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Edmark Lagos P4 Lose to Win 30th Day Weigh-in

A successful P4 Lose To Win 30th Day Weigh-in of Batch 2 was held in Edmark Lagos’ Seminar Hall of Hope last October 27, 2014. Attended by over 90 guests and distributors, the event started right after the Grand Membership Drive Rally with the Christian and Muslim opening prayers. This was followed by a ground breaking dance energizer led by the marketing eagles, backed-up by our P4 contestants. Every attendee, new comers and seasoned Edmarkers, joined in the groove of the dance energizer.



The event was hosted by our outstanding marketing eagle, Mr. Harold Sitin while CM Mary Yakubu Daniyan presented the welcome remarks. She expressed her appreciation and gratitude to all leaders in the house who brought their guests and downlines with them. Next, DCM Eugene Mbisike took the floor to give a special message to all present. He motivated them by explicating the benefits they can receive and how it will boost the business when they join the P4 Lose to Win 90 Days Challenge. DM Fummi Omisade went on to discuss the P4 testimonies and the diet plan. Everyone was amazed at the discussion as she showed pictures of the testimonies. Aided by her remarkable speaking skills, she was able to captivate the audiences’ attention. The contest mechanics was presented by Stellamaries, a marketing eagle. The tokens and prizes she showed further motivated the attendees motivated to join the contest.

A production number was performed by the marketing eagles alongside the P4 contestants. Everyone applauded and cheered as the P4 contestants made their catwalk with round cards. The ambience of the hall grew lively as everyone were brought to life.


Finally, the time came for the highlight of the day, the weigh-i. Presided by Ms. Clara Obaze, a marketing eagle, all contestants were called up one by one for a brief interview before stepping up on the weighing scale. Nervousness was visible on their faces as they stood on stage. Nonetheless, the nerves quickly turned into joy after they weighed in, revealing the kilograms of weight loss. Ms. Abiola Rosemary Alison received a P4 Package following a 38.90% excess weight loss while Ms. Ezeduka Racheal with 25% took home a box of MRT. Mr. Chukwudi Chukwuemeka, Ms. Ajide Idowu, Ms. Immaculata Osuagwu and Ms. Jane Itieke received a box of Shake Off with the respective excess weight loss of 24%, 19%, 24.1% and 16.7%.

The event came to an end with a closing remark by DM Bode Omisade who also led the closing prayer.


The WSS/TAB00 seminar is an opportunity for Edmarkers to refresh their knowledge on how to maximize their bonuses as well as to provide them with information that will help prevent them from falling victim to illegal pyramids schemes.


To begin, DM Bode Omisade anchored the first module, ‘The Fundamentals of MLM’. He made a clear distinction between Edmark and other MLM companies. He further explained that MLM companies should be able to stand for a long period of time and have a compensation plan that cares for the interest of its distributors – the exact compensation plan used by Edmark.

EDITED - Harold Lagos - DM Bode Omisade - ImageThe second module, ‘Discoveries and the Road Ahead’ was discussed by EM Patrick Okoroji. He elaborated on the dangers of achieving the Double Crown Manager position merely by buying products and not selling them. He encouraged everyone to maximize the bonuses as well as the position before jumping onto the next step on the ladder.

EDITED - Harold Lagos - DM Patrick Okoroji - Image

The triumphant WSS/TAB00 was able to impart the notion to every attendee that working smart is truly the most effective and efficient path leading to success.




GMDRcrownHTGSleaders MeetingMDRGood News Kanomlt


COUNTRY                : NIGERIA


EVENT DATE        : OCTOBER 9, 2014

VENUE                       : SHARON HOUSE MINISTRIES

TITLE                        : HEALTH FIRST

AUTHOR                   : SAMUEL OGBONNA


EMAIL                        : SAMUEL@EDMARKER.COM


Edmark Onitsha hosted its P4 Lose To Win 90 Days Challenge Grand Finals on the 9th of October 2014. This was the culmination of a program organized and sponsored by Edmark in order to help overcome the epidemic of obesity as researches have proven, majority of ailments plaguing humanity root from problems associated with being overweight. Fellow contestants were looking splendid after weeks of dedication in following the program with evident physical improvements. Among the others present were also family members, friends and well-wishers of contestants who came from near and far to witness the final weigh-in.


