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Mktg. Eagle Uzuegbunam Chidinma

Experience has shown that with constant learning and practice, you become perfect in what you do. You cannot lead if you have never followed. Likewise, you cannot be a coach or a mentor if you do not have an apprentice or a mentee. Worst still, if you do not know how to go about it. The Edmark Education System offers an unbeatable opportunity for all leaders through its series of seminars, all geared towards shaping the minds of distributors into becoming strong, effective and independent individuals in all aspects of their lives.
Edmark Kano offered the opportunity of developing one’s business organization through its Mentoring Leadership Training/Train the Trainer (MLT/TNT) seminar last Saturday, 22nd November within the confines of the Hall of Success in the office premises. The event which began at 12:00pm had four Trainers lined up for the day, T4/DM Umma S. Bello, T4/DM Sani Bello, T3/SM Binta A. Mohammed and T3/SM Sunday Alemika, all fully geared up to impact the lives of all who made the effort to attend this seminar.
After the program opened with the Christian and Muslim prayers and a series of sweat-pouring dance energizers, the energetic host welcomed everyone to the event and invited the first speaker on stage. SM Sunday Alemika began by discussing the first module, ‘Developing your Edmark Business Team’. He explained how important it is to always promote teamwork, connoting that teamwork makes dreams work. He further illustrated this by organizing the small group dynamics which everyone found interesting.


Next up was DM Sani Bello who helped everyone understand the Edmark Education System as the key driver to their Success. He showed them the importance of each and every seminar on the EES cycle. Having covered that, DM Umma Bello went on to present the Mentoring Support Programme. She outlined the steps involved in being a good mentor while expatiating the expectations of every Edmark team leader. Seeing that everyone understood what is expected of them as team leaders, SM Binta Moh’d, gave out the guidelines to enable them conduct the weekly Tactical Meetings as has been rightly pointed out by the first speaker, being an important ingredient to a successful business.


Prior to the commencement of the second part of the event, everyone was treated to a sumptuous meal, an opportunity to rejuvenate and revitalize them in order to carry on with the remaining part of the event. Moving on to the second part of the event, the audience was made to understand what Network Marketing entails and to correct the misconceptions of what it is not. As the core part of every networking business, they were led to master selling techniques and ways to handle objections from prospects. The speakers also pointed out the need for self motivation if one is to effectively motivate others and to have the right attitude towards mentoring, which involves choosing the right people to mentor.

In summary, one may say that self-discipline as well as upholding the Code of Honor puts one on the right path towards becoming an effective team leader.

Undoubtedly, the attendees enjoyed every bit of the seminar as their delight beamed on their faces, insinuating an expression of “the satisfaction derived”. The trainers did a marvelous job and were awarded with Certificates of Appreciation after which the curtain of the event was drawn.
Leadership and learning are indispensible to each other. We have to keep learning in order to keep up with the changing world, knowing that learning never ends.


 Article by: Mr. Eugene Tanjueco

It was remarkable to witness Edmark Port Harcourt’s weight loss business continually gaining momentum. The P4 Lose to Win 30th Day Weigh-In, held back to back with our Grand Membership Drive Rally was a remarkable boost to fellow Edmarkers. The program started at 11am with an opening prayer followed by a dazzling dance energizer by P4 participants and the Marketing Eagles.

30th day p4 1

The occasion was graced by over 100 attendees. The lively T3 Trainer SCM Chioma Amadi welcomed everyone to the occasion after her introduction by the host, Mr. Emma Iyk Jiakponna. Among the activities of the day was the special message from T4 Trainer CM Mr. Alfred Ozuzu where he introduced the Obesity Video and made everyone understand the goal in Edmark; to overcome the epidemic of obesity.

30th day p4 2

 The P4 testimonial was shared by T4 Trainer CM Najite Ikpae who also handled the 4 Steps presentation and the Diet Plan. The program was a true eye opener for our distributors and guests on the epidemic of Obesity, a fast growing ailment that is geared towards destroying human health. Lightening the ambience of the room, a special production number was performed by the P4 participants and staff. Finally, the long anticipated 30th Day Weigh-in of contenders took place.

30th day p4 3

Following the tabulations, awards were presented. One of the contestants won a P4 Package while several others went home with boxes of Meal Replacement Therapy (MRT), Shake Off and Splina Liquid Chlorophyll for their excess weight loss respectively. Moving on with our Grand Membership Drive Rally, T4 Trainer SCM Gift Emelle took on the module as she narrated the understanding of our guests on the benefits of detoxification and being healthy through the Edmark Power4 products.


