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Edmark Jos P4 Lose to Win 30th Day Weigh-In

“The time, the sweat, the devotion, IT PAYS OFF”

Explosive was what the 30th day weigh-in of the “P4 LOSE TO WIN 90 DAYS CHALLENGE” was called by most of the 151 attendees present, while others tagged it as awesome ,wonderful and tempting. They were right because that was what the event depicted, and also based on the fact that some of the attendees wished that they were participants in the “P4 LOSE TO WIN 90 DAYS CHALLENGE” as they witnessed the magnanimity of EDMARK.  The anticipated event kick started at about 11:15am with an opening prayer led by a Christian and a Muslim brother, followed by the P4 dance energizer led by the marketing Eagles and the P4 contestants which had all present dancing excitedly, energetically and enthusiastically to the rhythm. An Emerald manager, Mrs. Divine Markus gave the welcome remarks. She inspired everyone present by attesting to the fact that she was once a P4 candidate and highlighted the immense benefits she has received. She epitomized herself as a miracle of the Edmark P4 products as she has three grown up kids, yet looking like one without kids. She wrapped up by encouraging all present; making them know that determination plays a vital role.

An AVP was played showing the activities the contestants were engaged in as well as the quest to becoming a winner. The contestants were excited as they saw what they have been doing in the past 30 days; others present were not left out as they partook in the laughter and merry making. A special message was delivered by Mrs. Roseline Ochekwu, a Sapphire manager who elaborated on the dire consequences obesity can cause if not checked. She laid emphasis on the fact that obesity predisposes one to numerous ailments, clogging of arteries and in due time death. She admonished all to eat right as the more they consume acidic foods, there would be an influx of free radicals which would cause more harm than good; this astounded everyone seated.  More astonishment was portrayed by all as the obesity video was played showing how obesity has been eating up the world and still is, the significant rise in figures regarding obese people, the health implications; sudden death due to artery constriction, diseases and so on. This caused all to sit tight, with exclamations like oh! So we have been dying in silence and we have been oblivious all along.



All were brought out of oblivion by a marketing Eagle, Mr. Dominic Emli, he made them to know that there is a solution to obesity by highlighting how their predecessors were able to overcome obesity by consuming the Edmark miraculous P4 products, which made them miracles of Edmark products. He went further to buttress the benefits associated to losing excess weight; self-confidence, self-esteem, being attractive, a boost in Edmark business and helping humanity as well. Mr. Vincent Onwuka commanded all attention as he spoke on the mechanics of the contest which entails the duration of the contest, the criteria for entry into the contest, the prizes awarded on the 30th, 60th, and 90th day weigh-in based on the percentage of weight lost. The mention of the mouth-watering prizes got all edgy as they were all wishing to be among the top three winners.Slide1


The production number done by the marketing Eagles and contestants compounded the exciting atmosphere as all partook not wanting to be left out. Still recovering from the ecstasy, the contestants had to adjust themselves as the much awaited moment, the first official weigh-in, was set. This particular period had the contestants’ heart in their mouths for they were contemplating who would win something and who would not. A brief interview was carried out on each contestant after whom they were weighed and the determined ones were awarded for their effort while others were encouraged. No word could be used to describe this particular moment. Announcements of the 60th day weigh-in and next day event were preceded by the awarding of tokens.

The superb event came to an end at about 2:00pm with the closing prayer by a Christian and Muslim brother and finally the Edmark dance.


EVENT                                    :               GRAND MEMBERSHIP DRIVE RALLY

EVENT DATE                         :               MAY, 5TH 2015

VENUE                                    :               EDMARK HALL OF HOPE



AUTHOR                                :               CLARA OBAZE

The world’s most successful people are known and celebrated for different things. Some are famous for their skills and talents while others are distinguished for their courage or profound impact on society. But one thing many of the world’s most successful people have in common is their ability to inspire others.