Opening Prayers set the ball rolling. The contestants proceeded to lead the audience in an electrifying dance energizer. A short video was played, showcasing the contestants’ appearances before and during their weekly activities. Thereafter, the host introduced DM Michael Emeka Ugwu for the welcome remarks. He welcomed everyone to the event as he encouraged them to sit back and enjoy the program, as well as to witness how Edmark changes the contestants’ lives for the better. CM Japheth Obiorah presented a special message, iterating that the success of the P4 Lose to Win contest solidified Edmark’s position as the leader in the

EDITED - 28.1 Samuel - 141027-90 DAYS NEW PPT-BY FRANCIS


weight loss business. Following the obesity video that was aired, he went on to elaborate the dangers that obesity continually pose until the day individuals decide to live life with the right diet and exercises. Showcasing the testimonials, Mrs. Jane Odionyenfe educated the audience on the reasons for the program and the diet plan in order to attain the optimum result. The branch’s P4 ambassador, Mr. Celestine Okonkwo entertained the audience with his intermission number while the contestants presented an entertaining production number to the delight of the audience.

Slide3Before weighing-in, Assistant Marketing Manager, Ms. Maame coordinated the interviews of contestants as they gave inspiring testimonies on what they have benefited from the program since it began. As a testimony to the effectiveness of the program, the contestants were able to burn kilograms of excess weight, evident in their appearance. After the final tally, Mrs. Assumpta Okonkwo emerged as the Grand Winner. She lost 20kg, equivalent to 71.4% of her


excess weight. Mr. Mordi Obiorah lost 24.5kg with a percentage of 51% to place second, also emerging as the Biggest Loser while Ms. Umeghalu Chiamaka lost 8kg with a percentage loss of 50% to place third. The three winners were awarded with P4 packages and cash prizes while all contestants received certificates of participation.

The 2nd Batch was immediately launched with 43 contestants joining the program. With the commitment and dedication of Edmark in overcoming obesity, the epidemic is sure to be a thing of the past.















Event                          : P4 Lose To Win 90th Day Weigh-In

Date                           : October 17th, 2014

Venue                        : Legacy Hall, GRA, Port Harcourt

Title                            : Electrifying Final Day Weigh-in of P4 Lose To Win

Author                       : Gift & Daniel


 Another feather was added to the hat for Edmark Port Harcourt as we had our P4 Lose to Win 90th day weigh-in, energetically starting with a Health Walk from the Edmark Port Harcourt office to Legacy Hall, the venue of our event. The program started at 2pm with a Christian opening prayer and the national anthem,



followed by a zestful dance energizer by the P4 participants and the marketing team. The occasion was graced by over 480 attendees. The lively CM T3 trainer, Clement Okparakwu welcomed everyone to the occasion, with his introduction done by SCM T4 trainer, Mrs. Gift Emelle, the host of the day as well as a P4 participant. Among the jollification was the special message from EM T4 trainer, Mr. Levi Johnson. With the Obesity video, he made everyone understand what our goals in Edmark is, overcoming obesity. A live testimonial was shared by our P4 Ambassador, CM T4 Najite Ikpae. The 4 steps presentation and the diet plan were presented by the enthusiastic SCM T3 trainer, Mrs. Chioma Amadi. The program was truly an eye opener for our distributors and guests on the epidemic of obesity, a fast growing ailment towards human health. Following suit was a special production number by the P4 participants and staffs,


