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By Mktg Eagle, Emmanuel.

It was a great day in Jos, Nigeria on the 18th day of January 2015 as Edmark Nigeria gave birth to a new baby – EDMARK JOS. The grand opening that was graced by the presence of over 1200 distributors and guests started at 12p.m. with a Leaders Meeting with the Chairman, Sam Low. During the meeting, the Chairman welcomed all the leaders from various branches in Nigeria for enhancing the occasion with their presence. He further went on to disclose the three major priorities that will help Edmarkers succeed in their Edmark business; the customers, the staff and management, and finally, the individual themselves. The Chairman stated that for one to succeed, he or she must first win the customers’ trust, confidence, and respect. He went on to state that the staff and management also play a crucial role in success of their business. In priority number three, the Chairman stated, “To be an effective leader, one has to be selfless, responsible, disciplined, and determined.”



A video of the Edmark manufacturing plant was played, showcasing the marvelous and outstanding way at which our products are being produced, illustrating Edmark’s commitment to love all and serve all of humanity.

The Chairman delivered some good news, which includes the new Edmark Application Forms that come in sets of 10s, the Filling System, and the new and improved tumbler. He went on to announce thatmany other branches will soon be opened here in Nigeria; Edmark Uyo, Edmark Ibadan, and Edmark Kaduna, among others.

After the meeting, the Chairman and leaders were amazed to meet a crowd of more than 1200 guests and distributors, excitedly waiting for the official grand opening. EM Habib Mohammed and DM Pius Etekpo delivered the Muslim and Christian prayers respectively. The Chairman officially led the grand opening by the lightning of candles and the ribbon cutting, after which all in attendance proceeded inside the office. Our Senior Operations Manager, Sir Bien Wapanio welcomed all the distributors and guests as well as the leaders in joining him for the cake-cutting and wine toasting. Our Assistant Marketing Manager, Mr Aries Mosaso delivered a special message and welcomed CM Okechukwu Edwin Okechukwu for the first Grand MDR of Edmark Jos. CM Adeyemi Fakomiti was the speaker of the second Grand MDR for the day where the guests had the chance to taste Edmark’s Shake Off and MRT Complex. All in attendance where refreshed as they left joyously with happiness in their hearts.



by: Ms. Gift Daniel

Here comes another incredible occasion in Edmark Port Harcourt as we held our P4 Lose to Win 90th Day Final Weigh-In. The program started at 1pm with a Christian prayer and the national anthem followed by a dynamic dance energizer led by the P4 contestants and the marketing team. No one was left out in the adventure as the occasion was graced with the presence of over 300 attendees. With sparkles in her eyes, CM Ozoemena Okwor welcomed everyone to the occasion as her introduction was done by Mrs. Ngozi Ossai, the host of the occasion who happens to be a P4 contestant. SCM T4 Trainer Mrs. Gift Emelle facilitated the Obesity video after delivering a special message, making everyone understand that obesity is the epidemic illness we are facing today. Following that, a live testimonial was shared by our P4 Ambassador, Mrs. Akuoma Wilson. The 4-Step presentation and the Diet Plan were presented enthusiastically by Mrs. Ibe Amara Precious.


The program was indeed a realization for our distributors and guests towards obesity, which is one of the fastest growing ailments towards human health. Following suit was a special production number by the P4 contestants and staff, brief interviews of all contestants and finally, the official final weigh-in.


After tabulations were finalized, the winners were revealed. The 1st prize crown was won by Mrs. Ruth Ekeke who lost 14kg of her initial weight, now weighing 63kg. She received 3 P4 packages, 50,000 Naira cash and a trophy. The 2nd prize went to Mrs. Ogechi Okorie who lost 16kg of her initial weight, now weighing 70kg. She received 2 P4 packages and 35,000 Naira cash. The 3rd prize went to Mrs. Akubudike Favour Ogechi who lost 17kg from her initial weight, now weighing 75kg. She received 1 P4 package and 20,000 Naira cash. Finally, The Biggest Loser award was presented to Mrs. Ruth Ekeke who was able to lose a whooping sum of 19kg from her initial weight of 104kg and now weighing 85kg. She received 1 P4 package.


The excitement continued with the enrollment for Batch 3 of the P4 Lose to Win 90 Days Challenge. Our distributors were glad to know that the program consists of easy exercise practices and prizes to be won. A total of 30 enrollees enlisted on the program as contenders our P4 Lose to Win Batch 3. The program came to an end with a closing prayer and a zestful dance energizer. We give thanks to God Almighty for making this occasion victorious and extraordinary one.








by: Mr. Haroldneil Sitin

A successful Grand Membership Drive Rally, back to back with P4 Lose to Win 90th Day Weigh-in .These two events was attended by over 255 guests and distributors. The Grand MDR started with a Muslim and Christian prayer led by the attendees. This was followed by a ground breaking dance energizer led by the marketing eagles. Every attendee, new comers and seasoned Edmarkers, joined in the groove of the dance energizer. An outstanding and powerful speaker presented the said seminar in the person of EM Paul Hunsu. He presented the module very well with energy, sense of humor and convincing factor. All in all it is perfectly discussed, from the beginning, up to the end of the slides.