The product testimony by Mrs. Ruth Ekeke was a heartfelt one that encouraged old and new distributors to comprehensively learn how to take care of their health. With the income testimony by CM Mr. Clement Okparaku, everyone present was made to understand that in the Edmark business, it is not just health, but also financial freedom that is achieved.

30th day p4 4With huddle time for the guest to relate with those who invited them, the event came to an end with a closing prayer as we give God all glory for a successful event.



EMAIL : ruth@edmarker.com

It was indeed a joyful and awesome day here in Abuja as we marked the 90th day Final Weigh-in at Hotel De Horizon. We had so many people who came from various areas who came to honor our invitation and also to celebrate with the P4 contestants for shading their excess weight so far. The event began at 10; 00 am, and as our routine it was immediately followed by a powerful dance energizer which set everybody at pace to witness this great event. p4 1

The event proper began when the energetic host introduced one of the P4 contestants DCM Joan Onojaife who took the welcomed. She opened the program by welcoming everybody appreciating them for their efforts to make it, making them to feel at home and also highlighted what this event is all about. The special message came from CM Orji Priscilla who spoke in clear understanding of the audience on the importance of P4 and how it is very necessary to know your BMI in order to avoid being overweight or obese which is a disease. With the aid of the obesity video she explained in clear how obesity has been declared a disease and also research has shown that 2.16 billion people will be overweight by 2030 and the source is from WHO.

p4 2

So she encourages everybody who is now overweight to join the P4 lose to win in order to escape been obese by 2030. Next was the P4 testimonies from P4 contestant MGR Princess Eke, who went further to educate the audience on what we they stand to gain if they get rid of their excess weight and also how to follow the program( Diet plan) if they want to lose weight. Just before the final weigh in, Ms Maame who is the marketing in charge conducted a short interview with the P4 contestants asking them how they feel after participating in the context, in which their responses were positive.

p4 3

According to the calculation on the table the winners were called forward to come and collect their token and also to be appreciated. The winner of the contest who is supposed to go home with 3 P4 package and a total sum of 50,000 plus a trophy emerged in the person Mrs. Linda Ameh who was weighing 70 before and after 3 months she came down to 64 kg, with a total percentage weight loss of 47.8%,

p4 4

the second prize which is 2 P4 package and the total sum of 30,000 went to Mrs. Eze Chietoo who was weighing 78.5 before and later came down to 70 a total percentage weight lost of 45.9. And last but not the least the 3rd prize
Which is 1 P4 package and the sum of 20,000 went to Ms Lydia John who was weighing 101 before and after 3 months came down to 94kgs total percentage weight loss of 15.9. Thou not withstanding Edmark are full of surprises, the biggest loser among the contestants was also awarded with 1 P4 package and it went to Mrs Eze Chietoo who lost 8.5kgs in 3 throughout this contest.

p4 5

After the awarding the grand winners, they were so happy their total weight lost so far and the audience now realized that there is sure way and affordable way to lose weight through our P4 lose to win . just after that the official weigh in of batch 2 commenced. Everybody who is overweight or obese was encouraged to join this contest. Furthermore the mechanics of the contest was discussed by the marketing in charge Mr. Joshua and also how to get started. It was indeed a joyous one as everybody went home happy. We rounded up with a closing and Edmark city song. (God bless all who made this event a success)




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In every context for one to be successful we all have to set goals for ourselves. Have you thought about what you want to be doing in five years time? And again are we really clear about our main objectives in Edmark Business?. If we really want to succeed we need to set SMART goals. Without goals we lack focus and direction. Goals setting not only allow you to take control of your life’s direction; it also provides you a benchmark for determining whether you are actually succeeding. To accomplish your goals, however you need to know how to set them.
In accordance with Edmark Education System which is the platform to impact more knowledge on its distributors, Edmark Abuja had a splendid and roof shaking GSS which took place on 25th of October 2014 at Hotel De Horizon, with over 150 people who came to grace this wonderful event. The event started with adoration to our God Almighty from a Christian and a Muslim and immediately followed by an electrifying dance energizer which set the pace for everyone to acquire knowledge on how to set goals and targets in their lives. The energetic host Apeh Christian introduced the speakers of the day and welcomed everybody to this seminar.GSS PW 1