followed by the long awaited official final weigh-in of the contenders. Following the tabulations, awards were presented. The 1st prize winner, Ms. Akaoma Wilson, lost 14kg from her initial weight of 77kg, now weighing 63kg. She received three P4 packages, 50,000 Naira cash and a trophy. The 2nd prize winner, Mrs. Margret Agbonna Uwahemu lost 16kg from her initial weight of 86kg, now weighing 70kg. She received two P4 packages and 35,000 Naira cash. The 3rd prize winner, Mrs. Ruth Ekeke was able to lose 17kg from her initial weight of 92kg, now weighing 75kg. She received one P4 package and 20,000 Naira cash. The special award of ‘The Biggest Loser’ went to Mrs. Chioma Uche Obiageri who was able to lose a whooping amount of 19kg from her initial weight of 104kg, now weighing 85kg and she was awarded with one P4 package.


The succeeding excitement came from the enrollment of the 2nd Batch of the P4 lose to Win 90 days Challenge. With much zest, Mr. Daniel Orukwo discussed the mechanics of the contest. Our distributors were visibly happy to know that the program is carried out with easy exercise routines and prizes to be won.


A total of 34 participants enlisted in the program as our P4 Lose to Win 2nd Batch contenders. The program came to an end with a closing prayer and a final dance energizer. We give thanks to God Almighty for making this occasion a memorable one despite the weather challenges we faced.



Article By Mktg Eagle :Ilonze benjamin

Picture & powerpoint By mktg Eagle : Precious Ohaegbulam

History was created in the Edmark Owerri branch as we held our first ever Double Crown Recognition of our newest Double Crown Manager, Ifeanyi and Favour Ukwezi.  The Double Crown Recognition is an integral part of the Edmark Recognition Cycle designed to recognize and appreciate the laudable efforts of our Double Crown Managers across all Edmark branches around the world. The event hosted a huge turnout of 453 participants with most of our leaders present.The event commenced with the registration of guests and distributorsas they queued up to register while collecting theirballoons and whistles. At 2:00pm., the event officially started with an invocation by a Christian distributor followed by our routine dance energizer This was immediately followed by the entrance of colours led by the renowned Boys Brigade. In the spirit of patriotism, the audience sang the Nigerian National Anthem.Slide1 A heartfelt welcome remark was anchored by our dearest Chief Marketing Officer, Ma’am Lynden Valdez.  With the heart of love, she expressed her profound gratitude to the Almighty Creator and thanked everyone present at the event. She urged the audience to maximize this opportunity of a lifetime Edmark is offering, just as the celebrants did, and experience the life of Gratitude, Love, Abundance and Compassionstanding as the pillars of this great company – Edmark. an distributor followed by our routine dance energizer.Slide2

Much to the excitement of the audience, the newest Double Crown Managers made their grand entrance into the well decorated hall of Mayfair Resort accompanied by drummers and dancers. It was a tremendously jovial ambience as the audience cheered and applauded the great achievers who majestically made their way to the stage. This was immediately followed by the entrance of colours led by the renowned Boys Brigade.Slide3

The roles and benefits of a Double Crown Manager were presented by Mrs. Monica Nwokike, a Double Crown Manager from the city of Onitsha, Anambra State. The car and house fund achiever promptly explained the roles and benefits of a Double Crown Manager as follows: Double crowns represent the intent of distributors while assisting the company in the development of code of operations for distributors. With regards to the benefits, she explained that they take part in the 71% total payout of the company. It was a moment of inspiration and motivation as the audience watched the short video clip of the newest Double Crown Managers and how Edmark transformed their lives through its lifetime opportunity, wiping tears off their eyes. de. In the spirit of patriotism,


