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AUTHOR: Francisca Okonkwor & Mat 

Date: 29th of January 2016.

The MLT/TNT event held on the 29th January at the royal event hall, Ikeja Lagos, was outstanding more than we could have imagined. It is true that when there is a will, a way would emerge.  The event hall suddenly appeared smaller as guests trooped in earlier before the event commenced. Meanwhile, not appreciating the effort of all the speakers for that day would be unruly, as they made it perfect with their ever convincing speeches.


At 9:00am before the seminar commenced, we appreciated the almighty, in the Christian and Muslim way. The Christian and Muslim prayer was done . The registration then followed and the guests, distributors were ushered in. our powerful dance energizer followed which was done by the ever dynamic marketing eagles to warm up the audience.


Trainers for the day are : T3- EM Kingsley Anozie,T3- EM John Mabun, T3-SM Canice Chinedu Anozie, T3-RM Ogundokun Olatunde, T3-EM Millerson Emmanuel, T4-SCM Jessica Ezeani.


The seminar commenced fully with a welcome remark done by DCM Emeka Romanus, after which the speakers were called on, one after another for their training. The trainers were amazing; the most encouraging part was the Total Corporation and attention by the audience.


There was a short expo rally which was done with the intention to bring to the understanding of everyone what Expo is all about. This was done by one the marketing eagle.


Afterwards, there was a lunch break, shortly after the refreshments the last module which was mentoring and motivating was taken by our outstanding SCM Jessica Ezeani. She was a blast, her speech was convincing and motivating as she shared her experience as an Edmarker at the same time, encouraged everyone to grab the great lifetime opportunity edmark offers.


The seminar was rounded off at 4:30pm with announcement, the closing prayer and EDMARK CITY song was followed.




“Don’t worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition.” – Abraham Lincoln
Kicking off the month of February, Edmark Benin City hosted our 2nd Diamond Recognition back-to-back with the P4 Lose to Win 60th Day Weigh-in on 5 February 2016 at the Mechantronic Plaza. The weigh-in tabulation saw a contestant winning 1 bottle of Splina Liquid Chlorophyll for hitting the targeted weight loss while others were encouraged to persistently work towards achieving their ideal weight.

Moving on to the second half of the event, the recognition and decoration of the newly promoted Diamond Managers were done by DCM Monica Nwokike and CM Cynthia Kally. The Diamond Managers shared their testimonies while encouraging all to focus and grow their Edmark business.
Thank you for joining us in the celebration. We look forward to seeing you at our next event.
Feel Good Now!


Edited Grand MDR


In marketing, a corporate anniversary is a celebration of a firms continued existence after a particular number of years. It was really a special day on January 23, 2016 at Edmark International Jos Branch as she celebrated her first year anniversary back to back with Social Day Recognition, where achievers in the Edmark  business were recognized and pinned accordingly.


By 10:00am the vicinity was already crowded as registration commenced at the customer care. Starting up the program was an opening prayer said by a Muslim and Christian respectively followed a dance energizer, which was done by the marketing eagles. The Branch-in-charge in person of Mr. Amedu Shehu brought the welcome remarks were he appreciated everyone present from guests, distributors & leaders, motivated them to keep on the pace on their business as Edmark is moving forward. Special message followed and was delivered by the Senior Operations Manager Mr. Bien Wapanio, he charged up the crowd asking everybody to take a standing position and massage their neighbor to relieve and comfort them off the stress. The SOM invited everyone on the upcoming EXPOs on different branches and also mention the importance of it. He encouraged the distributors to be focus and relentless on their pursuit, he also told distributors on the details of the construction of Edmark City in Lagos and on the new products that are on the way coming.




All work and no play the say makes Jack a dull boy. Game was not left out from the event as games plays important role in maintaining a healthy mind, body and soul and making everyone lively. Winners in the game were awarded with tokens.  EM Christopher highlighted the Roles and benefits one stand by being a Ruby manager was presented by EM Christpher Obaje. Thereafter proceeded recognitions of achievers starting from the Managers rank, which was offered by DM Geoffrey Merji, followed by Newly Promoted Sapphire Managers and lastly, the new Ruby Manager recognition which was done by DM Etekpo & Chioma Pius.