The first speaker SCM Nicodemus Nwatu mounted the podium with a lot of energy and handled the first module; Edmark University of Success. Full of zeal and enthusiasm the T4 & T3 master Trainer in clear terms enumerated the importance of this and how it is designated to produce effective and dynamic leaders who will be confident and self motivated. Further still the second speaker CM Orji Priscilla who is a T4 &T3 Trainer came up to talk on How to become an effective and independent individual/distributor which is the Module-2. This vibrant speaker during the seminar elaborated the various ways on how to become an effective Edmarker. VCD- the Big Rock which is a documentary on how to set goals in life was played. Again the third speaker CM Edwin Ikechukwu kept the energy level high when he came up to handle Module;3 Knowing What Your Quadrant 2 Goals(Big Rocks) Are in Edmark business. He encourages everyone to be focus and be steadfast in Edmark business and most importantly to avoid distractions.GSS PW 2

Not ending there, with a great mastery of the subject matter T4&T3 Master Trainer DCM Joan Onojaife who is a 2 times car achiever came up to talk on the Module 4; How to get what you really want. The DCM started by asking the audience how does one get things done. She further added that many of us seem to have unrealized goals or incomplete plans and many of us face tasks that appear overwhelming, even impossible to achieve. She further added that they should stay in Edmark and watch their dreams actualize.
Having done with the first part of this event, our distributors and guests were served their lunch to refresh them in order to gain more strength to prepare for the second part of this event. The second part of the event commenced with a dance energizer which kept everybody agile to listen to the next speaker. The energetic host introduced the next speaker DCM Prince Okoye who handled Module 5; the Importance of Tools. GSS PW 3

He clearly highlighted that for one to move higher in Edmark business one need to make use of the tools edmark has made available for us as it contains vital info’s about our products and the marketing plan. He further added that its also a way to build a prospect’s confidence in this business. This created a fertile ground for the next speaker who came up to talk about the importance of seminars and functions, which is the Module 6. The RM Aniefiok Umoh spoke explicitly that it’s very important for all to attend seminars and functions as it’s a backbone for one to increase their knowledge and also to be successful.
More so, Module 7 Which is Self Talk Autosuggestion. It was taken by DCM Joan Onojaife and she called on all the audience to voice out prophetic words that will elevate them to the position they need to attain in this business this was a highly motivating factor that really inspired the audience who were reading from their handbooks PW 4

To round up the last the last Module CM Edwin Ikechukwu came on stage with great out pouring of love he presented the Module 7; The Power Of Dream Building. He said when you begin to dream big dreams, your level of self-esteem and self-confidence will increase immediately. Your self-image improves. You feel more positive about yourself and your ability to deal with whatever happens to you. He appealed to all Edmarkers to hold on to their dreams and as not to let anything deprive them of it. An emotional song I Have a Dream was sang by the audience as they closed their eyes visualizing their dreams actually coming to past. These vibrant speakers were awarded with their certificates in appreciation. Indeed it was a triumph, for each was transformed to set their performance goals by being realistic and setting their priorities right in achieving it with a positive statement.
The event ended at about 5:00 pm with a short prayer in appreciation to God for a successful event, and was followed by Edmark City Song.


ARTICLE WRITTEN BY: Uzuegbu Chidinma

The journey of a thousand miles is said to begin with a single step. The saying mirrors the journey of Edmark Kano. In an ecstatic environment on 11th November 2014, hundreds of footsteps trouped into the massive Hall of Success in the office premise, all excited to be a part of Edmark Kano’s success story. The day marked our 3rd successful year of existence despite various turbulences and setbacks surrounding the state. Just as it was founded on the four pillars of GRATITUDE, ABUNDANCE, LOVE and COMPASSION, Edmark Kano has been able to surmount all challenges, producing achievers who consistently pursue the business passionately, bringing the branch forward towards making the vision a reality. Also in pari passu with the mission of the Chairman, ‘People helping people succeed’, we celebrated the launching of a new program, P4 Lose to Win back to back with the anniversary. The P4 Lose to Win is a 90-day challenge, aimed at helping humanity by way of combating obesity while staying healthy. The dual event began with a thanksgiving Christian and Muslim prayer followed by the national anthem, paving way for the electrifying dance energizers as accustomed with this noble company, boosting the spirits of all present in excitement and overflowing zest.