It was yet another light moment of entertainment as the Cultural Group known as Udokamma, thrilled the audience with their impressive dance performances, characterized by unique dance patterns creating a zestful atmosphere.This was immediately followed by the recognition of the newest Double Crown Managers,Mr. and Mrs. IfeanyiFavourUkwezi. On stage, the Chief Marketing Officer, Ma’am Lynden Valdez, alongside leaders, DCM Monica Nwokike, DCM Vincent and Uche Amah, gracefully decorated and awarded the celebrantswith a plaque on top ofa car and house symbol signifying them as car and house fund qualifiers as enshrined in our unique marketing plan.During their speech, the newest Double Crown Managers appreciated the Almighty creator and equally expressed their deepest gratitude to the Chairman and founder of Edmark, Mr. Sam Low for bringing this wonderful opportunity to Nigeria. They testified that Edmark, through the unique marketing plan has liberated them and many others from the shackles of abject poverty and further lifted them among the likes of celebrities. They equally urged the audience to take their Edmark business seriously, geared towards succeeding in health, wealth and in total well-being.This was preceded by the procession to the garage where the ceremonial rite and ribbon cutting of Infinity FX 35 Automobile byDCM Ifeanyi and FavourUkwezi took place. In drawing the curtain, the Edmark City song was belted out followed by a closing prayer at 5:30pm



Feel Good Now!!!




Article By mktg Eagle:Benjamin Ilonze

Picture And Article By Mktg Eagle:Precious Ohaegbulam

It was a red-letter day to reminisce as Edmark Owerri branch held a synergetic Grand MDR coupled with T4 Batch 1 Mini graduation on the 19th of September 2014. The event attracted a summation of 85 participants who converged from far and near  to witness and partake in the programme.

In a grand and sequential order of procession, the event kicked off with an invocation rendered by a Christian distributor at 10:00am, followed by our routine dance energizers anchored by the dynamic marketing eagles driving the audience to a high level of vigor and liveliness. The host, with a high level of zest ushered in the speaker of the day, Mrs. Divine Iwuajoku. With much enthusiasm, the Sapphire Manager left no stone unturned in dishing out vital information to the audience on the efficacy and usage of our P4 healthy  and slimming products, ranging from detoxification of the system with Shake off Phyto Fibre, to burning of  fats with MRT Complex, balancing with Edmark Splina Liquid Chlorophyll and rejuvenation with the Edmark coffee series – Ginseng and Red Yeast Coffee. Slide1

Attesting to the popular saying, ‘Seeing is believing’, several guests testified to the nourishing and irresistible tastes of our products after having tasted them. Body Mass Index (BMI) tests were also conducted on som The product testimony from Diamond Manager Izuchukwu Odichinma was observede of our distinguished guests to determine their weight status..Slide2

product testimony from Diamond Manager Izuchukwu Odichinma was observed. The speaker  further iterated on how to be financially free with the lifetime opportunity of the Edmark business,through the informations packed in the marketing plan ,which covers the second segment of MDR module,The teaching created an avenue for an Income testimonial from Senior Crown Manager Chigozie Okonkwo who  greatly inspired the audience, showing that Edmark is truly committed to helping people succeed in health, wealth and total well being.Slide3

Having completed the first segment of the event, the T4 Batch 1 Mini Graduation ensued with the recognition of the vibrant and relentless T4 trainers who devoted their time and effort in making sure that the students (T3 trainees) grew into better and eloquent speakers. The session was characterized by the presentation of certificates of appreciation to the trainees, Mr. David Thomas, Mr. Japhet Obiorah and Mr. Ugwu Michael by the Edmark Owerri branch in-charge, Miss Jean Lizares. An additional highlight of the event was the cutting of the graduation cake, refreshments, entertainment and snapshots with their trainers and the branch head. The event came to close with a closing prayer followed by our Edmark City song.Slide4

“Believe it! High expectations are the key to everysuccess”

Sam Walton




Feel Good Now!