In the spirit of momentum, 89 distributors and 35 guests gathered to witness the Grand Membership Drive Rally on the 5th of May, 2015. The even started at exactly 11am with the Christian Invocation which was immediately followed by the power filled dance energizer led by the marketing eagles together with the STP Batch 27 grandaunt. Slide1


The host then welcomed the speaker for the day RM Kingsley Anozie who did justice to the module. He made the audience understand that with Edmark they can achieve all they aspire because Edmark gives them wealth, health and total well-being. There was product demo for the guests to have a taste of our product and also check their Body Mass Index (BMI). He also emphasized the business opportunity of Edmark International. The product testimony was done by DM Adetutu Fajana, who let us know the efficacy of Edmark products and that she is a living testimony. The income testimony was done CM Maryaks Daniyan. She made the audience to realize that with hard work and persistency in Edmark, the sky will only be their starting point. The IC rally was anchored by SCM Jessica Ezeani who motivated the audience, telling them the transforming power of the international Convention of which she is a live testimony.

A total number of 16 people signed up to become registered members of Edmark International.



The second segment was the mini graduation of the STP Batch 27. The event began with a power filled dance energizer led by the STP graduants.  The STP Batch 27 goes by the slogan of FEARLESS EAGLES…. Soaring High!! The welcome remark was done by the class governor Mr. Moses Ogunyemi. He then welcomed the Faculty one after the other to give their message to the passing out batch and all those present. They include; CM Yakubu Daniyan, CM Ismail Abdumodiu, DM Adetutu Fajana, and DM Bode Omisade. Their message to them was that they should always remember that they have within them the strength, the patience and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.

The AVP of the STP candidates was played to their amusement and surprise as they watched themselves in action from the very first day. Then came the moment everyone was waiting for, the moment of the awarding. 5 awards were given and they are as follows:






It was indeed a moment of joy and laughter as their awardees were cheered by their colleagues and the faculty. Pictures were taken and they also cut their cake. It was then the turn of the batch to give their gifts to the faculty in appreciation for all they did to them in the course of the training.



The 3rd segment was the car presentation of our SCM Gregory Ashibogu. This day was a blessed day as we had double celebration. This was the second car he is getting in Edmark international. Amidst the cheers and applaud of distributors and guests who congratulated him. Pictures were taken with some of the crown council members, distributors and guests and also with the assistant operations manager, Mr. Rey Batusin.

His message to everyone one was that they shouldn’t limit themselves; many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember you can achieve.






“Saying YES to weight loss means saying NO to the things that makes you fat. “Nobody can do it for YOU; YOU have to do it YOURSELF.”
Lovely citizens of Edmark Kano assembled as we held our P4 90thDay Final Weigh-In for the second batch. The event began with registration and opening prayers, followed shortly by the dance energizer led by the P4 contestants. The dynamic host CHIDINMA UZUEGBUNAM introduced SMPRINCESS RAKIYYA ABDULLAHIwho welcomed all to the lovely event and askedeveryone (especially those with excess weight) to be part of the next Batch. SALAMATU DAUDA gave special message as she told the audience on why they need to stay in good shape and look healthy. SALAMATU Y.MOHAMMED educated all onparticipants P4 testimonies and why they need to lose to win and briefly discussed the diet plan. Edmark Kano P4 Ambassador UWA YAKASSAI did the intermission number and gave her testimony on her about Edmark P4 products.
Production number was done by all P4 contestants and the interview and final weigh-in then followed. Dressed in their lovely outfits the P4 contestants awaited the final results as ABUBAKAR ADAMU ALFA who lost 60% was declared 1st place winner and went home with 3 sets of P4 packages, a trophy and #50,000 cash. SALAMATU DAUDA who lost 52.4% won the 2nd place with 2 sets of P4 packages and #35,000 and SALAMATU Y. MOHAMMED got the 3rd place position and 1 set of P4 package and #20,000. The BIGGEST LOSER of the contest was awarded to SALAMATU Y.MOHAMMED who lost 11.5kg and was rewarded with 1 set of P4 of package all with SV and BV. Working with dynamism; other contestants got consolation prizes each and everyone were given certificate of participation presented by EUGENE TANJUECO. The host announced that registration of batch 3 is now open and contestants showed interest in the next batch as they were weighed in. FRIDAY FELIX did mechanics of the contest and showed all on how to get started with the P4 weight lossactivity. Announcement by the host on the next big event and Closing remark was done by HINDATU USMAN as she thanked all who witnessed the event as it came to a successful end with closing prayers and Edmark city song.
