Picture1In his welcome remarks, SM Sunday Alemika shared a little bit of his journey so far and encouraged all to stand tall with Edmark as the business opportunity is second to none in the MLM industry. He urged all to enjoy the event to the fullest as many exciting activities were installed to spice up the day.

Moving on with the program, EM Taiwo Allen shared a special message centering on identifying the main opportunities out there if one really wants to help humanity. He buttressed his message with the expository on a video titled ‘Who Moved My Cheese’, explaining how obesity is the new “cheese” of Edmark. He further elaborated the epidemic of obesity in the contemporary world of today and the great challenge facing the society, emphasizing the need for the P4 program. This stirred up the minds of many in the audience, with many enrolling to be part to this exercise.

TaiwoTo lighten the ambience of the day, the top leaders and management representatives of the branch gathered together to cut the anniversary cake, marking its third year as a toast to a brighter future. This took place after a nostalgic video was played, featuring the step-by-step growth and transformation of Edmark Kano.
Motivating testimonies from leaders erased doubts from the minds of the guests as they pledged to sign up with the company.Yusuf

The remarkable day came to an end with the announcements of the upcoming big events, a closing prayer and the Edmark City song as merriment ensued.Picture2

“We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline and effort.” – Jesse Owens
See you at the Top!!!


Article & PPT.:  Progress & Daniel.

Our Sparkling Diamond Recognition held on the 31st October, 2014. The venue was at legacy hall, Sani Abacha road Port Harcourt, with over 300 Attendees, started with an opening prayer led by a Christian distributor. The recognition was anchored by Mr. Madu Micah and Mrs. Grace Nwoke. As we progress, the newly recognized Diamond Managers did their parade. Nigeria National Anthem was taken as one of the marketing eagles held the Nigeria flag on the stage, followed by the powerful dance energizers that was led by the crown council, and the energetic marketing eagles,  the attendees were not left out of the energetic dance energizers.


Furthermore Welcome remarks was given by a SCM Mr. Daniel Ozoemena, his remarks were really inspiring. Games time was not left out as some guests and distributors came out to compete on the MRT BOX game, the winners were given tokens.


The key roles and benefits of a Diamond Manager were taken by our guest speaker T4 CM Mrs. Ikpae Najite in a very unique way, as she run through the roles of a diamond manager starting from coordinating plans, arrangement and operation of all activities. Also the benefits which are the retail profit 15-25%, performance bonus 20%, managers bonus 14%, leadership bonus 25%, traveling bonus 2%, year end bonus 2% and car fund 3%.She concluded by saying


The Audio visual presentations (AVP) of the newly promoted Diamond Managers were played individually as they danced alongside with there up and down lines and friends present to the stage for their recognition proper and speech were made by the diamond managers individually. The crown council decorated and presented their certificates to them.

More so, to spice up the recognition was an intermission number in honor of the newly promoted diamond managers. The awarding of the most outstanding Diamond manager was given to DM Ms. Getrude Nwoko and SCM Mrs. Emelle Gift did the awarding. Announcement of the upcoming big events were made.


Finally, the ceremony came to an end with a closing prayer that was conducted by a Christian distributor and a wonderful dance energizer.


Slide2Slide1EDITED - 8 3 Austin - ANNOUCEMNT FOR NOVEMBER (3)


COUNTRY                           : NIGERIA

EVENT                                  : 5TH GOALS SETTING SEMINAR

EVENT DATE                     : OCTOBER 31, 2014

VENUE                                 : EDMARK ONITSHA SEMINAR HALL


AUTHOR                              : DANIEL ANEKWE


EMAIL                                   : danielaniekwe@gmail.com

DATE SUBMITTED           : NOVEMBER 12, 2014.

It was indeed in the spirit of togetherness, love and compassion that Edmark Onitsha organized this fiery seminar, reminding our outstanding distributors of the questions why are they here, what they are supposed to do and how to do it.

The event began at 11:00am with the grand welcome of participants by the great faculties of the day stationed at the entrance door with distributors overjoyed by the warm gesture. This was followed by an opening prayer to officially declare the event open, balanced with an energetic dance energizer to boost them to their peak state. The hall was overflowing with the attendees.

