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Edmark Lagos 90th Day P4 Lose To Win Final Weigh-In

EDMARK LAGOS Grand Membership Drive Rally

A beautiful day it was, as guests and distributors gathered for the Grand Membership Drive Rally held on the 14th of October 2014. We had a total number of 77 guests and 27 distributors, enthusiastically geared towards the educational seminar.The event commenced with the Christian opening prayer, followed by a dance energizer led by our ever-dynamic marketing eagles alongside the STP Batch 26 graduates.The eloquent speaker, SM Canice Anozie explicated and detailed the various Edmark products as well as the marketing plan. He further explained the benefits and efficacy of our products, starting with the Shakeoff Phyto Fiber for detoxification, Meal Replacement Therapy (MRT) to burn fat, Splina Liquid Chlorophyll for balancing, and the Ginseng and Red Yeast coffees for Rejuvenation.  He reiterated that with these Edmark products, everyone is able to fight obesity, colon cancer and other aliments naturally. In addition, one is able to live a healthy life while making a living through the Edmark Marketing Plan in achieving residual income.In the course of the seminar, some among the guests were called upon to taste two of our products, Shakeoff Phyto Fiber and MRT. The Body Mass Index (BMI) of guests was taken.



A product testimony was presented by Mgr. Mr Ayodele Awonaike who shared his personal experience with the Edmark Spiro and Splina products, particularly on how they saved his life. An income testimony was delivered by CM Ismail Abudumodiu who encouraged all guests present to persevere relentlessly towards achieving their aim. All it takes is patience, commitment and hard work.




By Mktg Eagle Ayo



On 26th September 2014, hundreds of Edmarkers both within and beyond the city of Osogbo trooped out to attend the branch’s first ever MLT/TNT. The seminar is an integral part of our Edmark Educational System (EES) designed to educate the Edmarkers on the essentiality of mentoring leaders and their downlines. Edmark, as a multi-level marketing company is the best in the industry with their 71% total payout. The seminar witnessed an impressive turnout of Edmarkers, held at the Governor’s Hall of Leisure Spring Hotel, Osogbo. The hall was radiantly decorated with colorful fabrics, enhancing the ambience of the event.
The event started with the registrations, followed by opening prayers by a Christian and Muslim distributor respectively. A powerful dance energizer led by the marketing eagles and leaders actively prepared the audience for the eventful day ahead.


DM Adesina Adeyinka delivered the welcome remarks, warmly welcoming the audience to the training. The host of the day, SM Ogbodo Sunday promptly invited the first speaker for the day, EM Kennedy Enzurike who left no stone unturned as he extensively explained  the first module, ‘Developing your Edmark Business Team’. CM Ismail Abdulmodu presented the second module, ‘Understanding the Edmark Education’ through “edu-tainment”, captivating the enthusiastic attendees. CM Adeyemi Fakomiti led the third module, ‘The mentor support program and Edmark Business’ while the last module for the first half of the session, ‘The Tactical Meeting’ was elucidated by DCM Emeka Romanus Ononiwu. The articulate speaker emphasized on the needs for weekly tactical meeting which serves as the yardstick for a team poised to excel. All participants were divided into small groups.Slide2

Lunch time boosted the energy level as all the participants were duly served. In the second half of the seminar TNT, CM Ismail Abdulmodu delivered module one, ‘Understand Network Marketing’. He explained network marketing and how to maximize sales in this competitive world. DCM Emeka Romanus Ononiwu spoke on module two, ‘Mastering Selling’ which is the secret behind prospecting, presenting and handling objectives. EM Kennedy Enzuirike tactically presented the module three, ‘Mastering Motivation’. He focused on the utmost need for self-motivation. Finally, CM Adeyemi Fakomiti explicated module four, ‘Mastering Mentoring’ where he emphasized mentoring as a tool in leading business partners in their businesses, especially in challenging situations.


After an informative and educational day, Certificates of Appreciation were presented to the various speakers.  Thereafter, the event came to an end with the Edmark City song and a photography session.







EDMARK LAGOS Grand Membership Drive Rally

It was truly a wonderful and fun-filled day as over 60 guests and 40 distributors gathered for our Grand Membership Drive Rally held at the Edmark Lagos hall on the 10th of October 2014.The event started at 11am with a Christian and Muslim opening prayer led by a guest present. A dance energizer led by the dynamic marketing eagles, uplifting the spirits of the guests and distributors followed this.After the zestful dance energizer, the host welcomed the eloquent speaker of the seminar, EM John-Mabun A.A, who spoke extensively and convincingly about everyone’s need to detoxify using the Edmark Shake Off Phyto Fiber. He also spoke about the Meal Replacement Therapy (MRT) used to burn fat.