The marketing eagles entertained the crowd with their production number, followed by another game. A video was shown to the audience depicting the journey of Edmark Jos on its first year, it composes of photos from different events like Trainings, Recognitions, Special Holiday celebration, etc..  To crown up the celebration, the slicing of cake was done by the Senior Operation Manager, Branch In-Charge & the top leaders that are present, which was followed by the splina toasting for a more prosperous and blissful year to come.

Closing remarks was done by CM Ikechukwu Ikechukwu. He thanked everybody for coming and encouraged distributors and told invited guest to join the business and admonished distributors to make their dreams come true.  The event ended by 4:00 pm with a closing prayer.  Everybody was filled with joy to have experienced such event.



Edmark Benin City kicked off the year with the congregation of like-minds at Nakhie and Kalame Hall for the 6thGoals Setting Seminar (GSS) amidst loud cheers and applause from our Distributors.

The day’s training was led by EM Emmanuel Ndubisi, EM AusleineNennena, CM Ismail Abdulmodiu and our visiting speaker, DCM Prince Okoye. Slide1

After an enlightening day of GSS, we closed with thanks and prayers as everyone left the venue, equipped with fresh knowledge to continually grow their Edmark business.



See you at our next event!
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Having a great idea and assembling a team to bring that concept to life is the first step in creating a successful business venture. While finding a new and unique idea is rare, the ability to successfully execute this idea is what separates the dreamers from the entrepreneurs; a leader from the leaders.

It was with this drive thatover 170 distributors gathered for our MLT & TNT seminar on the 29th January, 2016. The event began at 11:30 am with a Christian prayer.  This was followed by our powerful dance energizer led by the marketing eagles, leaders and the speakers.
The hostess; Mrs. Clara was always on hand to put life into the event with her know-how, as she gracefully introduced the first speaker for the day, T4; CM  Chibuzor Okparaeke who anchored Module 1 (Developing Your Edmark Business Team) as she discuss explicitly on how to develop a fit team. Module 2 (Understanding the Edmark Education system) was handled by T4; SCM Nicodemus Nwatu as he gave knowledge on the importance and benefits of the Edmark Education System (EES).


The third speaker was T4; CM Japheth Obiora who handled the Module 3 (The Mentor Support Program and Edmark Business Team Leaders) as he clearly and succinctly described the Edmark business team leaders and Module 4 (The Tactical Meeting) was handled by T4; SCM Nicodemus Nwatu who in his words “Communication is important because if you cannot relate your vision to your team, you won’t all be working towards the same goal”. This expository session paved way to the lunch break and we were treated to a sumptuous meal.
The second part of the event kicked off with a dance energizer in the Expo Dance sequence. The first speaker, T4; CM Japheth Obiora analyzed TNT Module 1 (Understanding Network Marketing) and Module 2 (Mastering Selling, Prospecting, Presenting, Handling Objectives), he expressively gave information to the network marketing business and what it entails.

T4; SCM Nicodemus Nwatu did not leave any stone unturned as he anchored Module 3 (Mastering Motivation). In his words “Some decisions will not always be so clear-cut, you may be forced at times to deviate from the your set course and make on the fly decision, this is where your abilities will prove to be vital”. T4; CM Chibuzor Okparaeke steered Module 4 (Mastering Mentoring), in her words, “a good mentor must undergo training to acquire knowledge, not forgetting to inspire his/her team, acknowledging work that everyone has dedicated and commend the team on each of their efforts and that begins with an outward appreciation for the work well-done”.
Undoubtedly, the distributors enjoyed every bit of the seminar as their disposition were registered savvy and understanding, their countenances were met with on the point expression.

