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Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life. Think of it, dream of it, and live by that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves and every part of your body be full of that idea and leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success.SOC1

29th of November 2014 was a great and inspiring day for all Managers, Sapphire Managers and Ruby Managers in Edmark Abuja as they celebrated their Social Day Recognition at Hotel de Horizon. The occasion was graced by high profile guests and leaders of Edmark Abuja. The event started with an opening prayer followed by a powerful dance energizer led by the marketing eagles and STP batch 14. The host of the event Mr. Peter Okoh introduced SCM Modesta. Nwatu who did the welcome remarks. She welcomed everyone present at the event saying that this was their starting point in the business. In her words, “Your brave effort in this business can make you a success and take you to the top. Your achievement is determined by the effort you put into the business.”SOC2

The MDR presentation was handled by CM Ikechukwu who explained the effectiveness of our products, namely Shake Off, MRT Complex, Splina Liquid Chlorophyll, Ginseng and Red Yeast Coffee. He went on to explain the marketing plan to the new guests in the house and what they could achieve if they signed up to join the business. At the end of the presentation, many guests made up their mind to sign up and be a part of Edmark’s global family. Senior Distributors to Assistant Managers were recognised, followed by the Managers, Sapphire Managers and Ruby Managers being called on stage for their recognition handled by the Crown Councils and leaders. Respective pins were awarded to the great achievers. Awards were given to the Most Outstanding Managers, Sapphire Managers and Ruby Managers with a testimony by each achiever respectively.SOC3

The roles and benefits of Ruby Managers were presented by CM Pricilla Orji. She spoke about the 14% Manager bonus, 3% Achievement bonus and also the 2% Travelling fund, iterating that these were the privileges of a Ruby Manager in this wonderful company.A dance and music presentation was done by our newly promoted managers. Announcement of good news  was made by marketing-in-charge, Joshua Lekan who invited SCM Nwatu Nicodemus for the closing remark. The event came to a close with the closing prayer and a final dance energizer. It was an inspiring event that impacted, encouraged and motivated everyone to put more effort in their Edmark business.SOC4



Health they say, is wealth and since Edmark is fully committed to help each and every one of us succeed in health, wealth and total well-being, we educated our guests and distributors with a powerful Grand MDR on the 26th of November 2014. We had over 107 attendees who came to expatiate on their knowledge about healthy living, 56 being guests and 51 being distributors. The event started with an opening prayer followed by a dance energizer that boosted everyone to their peak statesfor the seminar.MDR-1

The speaker of the day was introduced in the person of CM Ikechukwu Edwin who came forward with overflowing energy, determined to create an impact in the lives of the audience. He started by creating a warm rapport with the audience,asking them reasons for why they were present. He went on to talk about the P4 slimming products beginning with Shake Off Phyto Fiber, MRT, Ginseng and Red Yeast Coffees, clearly stating the functions and benefits of the products. Moving on, the BMI of several guests were measured as an indicator of the state of their personal health.MDR-2

After covering the health aspect of the business, our guests were also eager to know about the monetary aspect of the business. Our speaker spoke about the Compensation Plan starting with the 9 Great Bonuses and the 71% total payout Edmark gives to its distributors. Our guests were clearly marveled and some signed up for the business without hesitation. He encouraged everyone to be a part of the Edmark family.  We rounded up the day with a brief Christian and Muslim closing prayer.


It was a gracious day in Port Harcourt as our Edmark branch hosted the Social Day Recognition to boost and motivate the young beginners in the business. The recognition took place on the 5th of December 2014 at Edmark Port Harcourt’s compound.  Over 300 attendees graced the celebration of our July to October 2014, Senior Distributors to Ruby Managers recognition. The program started with registration and opening prayer followed by the Nigerian national anthem and a series of vigorous dance energizers which kept the atmosphere vibrant, all set for the day’s event. The energetic host, Mr. Iyke Jiakponna invited CM Carine Okonkwo on stage as she gave the welcome remarks ushering us to the event proper.     