The welcome remark was anchored by DCM Monica Nwokike. She welcomed the trainers of the day while she appreciated everyone seated, encouraging them to make the most out of the event and avoid distraction because their life will transform for the better after the end of the day.

EDITED - 12.2 Samuel - 5th GSS PPT for Article

The first speaker, CM EZE PRECIOUS OGBONNAYA handled Module 1, ‘Edmark University of Success’. He enlightened the participants that the Edmark University will equip them not only to succeed in the Edmark business, but to succeed in life as compared to the conventional universities.



Thereafter Module 2, ‘How to Become Highly Effective and Independent Distributor’ was presented by DM MICHAEL UGWU. He iterated that for one to be effective, he or she must be proactive. To be proactive, one must accept responsibility and avoid shifting blames.



Module 3, ‘Knowing What Your Quadrant 2 Goals Are in Edmark Business’ was discussed by DM STELLA OSAKWE. She emphasized the vital importance of putting the first thing first in the survival of their businesses as Steve Covey’s video was played to buttress her point.

Slide3This was followed by EM GODS LOVE UGWUOKE’s presentation on Module 4, ‘How To Get What You Really Want’. He began by enlightening the audience that if they do not know what they want, they will not know what to get.

Slide4As the story goes, all work without fun creates dullness. Along with the saying, mouth-watering delicacies were served to participants. Thereafter, the 5th Module, ‘The Importance Of Tools’ was presented by EM NKECHI NWOKEDI. She made the audience understand that tools are fundamental to the success of any adventure.

Slide5Additionally, CM Eze Precious took the floor once again to speak on ‘The Importance of Seminars and Functions’, Module 6. His prowess admonished everyone to take Edmark functions seriously as it is a training ground for them to be effective. The free-for-all participation moment came when DM Stella Osakwe presented Module 7, ‘Self Talk Autosuggestions’ with Edmarkers talking their way to the top by reciting positive affirmations. Finally, Module 8, ‘The Power of Dream Building’ was manned by DM Michael Ugwu as he reminded everyone that every great institution starts with a dream. Thereafter, Michael Jackson’s Heal the World and I Have A Dream by Westlife were played with everyone elated to the third heaven. Certificates were awarded to the trainers and seminar came to a close by 4:30pm with a closing prayer and the Edmark City song.




                                          KEEP SHINING!!!





By Mktg Eagle Nancy

If the richness of men were to be awarded to the hardest of workers, perhaps the world’s richest men would belaborers. However, reality paints a different picture. The richest of men are the people who work smart.

It was an educational day as Edmark Enugu held its 5th WSS & TABOO seminars, aiding and supplementing the distributors’ businesses with the provision of training.The training was held under the tutelage of two knowledgeable speakers, EMEkeh Emmanuel and T4 trainer, Ben Elendu.

The venue was craftily decoratedwith colorful fabrics, balloons and fresh flowers. The event began with the Christian and Muslim prayers. The opening prayers paved way for the zestful dance energizers, boosting the energy of the audience to their peak state.


The welcome remarks were followed by the commencement of the Working Smart Seminar (WSS). The speakerstarted discussing the fundamentals of MLM and the myths surrounding it, the compensation plan, followed by the discoveries and the road ahead. In his words, “One of the biggest failures we have in the industry today is the inability or failure to understand the fundamentals, which is the basic.”

He explained that MLM in the Western world is a profession of its own;a lucrative industry that demands first, the comprehension of the concepts in order to succeed. He discussed the difference between MLM and pyramid schemes. He showed the audience personalities whom he described as infamous because of their frivolous activities.


The module, ‘Discoveries and Road Ahead’ was continuedby EM. Emmanuel Ekeh as he extensively discussed the marketing plan as well as ways to maximize ones bonuses in all ramifications of the business. The seminar served as an eye opener to distributors who were unawareof the Edmark Compensation Plan. This groomed the distributors into being more conversant with their Edmark business, working towards a successful future. Preceding this was testimonies from several distributors who expressed their appreciation towardsEdmark for this educational opportunity in acquiring knowledge. At the end of the event,attendees pledged to work smart while working hard.


The training did not stop here as the motivational speaker explicated the ‘Truth About Binary’where he stressed on the difference between a legal pyramid and an illegal pyramid business, in which the sweetness of the beginning draws people into falling victims of the bitterness and regret at the end. The training came to a close with the announcements of upcoming events, followed by a closing prayer and the Edmark City song.