In appreciation for a successful seminar, Certificates of Appreciation were presented to the speakers and thereafter was the Christian prayer and the Edmark Dance.


It was with great joy, excitement and enthusiasm that distributors and guests turned out in their number for the Senior Crown Recognition held on the 28th January, 2016 at Nondon Hotels and Suites.

Being the first ever Senior Crown Recognition in Enugu Branch, it was celebrated with glitz and glamour, colored with the traditional attire of the celebrants along side the cultural dancers.


The event started at 12 pm with the parade of the leaders; from Managers to Senior Crown Managers. This was immediately followed by the Christian Opening Prayer, and the momentarily pause to observe the Nigerian National Anthem, which paved way for the energy distributing dance energizer led by the dynamic marketing eagles and leaders.

The vibrant host; Mr. Austin Amadi was always on point to inject his intellectually and emotionally aflame energy and vibes into the event. He ushered in CM Japheth Obiorah to deliver his welcome remarks, who in turn welcomed all present to the great and remarkable celebration and urged them to sit tight, imbibe a life changing testimonial into their endeavors that will change them for the better.  There was rapt attention as SCM Nicodemus Nwatu took to the stage to discuss the roles and benefits of a Senior Crown Manager (S.C.M), highlighting the 71% total payout offered by Edmark to her distributors and also the 9 great bonuses.Slide2

The AVP of the newly promoted Senior Crown Managers was played for the viewing of all, this was then followed by the presentation and recognition of the new SCM (Mr. Felix Nwatu and Mrs. Modesta Nwatu) amidst the cheers and excitement of the crowd and their success-lines. The special message was anchored by CM Chibuzor Okparaeke who gave the in Toto of the reality of Edmark, in her inspirational message she made us understand that “Some people erroneously believe that they would become whatever God says they would be without doing anything, but it doesn’t work that way”.  According to her, “it is your responsibility to fulfill your calling, you are the one to make it happen and you need to give all that is necessary, you have got a lot to do about the realization of your destiny than you can imagine. Finally, it is up to you to fulfill that calling using the potentials, abilities and wisdom in you to do extraordinary things and be a blessing to this world ”. The Adamma Cultural troop also showcased their talents to the entertainment and enchantment of all.Slide3

The Edmark Enugu Marketing Eagle were also part of the moving train of excitement as they thrilled the audience to their dance presentation. The closing remarks was done by our amiable BOI; Mr. Philip. Updates were made of the upcoming events like the 90th Day LTW event, STP Batch 9, and Edmark Lagos Expo.




Edmark stands out in the industry with the Edmark Education System (EES) which continually helps people gain knowledge and training on how to be a successful leader in their team and overall business. As a segment of the EES, Edmark Port Harcourt hosted the Mentoring Leadership Training and Train the Trainer (MLT/TNT) last 29 January 2016. The training saw a registration of 126 Edmarkers from and beyond the borders of Port Harcourt.


The Mentoring Leadership Training (MLT) was handled by T4-CM Alfred Ozuzu from PHC wherein he explained, “In the Edmark business, you’ll be three different persons: an entrepreneur, a business builder, and a player.” Following suit was our outstanding trainer T5-CM Mary Yakubu from Lagos who explained the Edmark Education System and key drivers to success, emphasizing the three ways to increase business. The third MLT speaker was T4-SCM Gift Emelle who spoke on the Mentoring Support Program, and Edmark business team leader, followed by PROF. T4-DM Olabode Patrick Omisade leading the final module on MLT. The trainers went on to lead Train the Trainer (TNT) after a brief refreshment break, enlightening attendees on effective strategies to prospect, present products and handle objections while sharing personal experiences of their journey in their own respective Edmark businesses.

It was a fruitful day for all as it serve to enhance and recharge the mind set of Edmarkers on how they may handle their Edmark business. We thanked our dynamic line up of speakers with Certificates of Appreciation for the knowledge they have imparted on everyone present.
Thank you for joining us in the informative seminar. We look forward to seeing you at our next event!
Feel Good Now!


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