As the recognition progressed, Senior Distributors to Assistant Managers were joyously acknowledged by our Crown Council members. These set of achievers were excited knowing that they were not left out of the recognition. Adding spice to the event was a token presentation to the ‘Early Bird’, the first person to grace the occasion. The roles and benefits of a Ruby Manager were handled by our guest speaker, T3 Trainer, SCM Chioma Amadi. From Managers to Ruby Managers were elated and encouraged to put more effort into the business.


The newly promoted Managers, Sapphire Managers and Ruby Managers were recognized as their names appeared on screen. The Most Outstanding Manager was awarded to Mrs. Gloria Okere, the Most Outstanding Sapphire Manager to Mrs. Obiageri Mazi while Ms. Joy Igwe was crowned the Most Outstanding Ruby Manager, respectively rewarded for their EES involvement, leadership and sales performance.


In addition, to keep the attendees cheering through the event a game session was held with the participation of both the distributors and guests. The crowd roared with laughter and excitement as tokens were given to the winners and all contestants.


Finally, the event came to an end with a closing prayer and the Edmark City song. It was a fun-filled and successful recognition as the day came to an end on a joyous note.



It was a remarkable day for everyone in the northern part of Nigeria, Kano, as we hosted the 30thDay Weigh-in for the P4 Lose to Win contestants. The event commenced at 12 noonwith the registration, invocation for both Muslim and Christian, followed by an electrifying dance energizer led by the Marketing Eagle. The opening remarks were presented by SM Uju Veronica Ezeaku who warmly welcomed everyone, especially the leaders and guests present.

EDITED - 12.4 Eugene - 30th day KANO 1

The video clips of all contestants were played to show the journey they have embarked so far in the past 30 days, after which SM Abdulrahman Isyaku took the stage for a special message. He spoke about the rate by which people are becoming overweight and obese in the world due the unhealthy lifestyles they live, leading to various kinds of diseases. He affirmed thatEdmark is providing us the solution; the P4 Lose to Win 90 Days Challenge through the use of the P4 healthy living products; SHAKE OFF, MRT, SPLINA ,GINSENG and REDYEAST COFFEE.

speacial msg


To show the effectiveness of the products, testimonies from other branches and countries were showcased and presented by one of our leaders, SM Josephine Adoli alongside the Diet Plan while the mechanics of the contest was explained by marketing staff, Friday Felix.

EDITED - 12.4 Eugene - 30th day KANO 2


Finally, the official weigh-in took place. After tabulations, contestants were encouraged to keep up their weight loss journey and aim higher in the next weigh-in as no contestants’ weight loss percentage qualified for a token. Other highlights of the day were the Production Number performed to the delight of the guests, the announcements, the closing remarks. The day’s event came to an end with the closing prayer.



COUNTRY                            : NIGERIA

EVENT                                   : EMERALD RECOGNITION

EVENT DATE                       : NOVEMBER 28 2014

VENUE                                  : MAY FAIR EGBU ROAD OWERRI, IMO STATE


AUTHOR                               : AMADI AUSTIN


EMAIL                                  : austin@edmarker.com

DATE SUBMITTED           : DECEMBER 10 2014


EDMARK OWERRI   2ND EMERALD RECOGNITION                                                                 

Desire is the key to motivation, but it is determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal that will enable you to attain the success you seek – Mario Andretti.

Edmark International is a great company that believes in the law of celebration and appreciation because we believe that it is a fuel of motivation and in relation to our recognition cycle, Edmark Owerri branch held her 2ND Emerald Recognition on the 28th of November, 2014 at the exclusive hall of Mayfair Resort located at Egbu road, Owerri.


It was indeed a remarkable event that shaped the history of Edmarkers from Owerri, as it witnessed a massive number of attendees (390 distributors and 58 guests); a conglomeration of young and the old from far and near. The presence of most of our leaders was deeply felt as they aided the success of the event. The celebrants were seated at their beautifully designated positions on the stage.