 20150114 GMDR & P4 LTW BATCH 2 (1)

Right after the GMDR is the start of the P4 Lose to Win 90th Day weigh in, event was hosted by one of our outstanding P4 contestant Mrs. Cecillia Ebereonwu. While DM Bode Omisade did the welcome remarks. He expressed his appreciation and gratitude to all leaders in the house who brought their guests and down lines with them. Next, DCM Eugene Mbisike took the floor to give a special message to all present. He motivated them by explicating the benefits they can receive and how it will boost the business when they join the P4 Lose to Win 90 Days Challenge. CM Immaculata Osuagwu, a P4 contestant went on to discuss the P4 testimonies and the diet plan. Everyone was amazed at the discussion as she showed pictures of the testimonies, this leads to another wonderful presentation from our past winner P4 contestant Mr. Richard Dada swigged the audience to another level of excitement with his dance presentation and testimonies for using the Power 4 program. A production number was performed by the P4 contestants, alongside with the marketing eagles. Everyone applauded and cheered as the P4 contestants made their catwalk with round cards. The ambiance of the hall grew lively as everyone was brought to life.

20150114 GMDR & P4 LTW BATCH 2 (2)

Finally, the time has came for the highlight of the day, the weigh-in. Presided by Ms. Maureen Oguama, a marketing eagle, all contestants were called up one by one for a brief interview before stepping up on the weighing scale. Nervousness was visible on their faces as they stood on stage. Nonetheless, the nerves quickly turned into joy after they weighed in, revealing the kilograms of weight loss, the winners & the biggest loser of the 90 days lose to win.

Mrs. Abiola Rosemary Alison came out first position for having reach her 100% BMI which automatically become the 1st ever Nigerian P4 Ambasssor from Edmark Lagos who went home with the prize award of 50,000 naira and 3 p4 package with sv and bv.

20150114 GMDR & P4 LTW BATCH 2 (3)

2nd place goes to Mr. Chukwudi Chukwuemeka for having lost 36% the sum of 35,000 Naira with 2 p4 package with sv and Bv was awarded to him also

3rd Place – Mrs.Cecillia Ebereonwu with the weight loss of 22% and the sum of 20,thousand Naira and 1 p4 package with sv and bv was awarded to her.

Biggest Losser –  Mr. chukwudi chukwuemeka who has the highest weight loss of 13.5kg took home one P4 package with sv and Bv.

The others are still grateful because they have lost weight even though they didn’t meet the required percentage but consolations prize were given to them to appreciate their effort. The contest mechanics was presented by Adekunle Olaifa, also a marketing eagle as he discussed The tokens and prizes which he showed further motivated the attendees to join the contest, at the end of the event we had a total number of 20 contestant for the 3rd batch of P4 lose to win. The event came to an end with happiness on everyone’s faces and also thanking God .




by: Mr. Noren Lugtu

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Christmas waves a wand over this world beautifying everything and everyone. Last December 19, 2014, Edmark Lagos held a colorful and fun-filled Distributors’ Christmas and Year End Party. It was a day of joy, happiness and love as over 500 guests, distributors and leaders joined in the celebration. No matter the age; young, middle aged or elderly, everyone were enjoying a jolly good time.


The event was hosted by DM Fummi Omisade and RM Canice Anozie. It started with a Christian and Muslim opening prayer led by the distributors present, followed by an enthusiastic dance energizer headed by the marketing eagles. Everyone joined the groove, with wide smiles and laughter. The heat of the Sun was no hindrance despite everyone being drenched in sweat in the midst of enjoyment. The newly promoted Assistant Operation Manager, Mr. Rey Batusin gave the opening remarks, followed by DM Bode Omisade who warmly welcomed everyone. The prize presentation started with the early birds who wrote their names during the registration. Some of the top leaders delivered inspirational messages, starting with DCM Emeka Romanus, who shared how big the Edmark business has grown. SCM Gregory Ashibogu was next as he introduced his children to everyone and where they are studying now all thanks to his Edmark business. To give a special message, Senior Operation Manager, Mr. Bien Wapanio took the stage to share some good news, among them, the new upcoming products and the soon-to-open Edmark branches. He went on to call up Assistant Marketing Manager, Mr. Aries Mosaso and Marketing Officer Ms. Maame Afful who thanked everyone for coming and cheerfully greeted them “Merry Christmas”.