A product demonstration was done in the presence of the guests to buttress the speaker’s point on top of giving the guests a taste of the products. The Body Mass Index (BMI) of some of the guests was measured to identify those who are over and underweight. However, he assured them that there is hope for those who were overweight to enroll in the ongoing P4 Lose To Win challenge, especially since we are in the business of weight loss.He further enlightened the guests on the business aspect; how they can make money while living a healthy life. The product testimony was done by DM Matthew Jimot, explaining how the Splina Liquid Chlorophyll worked wonders on many of whom he had come in contact with. CM Jessica Ezeani also took the floor to motivate the guests with her mind-blowing income testimony. She encouraged them not to give up, but rather, to strive to be a better person financially and health wise. This dual goal can be achieved through the Edmark business.Finally, there was a huddle time for our guests to register and join in the business.




COUNTRY                 NIGERIA

EVENT                       47th GRAND MDR

EVENT DATE             5th September 2014



AUTHOR                    UGWUAGBO ANTHONY


EMAIL                        tonybanks965@gmail.com

DATE SUBMITTED     October 2014


Another successful grand MDR was held at the Enugu’s hall of success, and this time it the 47th of its kind. Distributors far and near emerged the hall with their guests in colorful attires. It kicked off with an opening prayer followed by some ice breakers to energize our guests and finally the Edmark dance energizer which really triggered the excitement of our attendees.

47th gmdr

The event properly began with the introduction of the speaker, EM. Chiawa Maureen who deliberately discussed and showcased the power4 healthy and Sliming products which are (Shake off Phyto Fiber) for detoxification, Burn fat and remain Nourished with (MRT), (Splina Liquid Chlorophyll) for Balancing Purifying the Blood, and to be Rejuvenated with our (Ginseng and Red Yeast cafe’) and she took it in a moderate rate one after the other, in the course of the seminar the colon video was played, and the demo and the (BMI) body mass index were done to increase the understanding of the audience; She further introduced the business opportunity, which she stressed more on empowering the people with our business opportunity thereby advising all that were present to never go without embracing this business platform that Edmark has offered. She explained the nine great bonuses in Edmark accordingly; briefly she talked about the 4 Steps to Success as she encouraged all to keep duplicating the method regularly to achieve their financial freedom.

The event was spiced with Product and Income testimonial, and also the warm welcome and appreciation of the guests and new registered distributors.

The event successfully ended with a closing prayer said by one of our distributors.



Edmark Amnesty Bonanza 01




“Before success comes in any man’s life, he is sure to meet with much temporary defeat, and perhaps, some failure. When defeat overtakes a man, the easiest and most logical thing to do is to quit. That is exactly what the majority of men do.”

Napoleon Hill

Most of those whom we see have succeeded today will say that it is a result of perseverance. Having endured with much determination and dedication, making it up the ladder of success to the level of a Diamond, Edmark Kano celebrated the effort and commitment of three distributors, having achieved the title Diamond Managers on 27th September 2014. Beginning with the invocations to the Almighty creator and the recital of the national anthem, the achievers were ushered in by a large crowd gathered in the multipurpose hall of Digital Bridge Centre. Attendees came from all walks of life to celebrate the successes of the achievers. There was series of dance energizers led by the ever-ready marketing eagles and some STPs, enthusiastically participated by all as it lightened the atmosphere with much joy and excitement. The experience was definitely an eye-opener for first timers at an Edmark event.Picture1

EM Christy warmly welcomed everyone and expressed her gratitude to all who were present in celebration of the achievers. She encouraged everyone to sit back, relax and enjoy the activities of the day. This was followed by a motivational message from CM Rufus P. Emakunu. He emphasized on the need to work hard as he spelt out the roles and benefits of being a Diamond Manager.Picture2

This occasion was graced with the presence of the Crown Councils as they honoured each of the achievers by decorating them with the Diamond Manager pins. DM Sani emerged as the most outstanding for all his commitment and dedication in his business on top of his active participation in the EES. Concurrently, cheers of excitement from friends, families and well-wishers filled the hall as everyone commemorated the success.Picture3

Additional highlights of the event were a special number from the staff as well as a song serenade, honouring the achievers. A short video of their journey and their ‘Zero to Hero’ transformation was shown to the amazement of all, with joy radiating from their faces. The event gradually came to its summit when announcements of our upcoming events were made. The achievers expressed their heartfelt appreciation to the management team for the honour and recognition. With closing prayers and the Edmark City song, the event came to an end in joyful satisfaction of the successful celebration.Picture4


To be a champion, you have to believe in yourself when no one else will; achievers never quit even in the face of disappointments or challenges just as quitters never win…

Edmark… Truly outstanding!!!

Edmark Lagos P4 Lose to Win Batch 2, 30th Day Weigh-in


Edmark Lagos P4 lose to Win Batch 2