Article & Photo by : Eagle Friday Felix

                                                                                                                                                                                            “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Nelson Mandela

Education is a form of learning in which knowledge, skills and habits are transferred from one person to the next through guided teaching, training and research.slide 1slide 2

Edmark Kano held the STP BATCH 7 training from September 15 to October 2, 2014. The first day of the training involved nine outstanding distributors, THOMAS OBU, SAFIYA ABUBAKAR, PRINCESS R .ABDULLAHI, MUHD U.ABUBAKAR, AMINU D. ABDULLAHI, ANTHONIA OKENWA, MARY JOSEPH, AMINU K.IDRIS and HALLIRU M.BELLO who enrolled into the Edmark University of Success after been interviewed, aimed at gaining more knowledge to empower them in their Edmark business. The trainers T4 CM Rufus Emakunu, DM Sani Bello and STP Trainer SM Sunday Alemika gave the trainees an orientation and STP fundamentals followed by the modeling of the EES modules. The trainees confidently took the stage to model the EES as the training brought out their true capabilities, both as a person and as an Edmark distributor.slide 3

slide 4The training came to a meaningful end on October 2nd 2014. It was a jubilant atmosphere during the mini graduation as family, friends, uplines and downlines of graduants came to witness the graduation.

For their exceptional performances during the training, some of the graduants were awarded as follows:

Most Participative: PRINCESS R.ABDULLAHI

Most Energetic: MUHD U.ABUBAKAR

Most Disciplined: SAFIYA ABUBAKAR


Most Outstanding: THOMAS OBU

The graduates of STP BATCH 7- Think Best of One Another; showered their superb trainers with gifts for a job well done on sharing and imparting knowledge selflessly. Certificates of appreciation were also awarded to the trainers by SM Josephine Adoli. Finally, the event came to an end with the cutting of the graduation cake, refreshments, a group photograph, a zestful dance energizer and closing prayer.slide 5


- Marketing Eagles

                                                                                                                                                                                “Success is stumbling from failure to failure without any loss of enthusiasm.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Winston Churchill

Success, as with most things, starts with the right attitude. In the midst of struggles, a small dose of inspiration makes a huge difference. A question often lingers in the minds of people; why do some in the same position seem better off in all ramifications of life, particularly in the area of their businesses. The reason lays in the oversight of certain success factors, hence the need for the Working Smart Seminar/ Truth About Binaries. The seminar gears towards helping people discover the right attitude as well as to understand the requirements of doing business the right way, maximizing the bonuses obtainable at different levels in the Edmark business.Picture1

Beginning with the Christian and Muslim opening prayers, the dance energizers ignited the spirit and energy of the attendees in the Hall of Success of Edmark Kano as the powerful host welcomed everyone present and promptly introduced the first speaker. In a zestful mood, T4/EM Taiwo M. Allen started by discussing the fundamentals of MLM and the types of compensation plans of different networking companies. He pointed out the difference between MLM and other illegal pyramiding schemes, emphasising the uniqueness of Edmark as a combination of two types of compensation plans i.e. Hybrid of Stairstep Breakaway and Matrix, without SPILLOVER. He paved the way for the second speaker T4/DM Umma Sani Bello who discussed the discoveries and the road ahead. In her words, “Knowing where you are and what has kept you, and knowing where you want to be and what is expected of you at that level will propel you to put the right actions in place”. In addition, she carefully explained why some people fail – a result of the wrong mindset or bad education, or even the fear of objection. She went on to share some tips on how the high income earners made it in the business.Picture2

Picture3A short break gave everyone the opportunity to refresh before carrying on with the second part of the seminar wherein the audience’s attention was directed to the truth about networks that operate binary plans. The speaker emphasised that most of such networks fail because they appear to be simple, but alas, not feasible due to their complex nature. The speakers explicated the things often used to entice people and clarified the other points that are often hidden from the public, educating the audience on how to easily identify such networks. Undoubtedly, the audience were inspired and engaged in the seminar as they raised numerous questions. They were visibly excited as they eagerly shared amongst themselves, all that they have benefitted from the seminar and were determined to do their business rightfully. Each of the speakers was awarded a certificate of appreciation after the announcements of upcoming events were made as the event came to an end with the closing prayers and the Edmark City song.Picture4

“Success is often achieved by those who don’t know that failure is inevitable. Get up and do that which needs to be done; having failed at a trial doesn’t make you a complete failure it only means you should try again using another method preferably the right attitude and effort and success is sure.”

Edmark Lagos 90th Day P4 Lose To Win Final Weigh-In