“Working smart is designed to take you from dreams that fallto an effective action plan that propels you towards meaningful goals.”
~Charlene Fike
It was a glorious day as EDMARK KANO held its 8TH WORKING SMART SEMINAR AND TRUTH ABOUT BINARIES; an eye opener event that began with registration of attendees, opening prayers and lovely dance energizers led by the Marketing Eagles and other top leaders. The outstanding host FRIDAY FELIX welcomed all to the event as he recognized all present.
With great enthusiasm, the host introduced T3/SMBINTA A. MOHD who handled Module 1 and 2: “Fundamentals of MLM”& the “Road and Types of Compensation Plan”. She presented MLM as multibillion dollar industry, so if we can get our concepts right, imagine how much we can earn by tapping annually in this industry. To understand MLM we must first understand Pyramid. She therefore called on all distributors who are pyramid minded to rethink before they collapse like house of cards. She said real network rewards you for your ability to sell and not to buy. Edmark is a combination of stair steps, breakaway and matrix without spillover. The objective of compensation plan is to give you TRUE residual income. She concluded with these words “The whole world cannot be Edmarkers but can always use Edmark products”.
Next on stage was vibrant T3/RM SUNDAY OGBODO who kept the ship afloat with Module 3 and 4. He said that at Edmark there are 3 income earners; The Average income earners, average high income earners and rare highest income earners. So the question now is “Where are you in this category?”. He said majority of people are average income earners because of BAD knowledge gotten from bad pyramid companies. He highlighted reasons why networkers fail ranging from lottery mentality, quest for position, Kung Fu Masters and bad education on the business. A legitimate and pure MLM means your bonuses will always depend on the number of sales turnover in your network regardless of your position. As an Edmarker you must know your position, bonus entitlement and how to maximize it. Once you know who you are then you MUST stop blaming. How much you want to earn depends on how much efforts you put in and most importantly work smart. He departed the stage with these words “Always strengthen your network before going for promotion ”.
Lunch break was observed and announcements of big events rolled out by the host. The event took another dimension when T3/RM SAFIYA M. ABDULLAHI melted out justice to TRUTH ABOUT BINARIES. She said binaries involve2 sides and each node must also have only 2 sides. Since you need to sponsor ONLY 2 people, you will get spillover as the people above you sponsor your downlines. In binaries, distributors must balance both legs to get paid. They will tell you so many things to get you on their boat. It’s simple to start and easy to understand, pay up to unlimited depth while the opposite is the case. Binary pays you on your weaker leg and keeps the stronger leg and you need to balance and match weekly. The professionals in binary will hide many things from you like you don’t need to work; that you need to work from your downlines. In binary depth don’t counts but balance; it doesn’t benefits heavy retail sellers unlike Edmark compensation plan. She advised the attendees to know the difference.
There were testimonies from the attendees and the awarding of Certificate of Appreciation was done by BOI ERIC LANZAR to the trainers, courtesy Edmark International. It was indeed a huge and great success as the event came to a colorful end with closing prayers and the Edmark city song. FEEL GOOD NOW!!!


