Self-Talk Script Autosuggestion’ in which the Edmarkers confessed and uttered out what they are aspiring for in this Edmark business.


Finally, SCM Gift Emelle drove it home with the module ‘The Power of Dream’ in which an Edmark video and the song ‘I have a dream’ was played as distributors sang along.


The floor was given to first timers for their testimonials as one of them testified on the knowledge and benefits gained from attending the GSS and how the knowledge he got today is going to empower him to do his business better. In appreciation for a successful training, Certificates of Appreciation were presented to the dynamic speakers for a job well done.

Finally, the seminar came to an end with a closing prayer and the Edmark dance. We give thanks to all our distributors and speakers who made this event a remarkable one!


by: Asst. Mktg-in-Charge Progress

It was another memorable day the 18th of February 2015 as distributors and guests graced Edmark Port Harcourt’s compound with their presence to witness the launching of three additional flavours to add to the list of Edmark products; Shake Off Lemon, MRT Vanilla and MRT Strawberry flavours. The event started at 11am with an overflowing crowd of 400 attendees. A Christian prayer was led by an Edmarker followed by an energetic dance energizer led by the Edmark staffs and top leaders. The host of the said program, EM Need Igwe introduced SCM Daniel Ozoemena who did the opening remarks in which he welcomed everyone present at the event and urged them to lay back, relax and have fun as the event unfolded itself.


Following that, SCM Chioma Amadi was introduced to share a special message encouraging everyone to do more with their Edmark business, especially now with the additional products to sell. To the delight of everyone, an intermission number took place followed by the modeling of the new Shake Off and MRT flavours, showcasing the beauty of the product’s packaging.

It was finally time for the long awaited unveiling as top leaders of Edmark Port Harcourt were called up on the stage alongside the Branch-in-Charge, Mr. Rolly and Ms. Jean as they unveiled the three latest flavours on the count of     E-D-M-A-R-K. A toast was made to Edmark on the arrival of the three newest flavors with more products to come.


In the segment of the product presentation, T4 Trainer Ebere Ihejirika was called upon as he emphasized the need for detoxification with our latest Shake Off Lemon. Next, T4 Trainer SCM Gift Emelle did the presentation of MRT Vanilla and Strawberry flavours. The speakers welcomed some of the guests to have a free product tasting as testimonials followed.


Finally, all distributors and guests queued up to have a taste of our new flavours and filled up the feedback forms. The event successfully came to an end with a closing prayer and Edmark dance.



by: Marketing Eagle Obinna

It was a great and lovely atmosphere here in Edmark Port Harcourt branch as more than 100 distributors and guests gathered in Edmark Port Harcourt’s Hall of Love to witness another exciting knowledge-enhancing day as we held our Grand Membership Drive Rally.

The seminar started at 11am with an opening prayer led by one of the distributors, followed by a thrilling dance energizer by the Marketing Eagles. After the dance energizer, the energetic host Ms. Gift Daniel introduced the vibrant speaker of the day, SCM/T3 Mrs. Chioma Amadi.


The speaker started by appreciating the guests and encouraged them to always come to Edmark seminars and events. She introduced Edmark’s Shake Off Phyto Fiber, explaining the efficacy of the wonderful product.

After the Shake Off, the speaker went on to explain the next product, Meal Replacement Therapy (MRT). She explained that MRT complex is not only for burning fat, but also beneficial to the heart and liver.

A BMI measurement was conducted and a product demo was done for a few guests to taste our Shake Off lemon flavour and MRT as they attested to its sumptuous taste.

The speaker went on to the next step which is balancing with the Splina Liquid Chlorophyll which she referred to as life in a bottle. The final step was to rejuvenate with Edmark Ginseng Coffee and Red Yeast Coffee which boosts energy, reduces bad cholesterol, anti-oxidants, is anti-aging and enhances blood circulation as well as digestion. After the 4-Step Healthy and Slimming Program, the speaker introduced the opportunity of a lifetime to the attendees.