In a grand and sequential order, the event commenced by 11:00am with an invocation by a Christian distributor followed suit was our breathtaking dance energizers being masterminded by the Marketing staff in order to help the audience maintain a maximum state of alertness during the programme. The Nigerian national Anthem was belted out as the massive audience stood still as a mark of respect and loyalty to our fatherland.Slide3

The heartfelt welcome remarks were briefly anchored by Mrs. Chibuzor Oparaeke, a Crown manager. With face full of smiles, the T4 trainer expressed his profound gratitude to the Almighty creator and specially thanked the audience for gracing the event. She stressed that the event is indeed a history-making one and equally praised the morale of our Emerald managers. The car fund qualifier urged the audience to leverage on the lifetime opportunity that is available in Edmark business and experience a life of health and financial freedom. The event was equally sparkled up with interesting game sessions creating an atmosphere of fun and entertainment.


Consequently, the host with great zest introduced Mrs. Keke Victoria to throw more light on the Roles and Benefits of the Emerald manager to the reminiscence of the celebrants (Emerald managers).During her brief speech, the Crown manager admonished the celebrants not to relent but to aspire for higher positions in Edmark business. The T4 trainer equally urged them to be a good up line to their business partners (Down liners) and above all, do Edmark business with passion and transparency.

The journey so far of the Emerald managers were displayed to the rapt-attentive audience, as they carefully watched the Audio- visual Display (AVP) which consists of a short video clip of pre and post activities of the celebrants.Slide4



During the recognition of Emerald managers proper, the host ushered in Edmark Owerri leaders to anchor the moment, as total number of ten celebrants were fully recognized and adorned with flowers and leis. The certificates of appreciation were equally awarded to each and every one of them as the audience applauded their great achievements. The award for the most outstanding Emerald manager was belted out to Mrs. Stella Onyeagbakor courtesy of her unflinching commitment to Edmark Education System (EES and to the Edmark business.Slide2


It was immediately followed by snapshots. It was for yet another moment of motivation for the massive audience as the listened to the inspirational talk being anchored by Mrs.Uche Amah. The Double Crown Manager in her talk encouraged the audience to do Edmark with all zealousness saying that Edmark is indeed committed to its mission; Helping people succeed in health, wealth and total well-being. The announcement our upcoming events were belted out by the host and the event came to an end by 3:00pm with a closing prayer followed by our Edmark city song.

To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe – MARIANNE WILLIAMSON.


Edmark… Feel Good Now!





















COUNTRY                            : NIGERIA

EVENT                                   : GRAND MDR / T4 BATCH 2 GRADUATIONS.

EVENT DATE                       : NOVEMBER 21, 2014.

VENUE                                  : EDMARK ONITSHA SEMINAR HALL


AUTHOR                               : SAMUEL OGBONNA


EMAIL                                  : SAMUEL@EDMARKER.COM

DATE SUBMITTED           : NOVEMBER 28, 2014.

The need to learn more about the business that have made them stand out was the motivation as Edmarkers joined in the branch’s weekly Grand Membership Rally held at Edmark Onitsha’s Seminar Hall. The day also marked the addition of a new set of leaders who are EES-compliant as the Mini Graduation of T4 Batch 2 was simultaneously held.

Our Grand MDR Speaker, RM Emmanuel Ugwuoke T3 comprehensively explained why Edmark is and will always remain the leading MLM company in the world. Our Power4 products have demonstrated its capability to demolish excess fat with testimonies from around the globe. He encouraged all, especially the guests to embrace these products and eliminate obesity from our society.

EDITED - 28.2 Samuel - GMDR & T4 BATCH 2  PPT-by francis

During the Business Opportunity presentation, he used himself as a practical example of how Edmark’s Double Bonus Marketing Plan can enrich your pocket. He left a job in one of the commercial banks to join this business and have not regretted ever since. Outstanding Income and Product testimonies from the attendees gave credence to what he has been saying.

The T4 Mini Graduation was the culmination of a week-long training of selected individuals, training them to excel better in their business and other spheres of life. The trainers, being men of proven repute did not disappoint with the regime that they gave the trainees, and the branch can proudly say that we have produced another group of leaders as a result of this training.

Highlights of this occasion were the cutting of the cake and presentation of gifts to the trainers.