Today knowledge has power, it controls access to opportunities and advancement. It is beyond a doubt that all our knowledge begins with experience.
Edmark Kano held a new batch of Speakers Training Program (STP) batch 8,“Unbeatable Team”, who devoted themselves for 12 days training, starting from 20th April, 2015 to 6th May, 2015. The training kicked off with an appreciable number of managers and above with intention of becoming outstanding speakers. The trainers dedicated their time on interview of trainees, introduction and the fundamentals of STP, stressing the facts and needs why every STP should learn the fundamentals.
The trainers started with the presentation of the modules explaining extensively what message is needed to be passed across to the guests, emphasizing the need that it’s a great power of convincing them why they should become edmarkers. On the third day,the trainees started with the modeling of the modules. At the first stage, the trainers scrutinized and did lot of corrections and exposed them the basic features that are needed for an effective communication.It was stated that there is no communication unless the message passed across is well understood, and as well stressing the need to use the edutainment principles in presenting their modules. Representation and remodeling of the modules lasted until the end of the fourth day. At the end of this day, accuracy was bit achieved due to the eagerness of the trainees.
On the fifth day, the trainers(T4 Umma S. Bello, T3 AbdulrahmanIsyaku, T3 Uju Veronica and T3 Solomon Kanchock) presented the BPP & SSM after which it was modeled by the trainees. On this note, the trainers evaluated them, which will serve as a basis to cross over to the mastery level. The mastery stage dealt mainly with HLS, COE, SSM & BPP, giving them a deeper understanding about all they needed to know, encouraging them to carry out research personally rather than depending on the handouts and the modules in the computer.
The STP batch 8 ended successfully having 5 qualified speakers with the mini graduation which served as an ending of the training. On the day of the mini graduation, there was lot of excitement like the special awards for those trainers who presented some qualities during the period of their training. These includes;
Most Outstanding Speaker- Yusuf Husseini
Most Energetic- Agnes Samuel
Most Punctual- Salamatu Y. Moh’d
Most Discipline- Salamatu Y. Moh’d
Best In System Uniform Male- FarunaDanjuma
Best In System Uniform female- Agnes Samuel
The trainees where able to show their gratitude to their trainers by presenting some gifts to them. The trainers were also issued a Certificate of Appreciation coming from the management of Edmark.It was indeed an outstanding program designed to make you know who you are, how to be a dynamic speaker and also to be committed in whatever you are doing. These set of STP proved that they were the “Unbeatable Team” as they showed this to all those who witnessed their graduation.



Article By mktg Eagle: Benjamin Ilonze

picture & power point By Mktg Eagle: precious Ohaegbulam

Desire is the key to motivation, but it is determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal that will enable you to attain the success you seek – Mario Andretti.

Edmark International is a great company that believes in the law of celebration and appreciation because we believe that it is a fuel of motivation and in relation to our recognition cycle, Edmark Owerri branch held her Diamond Recognition on the 20th of March, 2015 at the exclusive hall of KFC fast foods located at MCC road, Owerri.It was indeed a remarkable event that shaped the history of Edmarkers from Owerri, as it witnessed a massive number of attendees 521(426distributors and 95 guests); a conglomeration of young and the old from far and near. The presence of our leaders was deeply felt as they aided the success of the event. The celebrants were seated at their beautifully designated position on the front row.In a grand and sequential order, the event commenced by 11:00am with an invocation by a Christian distributor followed suit was our breathtaking dance energizers being masterminded by the Marketing staff in order to help the audience maintain a maximum state of alertness during the programme.


The heartfelt welcome remarks were briefly anchored by Mr. Christopher Akanda, a Crown manager.  With face full of smiles, the car fund achiever expressed his profound gratitude to the Almighty creator and specially thanked the audience for gracing the event. he stressed that the event is indeed a history-making one and equally praised the morale of our Diamond managers. The house fund qualifier urged the audience to leverage on the lifetime opportunity that is available in Edmark business and experience a life of health and financial freedom. The event was equally sparkled up with interesting game sessions creating an atmosphere of fun and entertainment.