A Christmas dance presentation was performed by the complete team of staff including the teams from marketing, counter, RDU, accounts and maintenance. Cameras and videos of the attendees were flashing away, capturing and recording the lively performance. CM Ismail Abdulmodiu continued the inspirational message by introducing his wife and son to all present. It was followed by games presided by Stellamaries. Among the games played were ‘Bring Me’, ‘Eating Bread’ and ‘Apple Eating’. Everyone who participated received prizes. Last but not the least, DCM Eugene Mbisike and his wife took the stage to share a dose of inspiration. Their message albeit brief, was heartfelt and meaningful. The Christmas Party could not end without the exchanging of gifts participated by 20 distributors. Everyone was excited with the gifts they received. The final part of the program was another set of games, namely, ‘Pick Up while Blind Folded’, ‘Balloon Bursting’ and a dance showdown for the children. All the kids were called on to go in front to dance. As the music played, all of them showed their best dance moves. All of the attendees surrounded them to see the little ones perform. In the end, the emerging winner received a cash prize from Mr. Bien while the others received consolation prizes.


The event came to an end with a closing prayer, thanking God for the joyous Christmas season, for all the blessings that we have all received from January up to December. The Edmark City song wrapped up the day as everyone danced to the beat with food and drinks distributed after.


20141217 Car Presentation (1)

20141217 Car Presentation (2)


 by: Clara Obaze

“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sit back and let things happen to them.” It was with this motive that over 150 guests and distributors assembled for our 17th MLT & TNT seminar . The event began at about 10:00 am with a Christian and Muslim prayer. This was immediately followed by our electrifying dance energizer led by our marketing eagles who took charge of the stage and the audience followed suit in the electrifying arena.The event proper began with our host for the day who was SM Kingsley Anozie introducing each speaker to their seats.

20141128 MLT TNT (1)


Developing your Edmark business Team was anchored by EM Kennedy Ezurike. The T4 trainer explained to the audience how they can develop their Edmark business team, through hard work and team work so as to make and achieve goals which have been set in any business because no one is an island of its own. Edmark has created a platform for team work in one of their programs which is the Leadership and Team building camp (LTBC). A little demonstration was done as the guests were divided into small groups to tackle the question of why they want to become an Edmark distributor and also their long term and short term goals. Understanding the Edmark Education System was taken by our T3 EM Paul Hunsu. He enlightened them that for them to make progress in their Edmark they have to increase the number of distributors, average sales and frequency in their purchase. This can be done only when attend all the seminars and events so as to fully understand the company and all its products and usefulness.

20141128 MLT TNT (4)DM Bode Omisade took the Mentoring Support Program and Edmark Team Leaders. Here, he told them the need and efficacy of all Edmark events when they attend and put to practice the knowledge acquired from such events and also lead and advice your team members to do same. A person must also be a prosumer of the Edmark product. Understanding Network Marketing was taken by T4 CM Maryaks Daniyan.  She made the audience to understand that there is a purpose for everything in life and when the purpose isn’t known, abuse is inevitable. Know why you are into the network marketing business and all it entails and you will be effective and efficient in it. Mastering selling which was anchored by EM Paul Hunsu. He advised them that not   everyone is fit to distributor, and as such certain questions are to be asked before enrolment. Motivating was taken by our T4 master trainer CM Maryaks Daniyan. She said that in the network business, you are bound to come across so many people with different characteristics, so it’s your duty to detect them so as to have a good business also be a motivator to others.

20141128 MLT TNT (3)Mentoring was taken by DM Bode Omisade. To be a good mentor one must have to undergo training and daily acquire knowledge. Some events in our Edmark Educational System can assist us.  Once we can understand and put it into practice we are sure of duplicating it over and over again following the Edmark mission of helping people succeed in health, wealth and total wellbeing.

20141128 MLT TNT (2)

Certificates were given to the speakers .The event ended successfully with the audience feeling fulfilled at the magnitude of knowledge they got from all the speakers.






Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may have a negative effect on health, leading to reduced life expectancy or increased health problems. Diabetes, heart diseases and obesity do not run in the family. Obesity is a serious problem that is not going to be solved in the courtroom but through DIET AND EXERCISE.
With that, the event began at 12noon with the Christian and Muslim prayers followed by dance energizers led by the marketing staffs and P4 models.SM COMFORT AMEH welcomed all to the P4 Lose to Win 60th Day Weigh-in while T3/SM BINTA A. MOHD gave a special message on the LOSE TO WIN program.
T3/SM SUNDAY ALEMIKA created awareness on the P4 Lose to Win program by showing the Obesity video and it proved as an eye opener to all present on the need to burn their excess fats. MTKG STAFFFRIDAY FELIX showed all why they need to LOSE TO WIN and lead them through the P4 DIET PLAN while the mechanics of the contest were explained by MTKG STAFF JUSTINA SIMON.
Next in line was the production number by the P4 models and the official weigh-in of the P4 contestants followed by a string of brief interviews. No token was won but the contestants were all overwhelmed with their weight loss percentage and believed that if they put more effort, they will emerge as winners in the 90th Day grand finale. In her closing remarks, DM RUKKAIYA SADIQ thanked all for attending and urged them to stay healthy and keep the fire of networking burning. The event came to a colorful end with closing prayers and the Edmark City song.


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