COUNTRY                    : NIGERIA

EVENT                              : GRAND MDR     

EVENT DATE               : November 21st 2014

VENUE                             : EDMARK ENUGU SEMINAR HALL


AUTHOR                       : OKPA NANCY


EMAIL                              : NANCY@EDMARKER.COM

DATE SUBMITTED  : Dec.  2014


It was another informative seminar that enhanced the knowledge of everyone present on what it takes to achieve their goals in life, how to be healthy, wealthy and maintain their total well-being. The seminar started with an opening prayer and dance energizer that accelerated the energy levels of everyone present, boosting the audience to their peak states.


The training commenced with the introduction of the speaker, T3 trainer Ntah David who spoke on living a healthy life. He enlightened the audience on how to prevent diseases andkeeping the colon clean in order to prevent various diseases in bid of maintaining a healthy body. As he discussed and showcasedthe outstanding products, Shake Off PhytoFibre and MRT he explained how it aids the battle against obesity in order for individuals to achieve their ideal weights.The products were introduced with some free sampling. He proceeded to the next segment which covered the Liquid Chlorophyllfor balancing and the Ginseng and Red Yeast coffees for rejuvenation. He stressed on the health benefits of consuming all the products and went on to explain the marketing plan where he showcased the bonuses that Edmark offers. The speaker advised the audience to judiciously do their business in a systematic way in order to excel and achieve their goals here in Edmark. The speaker was overflowing in energy enthusiasm he imparted the knowledge to the audience.


The welcoming of newly registered distributors lightened up the event as they were encouraged to consistently attend seminars and trainings and to do their business judiciously.


All upcoming announcements were made to update our attendees and that led to the end of the event with a closing prayer, followed by the Edmark City dance.



Edmark Port Hartcourt Upcoming Big events 1


Edmark Port Hartcourt Upcoming Big events 2

Edmark Port Hartcourt Upcoming Big events 3

Edmark Port Hartcourt Upcoming Big events 4


Article by Eugene Tanjueco

Edmark International is a unique MLM that gives smart people the opportunity to build and channel all their strategies and values to their own business. With its unmatchable marketing plan and saleable products, it continues to send smart people on their way to becoming successful entrepreneurs. It was another knowledge-enhancing day as Edmark Port Harcourt held its Working Smart Seminar and TAB-00 seminar. The event saw 81 attendees took their seats in the Hall of Love listening to the dynamic speakers, T4 Trainer CM Mr. Alfred Ozuzo and T3 Trainer CM Mr. Clement Okparaku.



The Seminar started at 11am with an opening prayer and a dazzling dance energizer that warmed up the attendees. T4 Master Trainer CM Mr. Alfred Ozuzu who presented the first and second module, ‘Fundamentals of MLM’ and ‘Types of Compensation Plan’ did well in educating and motivating the distributors.


Next on the trainers list was a man who has learned so much from his past experiences in other MLMs and ultimately finding home in Edmark, T3 Trainer CM Clement Okparaku. It was no surprise when the whole hall erupted in cheers and applause as he was called on to present Module 3 and 4 of the WSS, ‘Discoveries & The Road Ahead’ and ‘Where to Go & What to Do’. He comprehensively spoke on all his experiences, sharing the expertise that he has.


Immediately after that, a short break was observed for lunch before he kicked of the TAB-00. T4 Master Trainer CM Alfred Ozuzu was call on the podium for the first and second module, ‘Introduction’ and ‘What They Will Tell You?’, while T3 Trainer CM Clement Okparaku handled module three and module four ‘What They Will Not Tell You?’ and ‘What the Professionals Will Tell You?’. Time was given to the first timers and refreshers to relate how much they have learned from the day’s training with an overflow of positive responses.



They unanimously pledged to doing the Edmark Busines the smart way as their eyes are now open to knowing it is an authentic MLM. In appreciation for a job well done the Marketing Head of Edmark Port Harcourt, Ms. Annabelle Legaspi awarded the two Master trainers with Certificates.



Edmark Port Harcourt’s Working Smart Seminar/Tab-00 was a huge success nailing in the message that working smart is the way to truly lead them to success. To God be the glory for another successful seminar. Feel Good Now!!!


Crowns by ChichiGMDR by ChichiLeaders meeting by ChichiP4 by ChichiHausa by ChichiParty by Chichihtgs