Consequently, the host and hostess with great zest introduced Mrs. Chibuzor Oparaeke to throw more light on the Roles and Benefits of Diamond manager to the reminiscence of the celebrants (Diamond managers).During her brief speech, the Crown manager admonished the celebrants not to relent but to aspire for higher positions in Edmark business. The T4 trainer equally urged them to be a good up line to their business partners (Down liners) and above all, do Edmark business with passion and transparency. The journey so far of the Diamond managers were displayed to the rapt-attentive audience, as they carefully watched the Audio- visual Display (AVP) which consists of a short video clip of pre and post activities of the celebrants.

Slide3During the recognition of Emerald managers proper, the host and hostess ushered in Edmark Owerri leaders to anchor the moment, as total number of 8 celebrants were fully recognized and adorned with flowers and leis. The certificates of appreciation were equally awarded to each and every one of them as the audience applauded their great achievements. The award for the most outstanding Emerald manager was belted out to Mr. Edwin Chinweikpe courtesy of his unflinching commitment to Edmark Education System (EES) and to the Edmark business. It was immediately followed by snapshots


The event later witnessed the decoration and beutification, of edmark owerri newest car recipients with domy car keys  and flowers by the leaders  and management of edmark owerri branch.The announcement of our upcoming events were belted out by the host and the event came to an end by 3:00pm with a closing prayer followed by our Edmark city song.To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe – MARIANNE WILLIAMSON.


Edmark… Feel Good Now!





It was a wonderful  event in Edmark Enugu as we held our P4 Batch 3, Lose to Win 90th Day Final Weigh-In, with over 200 attendees – guests and distributors alike. The occasion started by 12pm at Nondon  Hotels and Suites with a opening prayer, followed by an powerful dance energizer.

The contestant Mr Roland Nweke was introduced as the host of the event, he  then introduced EM, T3; Nonye Arinze, who did the welcome remarks . Following suites was  the P4  journey video of the contestants. A special message was delivered by the DM Ugwu Amos who spoke about how  the P4 Lose to Win program can fight obesity.Slide1

The obesity video which highlighted and gave in-depth knowledge of the problems of obesity in the world. The P4 testimonials from within and outside Nigeria was shared and also a live testimonial was shared by our P4 Ambassador, CM Achi Chidimma. Mr Austin Amadi the P4 master, enlightened the audience on ‘WHY LOSE TO WIN’ and the ‘DIET PLAN’. This session was really an eye opener as distributors and guests were amazed at what they stand to gain when they lose excess weight and in turn, helping humanity at large.Slide2

We witnessed a special production number by the contestants, accompanied by the members of the marketing staff.Finally, the time everyone has been looking forward to, the interview of each of the P4 contestants, testimonials and the final weigh in with the help of the BOI Mr Philip Hinog.The audience applauded and cheered the contestants as they received their certificates of participation. After the computation, the winners were called out.Slide3

The 3rd prize went to Mrs. Onovo Blessing for losing 22.5kg of her initial weight which amounted to 41.7% weight lost, she received one P4 package and 20,000 cash prize. The 2nd prize went to Mrs. Udeogu Chinyere for losing 17.5kg of her initial weight which amounted to 50%  weight lost, she received two P4 packages and 35,000 cash prize. The 1st prize went to Miss Rosemary Ekoh for losing 16kg of her initial weight which amounted to 76.2%, she received four P4 packages and 50,000 cash prize. The biggest loser went to Mrs. Onovo Blessing and she received one P4 package. The contestants were full of appreciation and praise to God Almighty and the management of Edmark International Company for giving them the opportunity to be healthy. The 4th batch of P4 Lose to Win contestants came forward and 13 applicants showed interest, signed up and got their B.M.I measured by the members of the marketing staff. Mr Austin presented the ‘P4 LTW Mechanics’ to the newly signed up contestants and also led them through on ‘How To Get Started plan’. We were notified of the upcoming events during the announcement.

With joyful gladness in our hearts, the event came to a happy end, with a closing remark, prayer and the Edmark City Song which left everyone feeling good.

It was truly OUTSTANDING!!!