SCM Mr. Daniel Ozoremena took the floor to give his testimony on how Edmark has been a blessing to his family and that he has touched over four thousand lives through his Edmark business. He encouraged the distributors to keep doing their Edmark business well, and guests to promptly register in order to achieve their dreams. He closed by telling the attendees that he is building his second house.


Mrs. Akubudike Favour who was the 3rd Prize winner of the P4 Lose to Win (Batch 2) gave the product testimony as she explained how she won her self-confidence after losing her excess weight. She shared that her husband loves her more now and the pains that she used to suffer with a big tummy is gone. She had lost 11kg in 90 days.


Further on, there was a huddle time where distributors stayed with the guests to discuss and convince their prospects to join the Edmark business. Marketing in-Charge Ms. Annabelle Legaspi gave the announcements of our upcoming big events as she facilitated the Special Valentine message from our Chairman Mr. Sam Low. Some love-themed games were held to spice up the event. The winners and participants were given products and tokens.

Finally, the event came to an end with a closing prayer and the Edmark dance. Indeed, the event was a success and we give thanks to God for His glory!


Crown councilHausa MDRLeadersGMDRLTW B2 30th DayGSSSocial Day


COUNTRY:                 NIGERIA

EVENT:                       4TH MLT/TNT     

EVENT DATE:           20TH FEBRUARY 2015

VENUE:                       BRIGHT VALUE HOTEL 


AUTHOR:                   OKPA NANCY


EMAIL:                         NANCY@EDMARKER.COM



Every good leader must first begin as a good follower, as leadership is a key point to the success of an organization. The Mentoring Leadership Training (MLT) and Train the Trainer (TNT) truly opened the minds of the Edmarkers in Enugu as they saw with their eyes, the demerits of being self-centered and an ineffective leader.

The event was majorly packed event with the best of the best trainers in Nigeria. Beginning with our DCM Uche Catherine Amah to EM/T4 John Miracle Okwese, EM/T4 Stella Onyeagbako and EM/T4

Emmanuel Eke. The speakers really nailed it in and made it clear that good leadership rewards well.

The host of the event was a vibrant and young marketing staff, Mr. Austin Amadi. Clad with his cheerful personality and overflowing energy, he brought the event to life with cheers and laughter, making the event an enjoyable one for all.

Displaying Slide1.PNG

The first speaker of the event was our T4 Master Trainer EM Stella Onyeagbako who presented the first module. The eminent speaker was crafty in bringing home ideas on developing one’s business team, the kick-off in building a good business.

The second speaker was also invited with the same decorum, the wonderful woman enlivened the event. She spoke on the necessity of understanding the Edmark Education System as a key driver to one’s success in the business. She further explained the education cycle and what each represents.

The third module was the ‘Mentoring Support Program’ handled by T4/EM Johnmiracle Okwese. In his ardent speech, he revealed the relevance in bringing our business partners and down-lines to big events and seminars to keep their minds focused. A regular meeting brings the mind of the distributors together and gives them a shared sense of belonging. According to EM/T4 Emmanuel Eke, it gives them the feeling that all problems are shared as two good heads work better than one.

Displaying Slide3.PNG

A momentary break for lunch was held before the next half of the program, TNT started. The first speaker of TNT was our powerful T4 Master Trainer Johnmiracle Okwese who spoke about Understanding network marketing, he showed what network marketing is and isn’t, and opened their minds towards what one should expect and not expect from the network marketing business.

To further enlighten us, T4 Master Trainer EM Stellla Onyeagbako, the Beauty Pack-personified elaborated on the issue of selling. She illustrated the kinds of people and the qualities of prospects which everyone are bound to meet every day and shared the ways of finding a good prospect. Following that, our honorable DCM Uche Amah took us through the third module, ‘Mastering Motivations. The eloquent speaker was fastidious in explaining as a great number of attendees witnessed the real truth of themselves and the need to be masters in their own business.

The fourth module was presented by EM T4 Emmanuel Eke, a man of great energy and wisdom. In this module, he spoke about the elements of mentoring.

Displaying Slide2.PNG

The event was an educational and productive one that was made sweeter as the audience attested to the supremacy of the event. The day came to an end at exactly 4pm, leaving an evergreen memory in the minds of the attendees.